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Best Pokemon Emulator

Searching for the Best Pokemon Emulator in 2022? Then this is the right post for you.

For more than 20 years, Pokémon has figured out how to rejuvenate itself for every age of the crowd. Players can be either fresh to the game, or they might be aces at the Pokémon series; both are enraptured by these adorable (and in some cases terrifying) little beasts.

Perhaps it’s the drive to get them all that keeps players returning. Or, on the other hand, maybe it’s how lovable these little pocket beasts can be. Whatever the explanation, players keep on getting back to or investigating the Pokémon establishment. 

Each game has a lovely reliable feel to it. Each game follows the one preceding it, yet incorporates somewhat more into the Pokémon world. With each new emphasis on Pokémon, new highlights and Pokémon are brought to the table.

Even though Pokémon veterans may locate each game recognizable to the last, each game holds a somewhat new and vivid method of carrying players into the universe of Pokémon.

This series unquestionably realizes how to keep players returning for additional fun! 

If you are one of these people who enjoy the Pokémon franchise and would care to take time to figure out where you would find the best Pokémon experience, we have selected some of our favorite Pokémon emulators for game boy and Nintendo DS.

So, feel free to take your love for the adorable little creatures to the maximum! 

Best Pokémon Emulator in 2021

The Nintendo DS is among the most mainstream handheld consoles ever. Its archetypal worth is straight up there with that of the Game Boy.

There were some astonishing games for the framework, and it’s simpler to keep those games on your telephone than to heft around a subsequent gadget to play them.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo DS emulator stage improvement is still a little specialty, so there isn’t a huge load of alternatives to browse. 

1. DeSmuMe -Best Pokemon Emulator

Although the name might be hard to get and a little quirky, DeSmuMe is one of the best emulators to be out there for PC (Windows or Mac). Its quintessential quality is that it is open for improvement and ever-evolving because it is open source. 

The performance of this emulator largely depends on the configuration of your PC. DeSmuMe runs on both Mac and Windows. It also seems to work pretty smoothly on both platforms.

It shows some Frame Drops while using MacBook Air (2017 edition) when played on maximum graphics. A positive aspect of the emulator is that you can certainly customize it to a high level. 


  • Nightly builds are released frequently 
  • Compatibility quite high 


  • Not smooth on higher graphics 

2. MelonDS -Best Pokemon Emulator  

MelonDS always comes up when talking about the best emulators for PC. This emulator is best comparable to NDS emulator DeSmuMe.

Compared to the DeSmuMe, this emulator is devoid of many emulations and options of graphics; at the same time, it shines in some alternate aspects, including rendering DS games that are highly accurate.  

On account of its new OpenGL render, the Nintendo DS emulator permits you to take advantage of extraordinary resolutions even with medium-performing frameworks.

With the new JIT recompiler, Melon can do quick emulations. In case you’re hoping to play Pokemon games on PC, MelonDS is the ideal option. 

 Another feature of MelonDS is the Wi-FI uphold for playing multiplayer games. Albeit the component is exploratory and works with a couple of games, it gives massive delight to see it working by any means.

Aside from that, there is a save slot choice, a couple of screen layout alternatives, and a joystick system — regular in different NDS emulators for PC. 


  • High performance providing increased resolutions 
  • Relatively higher accuracy 


  • Relatively fewer options of graphics and emulations 

3. NO$GBA -Best Pokemon Emulator

As far as graphic settings, the DS emulator just has a small bunch. In any case, with a couple of changes in settings, one can get great game designs similar to DeSmuME. However, the tradeoff has a bright side; however — First, the Nintendo DS emulator works extremely quickly, even on slower PCs.

Also, it does not take many framework assets contrasted with the other best NDS emulators referenced here. 

Even though NO$GBA began with imitating Gameboy advanced games, it actually positions high up in the best Nintendo DS emulators for Windows. An advantageous point with this DS emulator is that it upholds GBA, Nintendo DS, along with Nintendo DS Lite (DSi) games. 

The issue with this emulator is the absence of screen layout features. Likewise, the multiplayer choice is a hit or miss and does not work for some situations.

The emulator is just accessible on Windows. Other than that, there is a joystick system and the save state feature. An in-house cheat code support has also been provided to NO$GBA. 


  • Offers a higher speed 
  • Usage of memory rather less 
  • Supports GBA as an additional feature 


  • Fewer screen layouts 
  • Multiplayer option questionable 
  • Only works on Windows 

4. RetroArch -Best Pokemon Emulator  

Apart from all the other Nintendo DS emulators here, RetroArch is an all across the board emulator which permits clients to play games on virtually all retro consoles. The thought is to have a combination of a few emulators (otherwise known as cores) in solitary emulator software. 

The UI may be a little overwhelming at the start, yet it gets pretty simple once you use it for some time. Notwithstanding, running games is moderately troublesome when contrasted with the other Nintendo DS emulators here. 

 Aside from that, it has all the fundamental graphics and emulation alternatives. You can build the native resolution up to 4K and apply shaders that can definitely change the games’ vibe. There is a joystick system, save slot option and diverse screen design choices.

 An issue with RetroArch can be that it takes up more PC assets than others. However, by and large, it is as yet probably one of the best emulators for PC. 


  • Can play games on many retro consoles 
  • Can increase the native resolution 
  • Some preloaded games available 


  • Takes up more PC resources 

5. OpenEmu -Best Pokemon Emulator  

This emulator for PC isn’t very different from RetroArch when it comes to supported consoles and emulation options, given the fact that this emulator is yet another front-end software for other console emulators. 

The astonishingly elegant user interface of OpenEmu makes it stand out from the crowd of all the other emulators.

The interface might remind the Mac user if iTunes, such as the emulator, showcases box art for games and then separates them based on the platform. OpenEmu comes with a DeSmuMe emulator to play Nintendo DS games.

The absence of a few designs and graphics settings may disturb various clients. Additionally, there is no choice available to increment internal resolution in the testing.

All the other things are practically there in the Nintendo emulator, for example, screen layout alternatives, save states, cheat code support, and so on.

There is a gigantic rundown of controller support that incorporates DualShock, Switch Pro, Wiimote, and then some. All things considered, OpenEmu is extraordinary compared to other DS emulators for Macintosh. 


  • Elegant and streamlined user interface 
  • An emulator that is all in one 


  • Fewer graphic settings 

6. Citra -Best Pokemon Emulator  

Without a doubt, Citra is the best Nintendo 3DS emulator to play Pokémon games on PC. Indeed, even with a modest system, you can run more than a few 3DS titles at full designs and high resolution.  

 The Nintendo 3DS emulator empowers clients to set internal resolutions up to 4K, taking Pokémon games and taking The Legend of Zelda gaming experience to a totally different region. Concerning the titles, Citra’s legitimate site has a part where you can take a gander at the compatibility of Nintendo 3DS games with the PC emulator. 

 Back to the product — there is joystick support, screen design alternatives, and a cheat code system. The Nintendo emulator offers an in-house screen recorder.

Citra likewise emulates 3DS neighborhood Wi-Fi. At the end of the day, you can play multiplayer with others running match-ups on the emulator.  Citra is additionally accessible on Android, making it the solitary working Nintendo 3DS emulator on Android. 


  • Can run with multiplayer support 
  • Internal resolution is 10x 


  • Graphics can be improved upon 

Top GBA emulators 

There are many Game Boy Advance emulator out there that you can use to play your truly beloved Pokémon GBA game arrangement.

Regardless of whether you want to play Pokémon on your PC or cell phone, there is an accessible emulator for you. Here are a few of our recommendations. 

7. MyBoy -Best Pokemon Emulator  

 This is the undisputed top choice GBA emulator; there is a free version of this application. However, the paid adaptation is definitely preferred and helps to appreciate the emulating systems completely.

In addition to this, practically all Pokemon Gameshark codes and cheat will work in this emulator. 


  • Free version available 
  • Cheat codes  


  • Have to pay for the full version 

8. John GBA Lite -Best Pokemon Emulator  

Thus far, this emulator runs GBA games easily and even helps to cheat; you should think about John GBA Lite as an option in contrast to My Boy. For those who would like an alternative to the My boy, John GBA Lite is an attractive option.


  • Runs GBA games effectively 


  • Relatively less enjoyable than MyBoy 

9. GBA4iOS  

 So far, GBA4iOS is the best GBA emulator for iOS. Unfortunately. There aren’t a lot of options for GBA emulators for iOS.The majority of our users would recommend this, even though GBA4iOS sometimes becomes unstable. 


  • Runs on iOS 


  • Can be unstable 

10. GBA4iOS -Best Pokemon Emulator  

 Created utilizing the ZodTDD’s gpSPhone codebase, Riley Testut’s emulator had caught a great many players worldwide, utilizing his virtual game launcher. The application accompanies a simple establishment and easy-to-use interface.

It impersonates the game boy advanced or game boy color screen console. It possesses just around 12.36 MB size of your telephone’s memory, and it’s refreshed until the 2.1.1 form. 


  • Various Controller Skins supported 
  • Online Battles and multiplayer supported 


  • Not all devices compatible 


Before choosing an emulator to play your favorite game of Pokémon, you need to look for the following features and what you are personally looking for in an emulator.

The factors that are determinants of your decision are- what type of game would you be playing? Determine if the emulator supports that series of games or not.

Look for the battery life of the emulators. If you like playing uninterrupted for long durations, make sure you buy an emulator with long-lasting battery life.

Check if the emulator supports the platform on which you plan to play the game. The screen display is also crucial in a gaming system as it sets the tone for the gaming experience. 

Keeping all these determinants in mind, choose what emulator suits you the best and enjoy the game!

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