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Best GameBoy Emulator

Are you looking for the Best GameBoy Emulator? Read on to know about it.

One of the most popular games is the Gameboy Emulator and as we all know that due to saturation in the Android smartphone game market people are slowly and steadily shifting towards their old, best, and favorite games that they had played anytime in the past.

This gradual shift has come in a lot of people just because of saturation in the android games market and people are finding innovations missing so to fulfill that space old apps have once again come into the era.

As maturity hits on the android platform it means that more and more people will be jumping towards the Game Boy Emulator.

Why Are Gameboy Emulators So Special?

The very simple reason behind it is that Gameboy Emulators are very different from your android device as, some things when tend to be specific gather more interest of people. So, playing your most favorite games out there is one of the best feelings that you can only get when you have your hands on a Gameboy emulator.

We have gathered one of the most popular game boy emulators for you that are budget-friendly and we will be ranking them according to their popularity and value for money proposition so that you can filter out the best value for money Gameboy emulator for yourself.

5 Best GameBoy Emulator –

1. ClassicBoy Gold Best GameBoy Emulator

Classic game boy supports all games and a very special feature about this emulator is that it has the functionality to save states, load states, fast forward cheat code support as well. Moreover, with this emulator, you get hardware controller support as well.

The free version has a few features missing if compared to the premium version of this emulator. The only problem is that the ClassicBoy Gold hasn’t got any updates for quite a long time but you can expect it anytime to get an update as well 

ClassicBoy is a powerful front end with multiple emulator cores and is also known as plugins. ClassicBoy simulates dozens of retro video game consoles by using special architecture which puts user events into the buffer.

This will help you to provide an interface for all cores to be working properly. This emulator also works on the passive mode. The cores decode ROM data and it pulls the user to generate video and audio data.


  • Gets gesture mapping (very useful for game controlling on a smartphone or any tablet touch screen) 
  • Makes your gaming efficient and handy 
  • A layout editor can also be used to define the position and size of each button


  • State-loaded functions only supported in the full version of the emulator.

2. mGBA Best GameBoy Emulator

MGBA extends the support beyond what it usually is used to support and when you play mGBA on PC you get some additional features as well.

In the bucket list of additional features you get:-

  • The ability to save the gameplay whenever you prefer to 
  • Some of the specific games run well 
  • Cheat codes are also supported in the additional feature list 

Now talking about the cheat codes, this emulator has a special ability to override the games which will help you to enable ROM.

A good thing is that the mGBA is simple and easy to use but, simplicity is not a bad thing at all and the main feature of mGBA is that it has support to catalog of GB games it means a wide variety of games are available over there and it also helps you to use cheat codes by overriding the game and it is very simple to set up and simple to use them. 


  • Has special functions of saving gameplay
  • Runs smooth
  • Ability to override for better working of cheat codes


  • Only on this emulator is that it lacks some advanced features that other emulators have 

3. EmuBox Best GameBoy Emulator

EmuBox works like ClassicBoy Gold but it is all one console emulator. The difference between ClassicBoy and EmuBox is that  EmuBox supports some different consoles as well which include Nintendo, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Colour as well.

EmuBox also comes with some useful features like cheat codes that support saving and loading. Facilitates fast forward support which makes your gaming performance better and hassle-free. 

It also has hardware controller support which can be edited and you can change it according to your need even though it is a new emulator then too it is quite surprising to see that a new emulator performs and work efficiently and nicely.
It supports some different consoles and the overall gaming experience is a bit nicer than other emulators. 


  • Works flawlessly on different consoles
  • Supports fast and slow play


  • It is a new emulator so it might get a few bugs but not to worry, developers would support it and would rectify the errors as soon as possible. As of now, no such major errors have occurred but, if I have to find any of one con in it, then it will be that it’s new to the market, so you can’t rely or you can’t believe too much on it. 

4. GBC.emu Best GameBoy Emulator

GBC emulator comes under GPL licensing and this is one of the best GameBoy emulators and this emulator is available up-to-date on android platforms. It supports GameBoy and GameBoy Colour both and you can play with consoles and a special feature about the GBC emulator is that it comes with a high compatibility rate so most games would be working perfectly in it.

It supports game to join and GameShark cheat codes cross-platform support and also supports hardware controllers and you can edit configuration according to your requirements. 


  • It’s open-source
  • Available on up-to-date android platforms
  • High compatibility rate


  • You will have to pay to play it, the free version is not available

5. John GBAC Best GameBoy Emulator

John GBAC is the successor of John GBA and John GBC so, Jon GBAC gets functionality of both emulators under a single platform and with John GBAC you get virtual and hardware controller support which is a good thing. You even get an SD card support along with Turbo buttons and up to 16 X fast forward and 0.25 X slow down which increases the variation in it.

Some extra features like dropbox and cheat codes are already present in John GBAC that is a bonus function for you and it can work with any sort of ROM so there are no such compatibility issues in it. 


  • Get multi-functionality
  • Supports SD card
  • Supports both slow and fast play


  • Not all games are supported on this emulator

So, these are the best GameBoy Emulators present out there in the market and you can choose the perfect emulator for yourself depending upon the type of preferences you have. The best way to filter out is by analyzing the pros and cons given in the article.

Nowadays the trend of playing old games is increasing day by day because old games remind you of old days and this there is lack of new innovative games in the market.


1. Can you use the cable to play GameBoy Advance on the big screen?

If you are using on TV using game cubes then you will be needing a controlGameBoy player and it will have a slot in the front for GameBoy games ranging from an original game boy up to Game Boy Advance. It is a square-shaped attachment and gets connected to the bottom of your GameCube but the problem that arises is that it won’t work automatically on its own you need a GameBoy player disk and it is a white disc that’s the size of a GameCube disc just place the disc slot and make sure that game is inserted into player before turning your Gamecube. There are no other ways to play GameBoy games on big screens except the method told above.

2. Gameboy color or GBA Cable?

If you are having a specific game and you want to cast it on another device but it is not supporting or you have got either of the two cables then your question is genuine, but any cable would perfectly work fine if you have got a game and is not working with either of the two cables it means that your emulator is not supporting your game, the fault is not with the cable. Any cable you can go with will be working perfectly fine. 

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