Acid Arrow DnD 5E Spell

Degree: 2
Casting Time: 1 Motion
Vary/Space: 90 ft
Elements: V, S, M *
Length: Instantaneous
College: Evocation
Assault/Save: Ranged
Harm/Impact: Acid

Right here the shimmering inexperienced arrow could possibly be streaks in the direction of the goal inside a selected vary and in addition it bursts in a specific spray of the acid. Make a specific ranged spell assault which is in opposition to to the goal. On a specific hit, the goal shall take 4d4 acid harm instantly and in addition the 2d4 acid harm at an finish of its subsequent flip. On a specific miss, the arrow could be splashes a goal with an acid for half as a lot of an preliminary harm after which no harm at an finish of its subsequent flip.

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At Increased Ranges: Everytime you forged this particular Acid Arrow DnD 5E Spell by utilizing the spell slot of third stage or larger, the harm (each preliminary and later) shall be elevated by 1d4 for every slot stage above 2nd.

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