7 Best Android Emulator For Windows – Complete Guide In 2022

Best Android Emulator For Windows

Are you looking for Android Emulator For Windows 2021?

Wanna get the excellent Android feel on your Windows PC, right? The search for the android emulators is over. Do you know what emulators actually do? How do they work? It is difficult to understand the best emulators you may have in the market.

We may actually take the initiative to name some of the emulators for you. So, let us first dive into the nook and cranny of Android Emulators and understand what they actually are.

What are the Android Emulators?

The utilization of android can be facilitated on Windows using these android Emulators. They not only help the developers for the purpose of testing applications but also help the gamers to simulate android games on large screens.

The keyboard and the mouse actually enhance the experience and there is also the availability of iOS emulators for PCs.

There are a plethora of possibilities decked up within the Android Emulators. Whenever people talk about Android Emulators, the name of Bluestacks is taken again and again. But there are furthermore excellent varieties of the Android Emulators for the Windows PC.

Let us see them in detail and get to know the best one you can have for yourself.

7 Best Android Emulator For Windows

1. BlueStacks -Android Emulator For Windows

One of the leading Android Emulation for windows. Android Users usually prefer this over others due to its popularity and good name. It is extremely suitable for the purpose of gaming and it is extremely easy to set up.

You can find it in the Play Store and can also access a number of apps that are optimized by Bluestacks can be obtained and downloaded from the personalized app store presented by Bluestacks itself.

Keyboard mapping is excellently supported by Bluestacks but the gesture is not that great for BlueStacks. The greatest problem it has is, it is not ad-free and has a sluggish nature for some productivity applications.

It utilizes a lower CPU and has a lower usage of memory. The current Bluestack is majorly based on Nougat (Android 7.1.2). Bluestacks has multiple advantages for which you should usually prefer Bluestack like:

  • It can support a plethora of accounts altogether.
  • It can be set up easily even if you are technically not sound enough.
  • It is based on the latest versions of Android.
  • You can record any content and replay it later.
  • It not only supports windows but also Apple macOS.

2. Memu -Android Emulator For Windows

It is one of the newer varieties of android Emulators for windows that have come up in the market. Though launched in 2015, it has grabbed a lot of market attention throughout the years. This also has a keen eye upon gaming and has a speed that is equivalent to a few of its competitors like the BlueStacks and Nox Player. The greatest feature of Memu that needs to be highlighted is its support for both the Nvidia chips and the AMD.

It supports a variety of Android versions like KitKat, Lollipop, and Android Jelly Bean. It supports really high-performance gaming but the performance of the overall graphics is a little poor as compared to some others. The absence of textures and the smooth usage of the emulator have been a few of the cons present in the Android Emulator Memu.

The current version of the Memu is based upon Lollipop and has a huge application for productivity apps. If you really love playing Pokemon Go then go for this wonderful Android Emulator. It is absolutely free and there are few reasons that make it stand out:

  • You can easily perform the mapping of the keys.
  • There are dedicated settings for the keyboard which helps in having very fast gaming experience.
  • Virtual locations can be set on Google Maps.
  • It has support for both NVidia and AMD.

3. ARChon -Android Emulator For Windows

ARChon is not a very popular Android Emulator for Windows and is even not an excellent variety but it is actually one of the fixes we may utilize to run the Android Applications on the Browser Chrome.

It began existing since the time Google introduced a few applications that could be run on the Web browser Chrome.

With this idea, a developer of GitHub actually started working on an emulator that would facilitate the running of Android applications on the Chrome browser.

Though ARChon would not be really great for heavyweight gaming experience but has excellent usages for any productivity applications for easier accessibility.

The pricing is absolutely free and there are a bunch of advantages for which it can be one of your choices:

  • There is no extra effort required for installation and it is very easy to do so.
  • It comes integrated with the Web Browser Chrome.
  • It is great for any productivity application.
  • It is an extremely lightweight application and it has universal accessibility.
  • It not only supports Windows and Mac but is considered one of the best Emulators for the Linux Operating System. 

4. Android Studio -Android Emulator For Windows

Android Studio is also a very popular name for people who are into using Android Emulators for windows for a long period of time. It is a development Integrated Development Environment or IDE.

It comes from Google and is one of the best choices of developers. The major focus of this Android Emulator is for the purpose of development and testing can be done easily with the help of emulation.

It comes with a built-in Emulator within itself. It is stuffed with a lot of features and is one of the easiest to use.

It is not at all meant for general usages or any sort of heavyweight gameplay. It can be a little tricky to set up but is one of the most favorite choices for any developers around the corner.

As we already talked a lot about gaming preferred Android Emulators, we would really wonder about the one that would suit the interest of the developers and that is when Android Studio comes into play. Any developer will know about Android Studio who are into development for years. There are few advantages of this:

  • It has Android application development capability and comes with an inbuilt Emulator to check out and test.
  • It is officially made by Google and thus trustworthy enough.
  • It is equipped with regular upgrades.

5. Nox Player -Android Emulator For Windows

The target of the Nox Player Android emulator is gamers who love playing android games. The emulator has a plethora of advantages which makes it stand out in the group.

It has great support for multiple applications of Android but is specifically meant for games like Justice League and PUBG. It is totally free and you do not require any price to use it and hence there are no ads sponsored to be displayed in the emulator.

Mapping of the keys of the keyboard, gaming pad, and mouse can be easily done using Nox Player and there can be an allotment of gestures and shortcut mappings for right sideswiping.

The CPU and the RAM usages can be actually specified in the settings so that you can experience the best gaming.

You can easily root any virtual device within a minute using the Nox Player. There is a lot of pressure and load on the system when you utilize the Nox Player.

It is basically based on Lollipop or Android 5 which can be a little concerning for others. There are multiple reasons why you can prefer Noz Player over others:

  • A single device is able to accommodate multiple windows at a time.
  • Shortcuts can be easily mapped on the controllers.
  • Rooting is very easy.
  • There is the presence of a macro recorder for recording of operations that are quite complex.
  • It not only supports Windows but also has support for Mac.

6. LD Player -Android Emulator For Windows

If you have been still confused and searching for a perfect Android Emulator for Windows then LDPlayer is going to save you and is specifically meant for Windows 10.

It has been recently launched and has taken up a huge space in the market and has become really very popular. It works excellently with AMD-powered laptops and has flawless performance.

The Intel-based Windows Personal Computers are actually ideal for this Android Emulator. The best thing about this Android Emulator is that it works on the recent Android 7.1.2 that is Nougat and has enhanced performance and also great compatibility.

There is a dedicated store for the LDPlayer for the gaming applications and runs excellently on LDPlayer. There is the presence of technology of virtualization and it can be controlled from the Settings.

It is up to date and is extremely powerful and not only for gaming it is great for general usages as well. Maybe BlueStacks would be preferable by many due to its enormous popularity but it is no less in the race of Emulators. There are multiple reasons why you can prefer LDPlayer over others:

  • It not only supports AMD but also supports Intel based PCs.
  • It has an extremely fast approach and works pretty well.
  • It is a very lightweight emulator and does not provide much load on the device.
  • It is equipped with the latest version of Android that is Nougat or 7.1.2.
  • It is least bloated and gamings can be automatically managed and has custom made controls from the keyboard and the mouse.
  • You can open up multiple games all at once.

7. GameLoop -Android Emulator For Windows

GameLoop is also known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy is an excellent Android Emulator for the windows that can be gathered from the list mentioned here. It renders excellently high-quality gaming of the Android in the Windows Personal Computers.

It is a dedicated variety of Android Emulator and is majorly made for gamers who love to play a wide range of mobile gaming applications and would actually prefer to have the mobile games played on PCs.

It has been developed by Tencent and was developed to experiment with desktop versions of mobile gaming. Earlier it was only meant for PUBG but now it has brought about an all-new revamped look and supports a prolific list of Android Gaming which includes Call of Duty and Free Fire.

You can also get the Google Play Store with the installation of a separate module and it is absolutely integrated within the setup.

All the games that you play on this emulator have the support of a mouse and keymapping as well. If you love PUBG and are a game lover then this is absolutely the one for you.

It has a limitation that you can only emulate android games using this as it is specially designed for that. There are multiple reasons why you can prefer GameLoop over others:

  • You can actually play excellent games using this Android Emulator like PUBG.
  • It comes absolutely free.
  • A bunch of high end Android games are available in this Emulator and has support for the Google Play Store.
  • It has multiple optimizations for the various types of standards of graphics.
  • You can access the emulator without creating any account and no need for any registration.


We have come a long way and already got a lot of ideas about multiple types of Android Emulators for Windows. There is a wide range of varieties present and choosing the best one for you is really difficult.

The work of Android Emulator has utilization in multiple fields and specifically, there is a huge trend among gamers to use Android emulators to play the android based gamings through their PCs.

PCs are more comfortable for gameplay for some people. As we talk about gaming we also need to talk about the development works. Where are all the applications developed? They are definitely not developed in any mobile phone.

High-end configurations are required for development and hence people use PCs for that.

Android Emulators actually help to develop the Android Application on the PC and test how it will work on any mobile. 

Choosing is difficult but when you have a bunch of excellent options do not think twice just choose the one best for your needs as all of the mentioned emulators are excellent. So, Happy Emulating!

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