The Muusic Media Convention and After Party Soirée

Date February 23rd 2018

Starts 10.00 AM

Ends 2.00 AM

Price £ 10



  • Muusic Media Limited proudly presents the first Digital Muusic seminar of 2018 
    The Muusic industry convention and after party soirée. 

    To be staged at the beautiful and luxurious Rumour Bar and Lounge in Bromley, Kent, BR1 1DS

    Please note this whole event will be streamed live worldwide via Muusic.live and our USA partners http://houstonlivetv.com

    We will be raising money on the day and night on behalf of Lewisham Hospital maternity wing.

    Doors open at 10:00 AM for the Muusic industry seminar which will be finishing at 5:00 PM

    First part- 10am -5pm seminar

    The inspiring Muusic industry speakers 

    Hosted by the common folk.....

    The Acid House with Wayne Anthony & Jarvis Sandy

    Wayne Anthony (Author of Class of 88 / Genesis’88 Promoter)
    Jarvis Sandy (Biology Promoter)
    Wayne & Jarvis discuss their personal experiences staging some of the biggest illegal warehouse parties in British history. This put them up against the British Government and soon enough the largest joint police operation the country had witnessed. Genesis’88 & Biology are widely regarded as pioneering companies of the period. The London based outfits broke into countless warehouses in the name of Acid House. Staging events in faraway places such as Slough and even Birmingham. At the height of Biology’s fame, Jarvis appeared on a hugely popular TV chat-show Kilroy, where he famously threatened to block city streets with 40,000 ravers, if the police came anywhere near his Biology event. 
    Genesis’88 & Biology staged huge free parties together including the Freedom to Party warehouse party after their public demonstration in Trafalgar Square. They also staged the biggest Acid House event on New Years Eve 1989-90 for free. These two heavyweights have much experience to share with everyone and look forward to appearing on the day.

    Wayne Anthony & Jarvis Sandy’s names appear in over fifty published books on Acid House and Rave Culture’

    ‘Wayne Anthony has appeared on ITV, BBC, SKY TV, National Geographic, Channel 5, & Channel 4) 
    ‘The first Biology event screened a live boxing event between Mike Tyson & Frank Bruno’.

    Alan Miller - saving London and the world’s nightlife, partly responsible for the re-opening of Fabric Club in London, England with his powerful voice. One of the true power figures in club and bar licensing globally.

    Paul Ibiza- Ibiza Record Label boss and serial promoter and one of the true pioneers that shaped the jungle music movement. Paul Ibiza witnessed and shaped the birth of jungle music through his work as an event promoter, label boss and all round jungle ambassador. His label is credited with the first ever jungle release in 1991 and still churning out top notch jungle music to this day. 

    Nardo Bailey- Producer and teacher, a huge band member from the Amazulu fame way back in the 1980s and a mogul in the community highlighting the power of reggae music movement and talking about his community involvement with teaching the youth life skills. Nardo is no stranger to the dance floor. “Who’s the Badman” still getting smashed in the clubs all over the world.

    Tony Brady- Legendary remixer, producer and writer and part of the Crash and Burn whom of which started the careers for some of the biggest names in the Muusic industry. Tony will tell you his real story on the day. One of London’s and the world’s most prolific remixer producers who comes with a wealth of Muusic industry knowledge spanning decades and across all Muusic verticals.

    Dave VJ- The master of the airwaves, David’s commitment to the music industry spans decades and covers reggae, soul and funk and all things musical, literature and radio plus a whole heap more. David is one of the worlds most influential players in the global music industry.

    Kevin Clark- Definition of Sound responsible for crossing over the HipHop / Urban dance music scene into the national global charts. Kevin needs no introduction as he is one of the pioneers of British dance music who travelled widely when he was responsible for signing huge crossover artists that are still travelling the world to this day. One of the most influential Muusic industry influencers.

    Kingdom - Acclaimed graffiti artist, musician and dj speaking about his brand and active campaign against knife crime called “Live’s over knives”. Kingdoms commitment too better the community and the environment worldwide, spans more then just muusic. Kingdoms dedication helps humans all over the world battle disease and illnesses with a holistic plant based diet. Kingdom is our resident of all things healthy and caring and goes that extra mile to help those in the community who want to help themselves by adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

    A live video interview link up with Ray Ramirez- Houston Texas, Mark Salner Universal Love Tribe from Miami and Alan Epps ( Don’t sit on the furniture)

    Surprise speaker on the day TBA

    To close the seminar, will be a guest speaker from the maternity wing at Lewisham maternity department who will be giving her speech about the situation hospitals face every day, and what we can all do to help.

    From 5pm - 2am
    Muusic Media Live Launch
    Mark and Deck Radford (Audio Rehab)
    Maff Boothroyd (Universal Records) 
    Damon Hess (Global)
    Jason Kaye (Garage Nation)
    James McLaughlin (Muusic.FM) Resident 
    GadManDubs (Remixer Producer)
    House of Mizchif (Remixer)
    Joe Killington (Live PA) 
    Dem2 (Dean Boylan) (Destiny) (Muusic.FM)
    Natural Born Chillers (Rock the funky beats) Muusic.FM
    DJ Crookid (NYC) Muusic.FM
    Laze Breaks (Muusic.FM
    Carl H (AMIMusic) Label Boss
    Demo Dubs (Muusic.FM)
    Pablo Cartelli (Muusic.FM)
    Jay Funk (Muusic.FM)
    Surprise PAs on the night TBA

    Doors will be open to those wanting to attend from 9am for tea coffee. 
    To gain access to the seminar, you will need to email your names to info@muusic.FM 
    if you are studying music at university or college and over 21 you can attend our seminar and also have discount entry for our after party soirée with your NUS card.

    Early bird tickets for the after party will be £10 from 5pm-2am more on the door.

    For more info and VIP table bookings please call 07949389001 or email your enquiries to muusicFM@gmail.com Tickets Available £10 plus £1 booking fee http://fatso.ma/pQQ8

    Muusic.fm The DJ’s Digital network.

  • Rumour Bar & Lounge, Churchill Court, BR1 1DS Bromley, Bromley, United Kingdom