Athlete Background DnD 5E

From this text we’re going over the dnd 5e athlete background. Which is discovered within the mythic odysseys of theros which is an fascinating journey e book doesn’t provide too an excessive amount of in approach of precise mechanics however that is one in every of them. So we’ll go over it simply in case you wish to examine our dnd backgrounds checklist for those who haven’t but then you’ll be able to go together with the given hyperlink after this athlete dnd 5e background. First allow us to begin with its description talked about beneath.


You at all times try to be excellent your self bodily and in execution of all the things that you just do. Right here the joys of competitors lights fireplace in your blood, and in addition the roar of a crowd drives you ahead. Regardless that the tales of your exploits precede you and it would open the doorways and even loosen tongues.

In all probability, whether or not in one of many poleis, between them, or else amongst to the nonhuman peoples of Theros, bodily contests and people who are pursue them command respect bordering on the reverence. The Athletes come up from all the walks of life and in addition all of the cultures and extra fairly ceaselessly cross completely different paths with each other.


  • Ability Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Athletics
  • Languages: One in every of your selection
  • Instrument Proficiencies: Automobiles (Land)
  • Gear: A bronze discus or leather-based ball, a fortunate attraction or previous trophy, a set of traveler’s garments, and a pouch containing 10 gp

Favored Occasion

Due to many athletes are apply many varieties of video games and occasions, a lot of the excel at a single type of competitors. So you’ll be able to roll or choose from the completely different choices within the Favored Occasions desk as a way to decide the athletic occasion by which you excel.

d8 Favored Occasion
1 Marathon
2 Lengthy-distance working
3 Wrestling
4 Boxing
5 Chariot or horse race
6 Pankration (combined unarmed fight)
7 Hoplite race (racing in full armor with a unit)
8 Pentathlon (working, lengthy leap, discus, javelin, wrestling)

Characteristic: Echoes of Victory

As per this characteristic you’ve gotten been attracted admiration amongst to the spectators, fellow athletes, and trainers in a few of the area which is hosted your previous athletic victories. At any time when you might be visiting any form of settlement inside 100 miles of the place you grew up, so there’s a 50% of probability that yow will discover somebody there who shall admire you and is keen to rearrange some data and in addition momentary shelter.

Nevertheless, between the adventures, you could be compete in an athletic occasions adequate sufficient for sustaining a cushty way of life, as per “Training a Career” downtime exercise in a chapter 8 of the Gamers Handbook.

Urged Traits

The competitors might be forge robust bonds in between the teammates and in addition rivals or else the ignite bitter feuds these are burn exterior the world. In fact the athletes most ceaselessly apply classes from their coaching to their lives usually.

Character Trait

d8 Character Trait
1 I really feel most at peace throughout bodily exertion, whether or not train or battle.
2 I do not like to take a seat idle.
3 I’ve a every day train routine I refuse to interrupt.
4 Obstacles exist to be overcome.
5 Once I see others struggling, I provide to assist.
6 I like to commerce banter and gibes.
7 Something value doing is value doing finest.
8 I get irritated if folks reward another person and never me.


d6 Splendid
1 Competitors: I try to check myself in all issues. (Chaotic)
2 Triumph: The very best a part of successful is seeing my rivals introduced low. (Evil)
3 Camaraderie: The strongest bonds are cast by means of battle. (Good)
4 Individuals: I try to encourage my spectators. (Impartial)
5 Custom: Each recreation has guidelines, and the enjoying subject have to be degree. (Lawful)
6 Progress: Classes conceal in victory and defeat. (Any)


d6 Bond
1 My teammates are my household.
2 I’ll overcome a rival and show myself their higher.
3 My mistake acquired somebody harm. Unwell by no means make that mistake once more.
4 I would be the finest for the glory and glory of my house.
5 The one who skilled me is a very powerful individual in my world.
6 I try to reside as much as a selected hero’s instance.


d6 Flaw
1 I bask in a behavior that threatens my repute or well being.
2 I am going to do completely something to win.
3 I ignore anybody who would not compete and anybody who loses to me.
4 I’ve lingering ache of previous accidents.
5 Any defeat or failure on my half is as a result of my opponents cheated.
6 I have to be the captain of any group I be part of.

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