8 Best PS2 Emulator in 2022 – Best Reviewed

Best PS2 Emulator

Looking for the 10 best PS2 emulator? You’re in the right place, read on to know more about the same.

Meeting up at your friend’s house in the evenings to play multiple rounds of games on the PlayStation is a whole other vibe but due to the unfortunate pandemic that struck upon us, this practice came to an end.

However various other methods have been discovered to connect with people through games even if you don’t have a PlayStation!

A PS2 emulator is a device that enables one to play the games available on a PlayStation on your pc which is definitely more convenient and handy.

Through the course of this article, you can discover the 10 best recommended PS2 emulators.

With the coming age and technological advances, the idea is to carry the tiniest device and make the most out of it, hence some highly recommended ps2 emulators are listed below.

8 Best PS2 Emulators In 2022

1. PTWOE – Best PS2 Emulator

This is one of the top emulators which was previously available on the play store, however, it has now been removed from the same for undisclosed reasons.

It is the pioneer in the emulator industry, it helps gamers play the games at a playable speed. There are currently multiple versions of the same, the experimental version offers high speed however it lacks stability.

The link of the same is still available on the official website of the emulator which will be further linked below. 


  • Two versions are available
  • Each has a different speed level and stability and can be chosen
  • Can be used to play games on a handset


  • Tests need to be run to find the compatibility
  • Slightly lengthy process involved in installing the emulator on the device

Link to download: https://ptwoe.weebly.com/download.html

2. Pro PlayStation

This is another highly suggested emulator thus falling in the top tier of the emulators’ list. It is programmed in such a manner to stimulate authentic gameplay on an android device just as how it appears on a PlayStation.

It behaves as a portable PlayStation which is extremely handy for those on the move. The processing power of these emulators offers an unbeatable speed that tempts gamers to not ever go back to the actual PlayStation world.


  • UI is functional with self-explanatory instructions
  • Contains all the necessary emulator features
  • Compatible with multiple ROMs
  • Optimization offered is unbeatable


  • Some games may cease to function while this app is in use

Link to download: https://apkpure.com/pro-playstation-playstation-emulator/pplay.ps2.goldpspemulator

3. Golden Ps2

This is certainly a must-have ps2 emulator which is beloved by almost all gamers out there who face a lack of PlayStation issues.

It was originally developed by “Fas emulators” which explains the brilliant features available on the emulator. The developer lives true to its name as it is certainly the fastest emulator even when compared globally.


  • It contains all features to enjoy a game
  • It is named as the fastest emulator
  • Optimizes the graphics of the game it is in use of.


  • It is available only on an android device

4. PPSSPP – Best PS2 Emulator

This emulator is one of the most popular emulators that is used by the majority of gamers. This emulator makes playing PlayStation games on a mobile device highly memorable, thus its popularity.

The multifunctional feature of the PPSSPP emulator makes it highly popular. It works perfectly well on the PC as well as on mobile devices, even on the PC, it is available to multiple operators such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.


  • Available on the play store
  • Stimulates the feel of playing the on a PSP console
  • The optimization and rendering offered results in enhanced performance of the game
  • The user interface is highly enjoyable and stable
  • Setting up the emulator is a very easy task


  • May incur lags while playing
  • Some bugs might exist due to the enhanced optimization of the game

5. Play! – Best PS2 Emulator

This emulator once again is a popular choice for gamers due to the support and compatibility offered by this emulator to numerous games on your device.

It is an independent app that has not yet begun to receive support from large-scale developers.

The multiple features of this emulator such as bringing back nostalgic memories such as arcade games, Nintendo games, etc can be played with the help of this brilliant emulator on your mobile.


  • 128-bit games receive high compatibility through this emulator
  • It is available on various platforms not only android handheld devices
  • Popular games that are played on the PSP are also supported by this emulator


  • Has not received any recent updates
  • Some functions may not be available

Link to download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ppsspp.ppsspp

6. Damon Ps2

Usually, the word Damon may take us back to the days where we spent binging vampire diaries, this emulator may somehow live up to the name as it offers a forever enjoyable time spent on games.

It is also known as “Free Ps2 emu” which is how it is mostly addressed on the public domains.

Similar to the vampire world, the Damon Ps2 emulator takes you back decades in time as it provides multiple popular and forgotten games of the olden times back into our memories.


  • Provides very fast optimization and stimulation
  • Supports games from PSP and PPSX
  • Contains advanced features such as “Neon accelerations”
  • Supports game tab


  • Performance is dependent on the specifications of the device

7. PPSSPP – Best PS2 Emulator

This has been reviewed in the earlier half of the article where it is available even for android users. This feature is what sky-rocketed the emulator into popularity as it provides multiple platforms for the users to enjoy games from.


  • Enhances old games and provides an upgraded resolution
  • Easily transferable from PSP to PC
  • Best portable emulator


  • Android or portable version is slightly preferable due to the authentic experience

8. Vita3K

This emulator is not completely developed yet, however, the impressive development and coding done by amateur game developers on this have caused the Vita3K to appear on the list.

It is the only Vita emulator to exist and it is in high progression. Although it is an experimental venture of developers it has been successful in bringing it to multiple operating platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Only Vita emulator to be in existence


  • Commercial games lack compatibility with the Vita emulator


Towards the end, I hope one must have gained a great amount of knowledge on emulators, their uses, and types through the course of this article.

Playing on a PlayStation will always be preferable to monotonous playing on the PC or mobile as most of the time it includes having a company of friends that you enjoy and this results in a memorable evening and a great gaming session.

The pandemic has taken away this luxury from us, however, it does not mean your enjoyment has to be sacrificed. It means you don’t lose it all.

Emulators are a lifesaver especially for gamers and through the variety of emulators described in the article, one must-have for sure decided upon which one to go for after considering the advantages and disadvantages listed above.

The setting up of these on either your PC or mobile device is usually easy as there is the blessed existence of the internet as well as the detailed instructions available for every emulator guide.

This ensures there is not much of a hassle while using the same. This alternative has become very popular after the pandemic and even before that, many people prefer purchasing an emulator rather than a PlayStations since there exists a chasm-like difference in the costs of the two.

This demand for the same has always been high and it is going to shoot up as you reach the end of the article since you must have now sufficient knowledge on the advantages of the same and must have already opened a new tab to download the same.

Good luck with your venture with emulators, and happy monster hunting!

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