Absorb Elements DnD 5E Spell

1st-level abjuration

Casting Time: 1 response, which you are taking once you take acid, chilly, fireplace, lightning, or thunder injury
Vary: Self
Parts: S
Period: 1 spherical

Principally, the spell holds a few of its incoming vitality, lessening its explicit impact on you and likewise it’s storing it for the sake of your subsequent melee assault. You even have some resistance for some forms of triggering injury except till the beginning of your upcoming flip.

Even, the start time or for the primary time that you simply hit by a melee assault in your upcoming flip and likewise the goal can takes an extra 1d6 injury of a triggering kind, every time finish of this spell

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At Increased Ranges: Nevertheless once you solid this dnd spell by utilizing the spell slot of 2nd degree or else larger, even the additional injury can be elevated by 1d6 for every slot of above the first degree.

Spell Lists: Druid, Ranger, Wizard

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