10 Best PSP Emulator – Complete Guide 2022

Best PSP Emulator

Here comes the Best PSP Emulator in 2021 for people who enjoy playing games on their android devices. Read Further to know more.

You are playing a video game with full zeal and enthusiasm. You are immersed in the game, making groups, fighting with the enemies, running, with just one step closer to winning, and oh, you are up from your dreams.

Are you dejected from the thought that you won’t be able to make your dream a reality because of not owning a PSP? Well, here is a chance for your gaming enthusiast to overcome your longing as you can play PSP games on your Android device.

That’s right. A software called the PSP emulator was introduced to enjoy your favorite PSP games on your Android phone. It enables you to enjoy PlayStation games on your Android phones, i- phones, and even PCs.

Here is a list of  Top 10 best PSP Emulators to choose from that best suit your needs and requirements.

Things To Be Considered Before Choosing:

1. Compatibility: You have to check the compatibility of the Emulator you want to download. The Emulator should be such that it serves the purpose of use. The Emulator you want to use should be compatible with your device. It is imperative and should be kept in mind.

2. Speed: The speed and accuracy of the PSP Emulator should be kept in mind because we install emulators for smooth functionalities. It would work great only when your device’s hardware specifications match the configuration of the game you want to play.

3. Ease of use: You need to make sure that you can easily use the Emulator to serve your purpose. If it is confusing and troublesome to understand, then maybe you won’t work with it. Easy accessibility makes your experience smooth and that is what you desire to receive.

4. Bug-free and Ad-free: It is better if the emulator you are using has fewer bugs and errors and comes with much more updates available every moment to work on the problems faced by the users.

The Emulators should be coming up with fewer ads or no ads at all to make things work better and smoother. Definitely, it would be irritating if an ad pops up every now and then and makes the experience rough.

10 Best PSP Emulator

1. PPSSPP- PSP Emulator -Best PSP Emulator

PPSSPP is the official and the most popular portable emulator. It stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably and has been created by Henrik Ryengard of Dolphin enterprises.

It can emulate the most available PSP games. It is free to download and use, but if you want to have a premium version, you can use PPSSPP gold. 

You can even store PSP games in your storage. It is straightforward to operate and quick to understand. Minimum 128 MB of RAM is recommended on Android devices for the PPSSPP emulator.

It is available in 38 languages and also has additional features specific to each platform. It is quick to install and provides the best gaming experience for video game lovers.

Pros : 

  • Has excellent compatibility
  • Better Image scaling
  • Helps you save your game stats
  • It is very portable.

2. RetroArch -Best PSP Emulator

 It is a free open source and cross-platform front end for emulators and other applications. It enables you to run classic games on a wide range of computers and consoles through its graphical interface.

It can run on several PC operating systems, home consoles, handheld consoles, and smartphones. It has a gamepad abstraction layer called retro pod; it can synchronize video and audio while smoothing out timing imperfections.

For now, it is free to use and is easy to understand and operate. However, the configuration and setup of this emulator are very time-consuming and difficult to understand. 

Pros :

Has a rewind feature with the sleek interface of reproach which helps in competing with commercial emulators like SNES classic. 

3. Sunshine Emulator for Android 

Another excellent emulator is the Sunshine emulator. It provides you with the best gaming experience with high definition.

It works well on most smartphones, PCs, and even tablets. It has a wide variety of file extensions and free options, making it popular amongst people.

It provides high-quality best game graphics and sound. It is easy to understand and operate, making your gaming adventure a fun experience. 

Pros : 

  • Great on android devices like tablets and smartphones
  • Works well on lower android versions 
  • Can handle a huge amount of games with high speed and excellent graphics 

4. Damon PS2 pro -Best PSP Emulator

One of the most famous emulators is Damon PS2 pro. It allows emulating games from specific platforms to other platforms.

It has thousands of available titles and hundreds of AAA games from PS2, which will make your gaming experience thrilling.

It has free initiative touch controls with fully customizable features that would allow you to personalize your mobile devices’ control experience. It can also use its SD card to create quickly, save, copy, delete, move, and rename the files.

It comes with many more useful options like you can enable multi-threading at acceleration option and obtaining performances out of your multi-core processor.

It lets you use the available cheat codes in certain games, making it more exciting and exciting.

Pros :

  • Smooth performance across all android devices. 
  • On paper, it can emulate 90 percent of the game catalog. 
  • Most of the games are supported and helps them to run efficiently. 

5. Enjoy Emulator -Best PSP Emulator

 Enjoy emulator has the best functionality to emulate games at full speed and provides excellent network connections. It has a high-quality sound fix, and the audio system includes stunning graphics in most of the games and can efficiently run on your mobile phones and PCs.

It gives you an experience of a real PSP. All these apps is also based on the source code of the PSP emulator. It is easy to download and requires no cost.

Pros :

  • Great graphics, fine FPS in many games 
  • Large compatible list of PSP games 
  • Emulates games in HD resolution 
  • Helps in restoring and saving game stats anywhere and anytime.  

6. Rapid Emulator -Best PSP Emulator

The rapid emulator is a very easy-to-use application. They provide high-quality graphical performance and mind-blowing sound. It does not clash with game files sourcing and comes with a simple interface for better accessibility.

It supports all kinds of file formats and A4 platform-based ports and walks with most three-party controllers. It does mean you have to download games manually for the console device. You can play all PSP games on your mobile devices through this application.

Pros :

  • It gives good performance on both high end and low end devices.
  • Has an easy setting and also has a very tiny interface.
  • Perfect sound effects which sound surreal.
  • Supports a lot of PSP games. 

7. Rocket PSP Emulator -Best PSP Emulator  

Rocket PSP emulator is one of the best-emulating devices for your PSP games; it includes ISO, CSO, and excellent ROM formats.

It has one of the best themes and sound effects advanced technology to give you the best gaming experience with no network problems.

You can use any of your favorite PSP games, experiencing the feeling of PC PlayStation games for free.

Pros : 

  • Gives best gaming experience for playing video games. 
  • Free of cost 
  • Includes ISO, PSO and cool ROM formats 
  • Has beautiful themes and surreal sound effects 

8. PSP Gold Emulator 

It is one of the latest emulators with advanced technology. Having easy operations, an easy networking system, excellent sound quality, and a satisfying graphics mix make it a gamers choice.

It runs 3D games with the best graphics, high-quality sound, and the fastest speed. It supports compressed files and homebrew making gaming so much fun and easy and is free of cost.

Pros :

  • Smooth and breathtaking gaming experience
  • Includes a user’s age rating of 3+ 
  • Supports an external SD card and USB accessible storage for storing and accessing games. 
  • Provides console-like visuals, performance with zero errors. 

9. PSP Emulator Pro -Best PSP Emulator

Another great PSP emulator for Android phones is the PSP emulator Pro. It 

has all the features required to have an exciting PSP gaming experience with very high resolution and speed. It runs smoothly on smartphones, tablets, and species that are updated.

It has high-quality sound effects and great graphics. A few games may not run on your mobiles if the phone specification is lower than its interface. It has one of the advanced technology for your gaming enthusiast.

Pros :

  • This emulator helps you to play more than 90 percent of PlayStation games.
  • Also helps you to restore and save the game state and start over from where you left off.
  • One of the best things is that you don’t need a PSP BIOS to run this application.
  • It supports a multi-threading acceleration.

10. PSPlay PSP Emulator

Meet another great PSP emulator with advanced features, the PSPlay PSP Emulator. This application shows the best performance, and with its automatic rendering capacity.

It provides complete control over the screen, and it has a great networking system to support the gameplay. You can use any of your supportable hardware controllers on this application. It is easy to install and free to use.

Pros : 

  • Loads of gaming features with the best ever gaming performance. 
  • Runs smoothly on all android devices. 

Downloading and Installation For The Best PSP Emulators in 2021

1. Android users 

  • Go to the Play Store and download the PSP emulator you want on your Android device.
  • Phone downloading PSP game file go to fantastic room website select ROM files from there click on Sony PlayStation Portable download the app download the game you want from the available games.
  • Extracting game files by downloading ZArchiver from google play store. You will get the file in .iso format. 
  • Open the emulator, locate the extracted file, and start playing. 

2. PCs 

  • Download LDPlayer on your desktop
  • Run the installer and complete the setup 
  • Open the LD player and search the PSP Emulator you want on the search bar.
  • Instal the game from Google play 
  • Once installation completes, click the game icon to launch the game.
  • Enjoy gaming on your PC


  1. Is the emulation station safe?

A: In general most emulators don’t go through an extensive beta period before being released to the public. As such there may be emulators which may cause problems and which may damage files.

Fortunately of course this doesn’t happen often. Generally, emulators are safe to use, but use them at your own risk.

2. Does the Emulator Slow Down the Computer?

A: Yes, especially when the emulator is running in the background. I would recommend you manually close the emulator after you are done using it. You can quit the program under the System Tray.

3. What to do before using an Android emulator?

A: Pro-Tips Before Using an Android Emulator; One tip before using an Android Emulator on Windows PC would be to make sure you have enabled virtualization under the BIOS settings. It’s extremely necessary if you want faster performance


Now, there is no reason to be sad when you can have the same PSP fun on your Android devices and PCs with Best PSP Emulators.

You can say goodbye to those fancy controllers at gaming parlors. Install the PSP Emulators with multiple features and advanced technology for your future gaming marathons.

PSP games are known for their high-quality resolution and graphical designs. However, with the aforementioned, 10 best PSP emulators, you will not just enjoy your favorite games on the computer but also on Android.

Some of the emulators mentioned above are inherently applicable on Android, while some of them work great on PC.

So it is recommended for you to go through all these emulators one by one and choose the best one for you according to your tastes and requirements.

I hope the list will help you enjoy your favorite games on the computer and Android. Do let us know your Best PSP Emulators from the given list.

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