Acid Splash 5E Spell

Hello magic casters! Come to our Level 5e dnd spells series. From this article we’re gonna be taking a look at Acid splash spell 5e. Which is one of the more discussed cantrips, it’s usefulness is often harped on a little bit. Al though, what is it? i think it’s pretty good overall and whether or not it stacks is beside the point, it’s still pretty cool!

The d&d 5e acid splash is usable by the sorcerer, wizard and the artificer as so far as to say it is found on their spell lists. There are handful of other ways to gain access to this cantrip, magic initiate is one such example but it terms of where it’s found sorcerer, wizard and the artificer and it is found in the good old player’s handbook so every one should have access to it. Now if you’d like to see all of the dnd 5e spells list please free to click on the given link. Now without further ado let’s move on to it’s mechanics.


If you’re not familiar with how damaging cantrips work they become more powerful as you level up as a character. So at first level it’ll deal 1d6 damage, at fifth level it’ll increase to 2d6, at 11th level it’ll increase to 3d6 and upon reaching the 17th level it’ll cap off at 4d6 damage.

  • Damage: 1st: 1d6, 5th:2d6, 11th:3d6, 17th:4d6.
  • Effect:As long as they’re within 5 feet of each other, you can damage up 2 creatures
  • Casting time: 1 Action.
  • Range: 60ft.
  • Duration:Instantaneous
  • Save:DEX(0 mg on a success).
  • Components:Verbal and somatic
  • School: Conjuration
  • Damage:Acid

The EffectA glance can cause damage to up to two animals, provided they are within five-foot of each other and so near each other. The cast timeOne standard action. The RangeIt is 60 feet. The DurabilityIt is instantaneous and requires no additional steps dexterity saving throwIt does not inflict any damage if your target is successful. Save. The components These are both verbal and somatic meanings you must speak out in incantation as much as you can with one hand. The schoolThe conjuration of the dead and the immortal. Damage TypeAcidity is not surprising

There are many positive aspects to this ability. The ability to simultaneously damage two creatures in one turn. It’s extremely useful at the beginning levels, when it is quite possible to take down several weaker enemies. It is extremely useful, especially at the early levels where it is possible to take on several weaker opponents. biggest criticism of this acid splash 5e in dnd that i’ve seen is that it’s damage type is acid which is often resisted or in some cases some creatures may be immune to it. There are ways to get around it or at least minimize it.

However let’s take a look at its full description.


In this d&d 5e acid splash you actually hurl a bubble of acid. You can choose one of the creatures in the range or two creatures within that range. Acid splash cantrip 5e requires that a target succeeds on the dexterity saving throw, or takes 1d6 acid damage.

Actually, this acid splash 5e spell’s damage would be increased by 1d6 whenever you do reach 5th level the damage would increase by 2d6, if you reach at 11th level the damage would increase 3d6 and also at 17th level the damage would be 4d6.

Now if you haven’t read through all the spells you won’t know this but as someone who has wizards of the coast doesn’t really provide a lot of flavor text. From time to time they do but it kind of depends on the book you’re reading it from and when it was released and who was involved in actually creating those spells. But in terms of the core rule book or the player’s handbook they’re all pretty plain jane in terms of their description.

My personal favorite way of describing d & d 5e acid splash spell is:

As though I was going to pick an apple from a tree, my hand raises up and forms a small greenish bubble between my fingers that sits gingerly on my fingertips. I lean forward and give the bubble a gentle blow before releasing it into the wind. I let the bubble drift lazily, as if it didn’t care about anything. Then it heads straight for its prey and darts towards two uninformed foes. After that, i ask my dungeon master for a dexterity score for each target.

It’s pretty cool and based on the role they make it deals however many d6 of acid damage. It’s just a cool way to flavor up the caster experience. Try not to make your descriptions too long or too wordy and don’t do them all the time if it’s a long combat just kind of do it the first time you do it and then leave it at that if it’s a group you’re playing with over the long term. You can do this a few times during the first few sessions, and then every other session thereafter. It’s just an interesting bit of flavor to add to your character and might even not you some sweet inspiration if you’ve a DM that appreciates that kind of stuff.

Mass heal spell 5e is also available.

Acid Splash Spell 5E Attributes

Casting time 1 Action
Classes Sorcerer, Wizard
Components V
Dominion of the Damage 1d6
Types of Damage Acid
Durability Instantaneous
Niveau 0
Name Acid Splash
The Range 60 feet
Save Dexterity
School Conjuration
Target A single creature or two within 5 feet of one another.

Now let’s get into some alternative uses here:

Other uses:

Before I discuss these alternate uses, there are some things I have to say about the spell itself. There’s a couple things that really limit it. It has two main points. Durability It is instantaneous. What that means is as soon as you cast it and it’s effect takes place it’s gone the acid doesn’t linger. One spell does allow the acid to linger, but it is only one of the lower levels. Sadly, this spell is not available. Second, you can choose from one or two creatures. This means that the acid splash cannot be used to target objects. Which is sad but there are some ways to kind of cheese it, it’s worth having a conversation with your dungeon master about they may have allow it in the past i’ve allowed acid splash to be used on things like shining up coins things of that nature anything that would require a weak acid with that being said there have been cases throughout history of individuals using weak acid to do things like slowly erode away at steel bars things of that nature.

This is gonna be one of those things where it’s up to the dungeon master by raw you’re not allowed to do it. However you know to give the spell a little bit of an extra allure i personally don’t see a hard time with someone for example being able to cast acid splash on a metal object and have someone make a strength check with advantage to see if they can break it as opposed to just a straight strength check.

I think that’d be an interesting way to do it but nonetheless let’s get into some alternative uses that you should be able to use by raw.

  • First, let’s just say that these guys are basically rotting. This plays with the idea that a corpse is still a creature. In my opinion i don’t see why not, i can see why if you really start to finagle the details a little bit. You can make the argument that it’s just a sack of meat at that point. This is where we get into the nature and meaning of life and soul. Personally, I believe the spell should be able to work on undead. It should work on your generic corpse.
  • Now disintegration might take a while but what you might be able to do is if you have the animate dead spell you could use this on a corpse to a point where it was just its skeleton and you could get a skeleton as opposed to a zombie out of it like that, i think that’s a pretty fair way of using this spell. I don’t think any dungeon masters would have a really hard time with.
  • The second interesting way of using acid spalsh is to use it to change someone’s appearance.

Potential Combos

So, i mentioned earlier one of this spell  spell’s biggest downsides is that it deals acid damage which is very commonly resisted to and in some cases outright immune to. You can get around that, though. A feat known as elemental adept is the easiest. You choose a damage category, one being acid. All spells cast do not have resistance to this damage. Additionally, any spell that deals this type of damage is treated as a two when you roll it. It does increase your damage in that way. The best thing about it is that you can ignore resistances. It doesn’t help with immunities sadly i know it sucks.

Now let’s have a couple honorable mentions. We will be starting with the

Wizards potent cantrip: Your damaging cantrip effect starts at the sixth level. If a creature makes a saving throw, it will be affected by your cantrip. The creature takes half the damage from the cantrip, but doesn’t suffer any other effects. What this allows you to do is it basically means you’ll never waste an attack action with a cantrip simply because even if they succeed on that dexterity saving throw. They’re still gonna be taking half damage as opposed to none at all which is quite nice.

Now let’s take a look at the draconic sorcerer’s elemental affinity. If you’re not super familiar with the draconic sorcerer we will be doing a series on all of the sorcerers main class and subclasses and breaking them all down.

Elemental Affinity A sixth-level draconic sorcerer gains elemental affinity. You can add your charisma modifier, which will increase the damage to the spell you cast. You can simultaneously spend 1 sorcery level to gain resistance to this damage type for an entire hour.

The sorcery point thing doesn’t really pertain to us but what does matter to us. It allows you to add your charisma modifier to one of the damage rolls. You’re affecting two creatures at once here or you have the potential to at the very least. You can only apply it to one but you know it’s an extra handful of damage which would otherwise not be there. This is why i think it is important to mention.

Now let’s get into the good stuff. We’re going to be looking at the metamagic called transmuted spell.

Transmuted spell: This particular metamagic was added in during the tash’s cauldron of everything expansion and it’s pretty dang cool. You can cast a spell to deal a particular type of damage.

You can spend a sorcery points to change the damage type to one among the listed types, such as Acid, cold fire, lightning, poison, and thunder. It was, however, sonic damage in earlier editions. However, they changed it to thunder. Because it kind of makes more sense with the fantasy world i guess but that’s beside the point.

Acid damage is included on the list, right in the middle of all glory and such. You can easily switch to another damage type by spending only one sorcery level. It’s hard to say it’s a negative if it’s a different damage type altogether.

Now there is an argument to be made that you don’t have meta magic because you’re not a sorcerer and to that i say you really gotta check out our Metamagic Adept feat article.

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