Armor of Agathys 5E Spell

Immediately we’re going to be having a look at dnd 5e armor of agathys spell. This spell is likely one of the most iconic warlock spells usable solely by them and located within the gamers handbook. Should you haven’t checked out our dnd 5e all spell record from our web page but then we advocate you to go to the web page after this text. Now let’s check out some mechanics for this frost stuffed armor.

  • Degree: 1
  • Casting Time: 1 Motion
  • Vary/Space: Self
  • Parts: V, S, M
  • Period: 1 Hour
  • College: Abjuration
  • Assault/Save: None
  • Harm/Impact: Chilly

The solid time is 1 Motion, the vary is self, the period is a powerful one hour. The impact at a look is as adopted

You’ve gained a 5 non permanent hit factors and inflict a 5 chilly harm everytime you take melee harm. Basically as long as you have got these hit factors you deal 5 chilly harm each time somebody assaults you which ones is fairly cool.

Now let’s a check out the complete description right here in order that we’re all on the identical web page.


The Armor of Agathys has a protecting magical drive surrounds you and likewise manifesting like a spectral frost which covers you and your gear. You truly acquire 5 non permanent hit factors for the actual period. If the creature hits you through the use of the melee assault when you’re having these hit factors, truly the creature takes 5 chilly harm. Now you possibly can think about why this is able to be extremely helpful when you’re enjoying a present caster or a warlock in a really tight spot.

At Increased Ranges:

Everytime you solid this Armor of Agathys 5E Spell through the use of the spell slot of 2nd stage or larger and likewise each the non permanent hit factors and the chilly harm enhance by 5 for every of its slot.

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Attributes Of Armor Of Agathys 5E Spell

Casting Time 1 motion
Vary Self
Parts V, S, M (a cup of water)
Period 1 hour
Lessons Warlock
Degree 1
College abjuration
Title Armor of Agathys
Various Makes use of

The one one i might actually consider could be to make use of it to impress and instill worry in individuals. Providing you with benefit in your persuasion checks or your intimidation checks. I’m certain there’s much more on the market however for the time being that’s actually the one two i can consider. If in case you have any cool makes use of you’d prefer to share or any cool tales involving this spell i might love to listen to them within the feedback under. We hope you’ve received an concept on d&d 5e how does armor of agathys work!

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