10 Best DS Emulator For PC – Expert Guide & Reviews 2022

Best DS Emulator

Are you looking for the Best DS Emulator for PC in 2021, So you’re in the right place?

DS Emulator is one of the best-known handheld consoles ever. The Game Boy and the PSP have an iconic value up there.

There have been some incredible system games and it is often easier to hold these games on your phone than to play a second device. 

A lot of functional DS Emulators are available. These emulators can easily be installed on a Windows or macOS PC.  Also, you can install DS emulators on Android smartphones.

It can be difficult to search for the best DS PC emulator. That is because many of them have numerous versions. Keep checking for some of the best DS Emulators for PCs.

What is a DS Emulator?

DS Game Emulator is a program to play the games for which it has not been developed. You can play Nintendo console or arcade games or unauthorized devices using emulation. 

Well, you can play the game by illicit downloads from Internet vendors of copied software such as Nintendo ROMs.

And so, Nintendo ROMs work with Nintendo emulators to make it possible for games to be played on illegal devices such as PCs or changing consoles.

10 Best DS Emulators for PC

1. DeSmuMe -Best DS Emulator

The name of this emulator can be quite strange. However, DeSmuMe is one of the better DS emulators for PCs. First of all, the primary feature is that the emulator improves continually, due to its open-source.

DeSmuMe enables players to accommodate system setup to customize graphics and emulation settings.

The cheat code manager and the USB controller are also available. The DS emulator DeSmuMe also has the slot saving feature that allows you to continue the game.

You will scale the game according to your inclination with this DS emulator. This can be used on both Windows and Mac and is completely free of charge.

To run the DeSmuMe emulator, download and perform the executable file as an admin to your Windows requirements.

There are many good things about this emulator. First of all, it is possible to save the old fast and fast load feature. You can save in states that may be a good feature to save the slots of the real game, where you don’t have to worry about.

Then you can press the turbo button, which allows you to speed up the game, which is very helpful. Furthermore, it supports cheat and a USB controller.

This emulator doesn’t have a disadvantage. If you can discover faults, we will only tell you that you are using the obsolete DeSmuME emulator versions.

Pros :

  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Compatible

Cons :

  • Frame drops due to PC configuration.

2. No$GBA Emulator

No$GBA is the ideal emulator for anyone and it enhances the graphic quality of all Nintendo DS games and the Gameboy.

Well, if it is a fully-fledged emulator, it has to be in 3rd place, because it has lots of outstanding features.

The DS emulator only has a few graphical configurations. But good game graphics similar to DeSmuME can be obtained with slight changes.

But there is a silver fit, The DS emulator works very quickly, even on low-performance PCs.

The No$GBA emulator works perfectly on the older machine and also supports a low-end PC with a Nintendo DS homebrew.

Notable features are supported by a joystick, cheat code, and state saving option No$GBA emulator. 

This emulator supports both GBA, Nintendo DS, and the DS Lite (DSi). It uses a few system resources and functions pretty quickly.

The No$GBA emulator involves multiple read cartridges, various media, and loads multiple NDS ROMs. It supports Windows OS only, including Windows 10, Windows XP, and MS-DOS.

No$GBA is a good fundamental DS emulator. As we said, all its issues are resolved in the latest edition. The emulation should be operated seamlessly and the sound clear.

There are also some good features in the emulator, which you can use as save points. One defect is that you may have to set the emulator settings depending on your download.

Things such as frame rate, sound, etc. must be set up. The emulator may be defective if the configuration is made at the beginning.

Pros :

  • Low memory usage
  • High speed
  • Supports Windows 10

Cons :

  • Only supports windows platform

3. MelonDS -Best DS Emulator

MelonDS is the best DS emulator on the list because of its great popularity among the community of Nintendo DS Gaming.

Features such as OpenGL, 3D rendering, joystick support, local multiplayer and online connectivity help MelonDS distinguish itself from the public.

MelonDS uses the hardware resources of your system to provide quick and precise DS emulation. Furthermore, 2D and 3D MelonDS emulator rendering is almost perfect in terms of the pixel.

This NDS emulator is regularly upgraded and developers are very active in bug fixation.

MelonDS’s ability to save progress when a player wants is another remarkable feature. MelonDS shows live FPS during gameplay.

MelonDS is now available for Windows & Linux. Because MelonDS is an open-source emulator it’s free to use and doesn’t bother advertising players.

Pros :

  • Good performance
  • High accuracy
  • Available on both Windows and Linux.

Cons :

  • It works only with a few games.

4. RetroArch -Best DS Emulator

RetroArch is an all-in-one emulator that allows users to play almost all retro console games. In contrast to other DS Emulators.

The concept is to fuse multiple emulators in one single software. You can run all Nintendo consoles, such as NES, SNES, DS, DSi, 3DS, 64, Atari, MAME, and more because it’s an all-in-one émulator.

Some of RetroArch’s main highlights are shading, rewinding, reply times, running ahead, machine translation, blind access, and more. RetroArch can be downloaded on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. 

The RetroArch set-top box menu brings the browsing process easy. You can record your session with RetroArch and even stream on your game. Finally, RetroArch shaders help increase the way old games are made.

Pros :

  • All-in-One Emulator
  • Few pre-loaded games
  • Available on all platforms

Cons :

  • It makes more PC resources than others.

5. OpenEmu

OpenEmu is another front-end emulation software. The emulator for PC does not vary much with the supporting consoles and emulation options of RetroArch.

However, OpenEmu’s streamlined  UI makes it distinct from the rest of the emulators. The interface will remind you of iTunes when you are a Mac user.

For example, the emulator displays game box art and tries them on the platform. OpenEmu comes with an emulator for playing DS games.

Several users may be upset by the lack of various graphics settings. There is no choice of increasing internal resolution. Everything else in the emulator is pretty much there like screen layout options, state saving, cheat code support, etc.

A large list of controller support is available including DualShock, Switch Pro, Wiimote, and many more. Altogether, OpenEmu is one of PC’s best DS emulators.

Pros :

  • All-in-One Emulator
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Available for Mac

Cons :

  • Lack of graphics settings

6. Citra -Best DS Emulator

Citra is the best 3DS emulator for Nintendo to play Pokemon PC games. You can even run multiple 3Ds titles with full graphics and high resolution with a mediocre system.

Utilizing a DS emulator, users can create inner resolutions for up to 4K, which use pokemon games and Zelda legends. The headings of Citra’s official website include a section where you can check Nintendo 3DS games’ compatibility with the PC emulator.

The software – support for a joystick, screen layout, and cheat code is available. An in-house screen recorder is available on a Nintendo emulator.

Citra emulator Wi-Fi local 3DS as well. In other words, you can play multiplayer on the emulator with those who play games. Citra is also offered by Android, making it the only Nintendo 3DS emulator that works on Android.

Pros :

  • Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
  • Multiplayer support
  • Easy to use

Cons :

  • It is still under development.

7. iDeaS -Best DS Emulator

iDeaS DS Emulator is a decent emulator for games, and its compatibility rate is increased with each release. iDeaS is suitable for Windows PC. There can be many business games including Super Mario 64 DS and Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.

This is a smart name since it looks just like iDS. This emulator can nevertheless be simple to use and very efficient. There are no settings to do, so if you want, you can modify it.

Another thing is that this emulator is the only DS emulator from which the lower screen can be separated from the top. It doesn’t affect the game and the bottom portion of the touch screen is functional and when you have an iDeaS emulator.

This has different characteristics and is easy to customize. You can run all Nintendo DS games easily with the iDeas emulator. Supports personalization of settings and the graphics meet the highest level.

This emulator is updated periodically with the newest functionality. The emulation quality increases and the games are running fast with each new release.

Pros :

  • Proper interface
  • Adjustable graphics
  • Freeware

Cons :

  • Only for Windows OS.

8. DuoS

DuoS are the classic and easiest emulator for playing your favorite DS games. Well, this is a generic emulation and does not give much progress. However, many of the Windows PC customers enjoy this Nintendo DS emulator.

DuoS emulator has a single interface that can even be readily used by a beginner user. The device has a plain interface. This is free of bugs, infection with viruses, or technical problems.

It supports turbo and deception buttons. The DuoS emulator download process is simple and quick. 

The DuoS emulator is a prime example of an emulator and an emulation generic. The best part is to get what you want from an emulator and get a DuoS emulator quickly.

The strength seems that this emulator is convenient and straightforward to get. Bugs and emulation concerns are not addressed.

The weakness is certainly a plain emulator. It has no fast saving and fast load feature. There are no cheats, nor does it support a turbo button.

Pros :

  • Easy to use
  • Allows a wide range of games
  • Freeware

Cons :

  • No quick save or load feature.

9. NeonDS -Best DS Emulator

The needs are a big emulator and run almost every game effortlessly. Also, these emulator developers stopped the production of new updates, but many people still download it for the emulation of Nintendo DS. 

NeonDS DS Emulator supports nearly all games. It runs high performance and accuracy.  Allow commercial games to be played as well It has a user-friendly and open-source program for freeware. 

NeonDS is better than DuoS. The needs meet a DS emulator’s core requirements. The use of this emulator can be very difficult but once you find the right settings, it works well. So ensure you get a trustworthy NeonDS emulator. 

The needs are easy to obtain and have no problems with the emulation of games. It also saves countries and promotes the use of cheats.

Setting the emulator settings can be difficult. It will be very difficult to use if you don’t know other setting terminologies such as memory space, sound drives, and others.

Pros :

  • Easy to use
  • Freeware program

Cons :

  • Only supports Windows.

10. Project64

Project64 is the last Windows PC DS Emulator on the list. And it is one of the best emulators in the world. 

The Project64 emulator can run all ROMs, support ZIP files, and automatically decompress them. The quality of this emulator is excellent.

It supports joysticks and offers superb support for games. Allows you to play all your favorite DS games, such as Super Mario 64, and Legend of Zelda. It is a freeware program and improves with every recent release.

Pros :

  • Free and Open-source software
  • Easy to use

Cons :

  • A bit noisy


Emulators, of any type, are just game consoles imitating software. Typically an emulator is a program that allows you to run software from a different computing device.

Video games can be played and various operating systems used by emulators. For instance, you can place a Mac operating system into your Windows computer.

People may believe DS emulators are difficult to find for beginners. But many of them are present and you will always get them for free.

So, they are the 10 best Windows PC DS emulators that allow old DS games to be played in no time. Just go through the article and analyze your best findings quickly.

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