5 Best Windows Emulator for Android 2022 – Tested By Experts

Best Windows Emulator for Android

Are you looking for the Best Windows Emulator for Android? Read on to know more.

For those who do not know what an emulator is, it is hardware or software that lets your computer system behave like any other system. It typically lets the host system behave like the guest system.

When it comes to Windows Emulator for Android, it can be a better alternative to run the software you have in your computer system. You do not get much of an option in this case.

But when you go on searching for the same, there are a few options that work on a faster basis. They are perfectly usable and functional for whatever purpose you need them.

This all sounds very interesting and also works in the very same way as well. The software you use will allow you to work on Windows 10, XP, and other OS systems as well but there is a slight difference.

The only difference that exists is the size of the display that you get. You have to move on from big screens to a small screen that can be of a little discomfort to you. These emulators belonging to windows give you everything on a small screen of your smartphone. 

If you are looking for such software then you have reached the right article. We have everything for you here that you have been looking for. So let us get started with this article and give you all the details that you require.

Why Are Such Emulators Difficult To Find?

When you get to sit and find such software, it can be a bit of a task for you. The emulation of such windows emulators for android systems is a difficult task because they require a very high power of computing systems. And not only this, but they also require a complex system so that you can download them.

Smartphones like phones and tablets haven’t yet reached such a place where they can operate and power an OS that is developed so that this software can run and operate on them. There is a lot of scarcity for the good Windows Emulator that is available for Android phones.

But you shall lay back and go on reading this article as we have collected a list of such emulators that can be downloaded for your android phones and help them work faster as well as work as the guest system. 

Why Do People Use Emulators?

Every computer and every operating system is unique in its own way and has different features and technologies used. This means that if one program works on one system won’t have such technology that it can work on the other as well.

This comes true when you are considering two operating systems that are completely different from each other like Windows and macOS.

But this is the place which emulators have taken and here is the part that they have to play. They are very helpful in upping the gap that is present between this technology feature.

The Emulators are such software that allows the programs on different devices made for that device to specifically allow it to operate on any kind of hardware. 

For example – If you have a Windows app that you want to run on the macOS then you do not have to worry about it because it is absolutely possible.

You can use the emulator called Parallel that will allow you to use a Windows application on your macOS device. Some emulators are also made such that they can enhance the hardware that they are simulating.

But the emulator does not carry all positive things and benefits with it. It surely makes the lives of people very easy by making their laptops fit into their pockets by enabling their operating systems fully on their mobile phones.

There are also some disadvantages that this Windows Emulator for Android carries and we will let you know about that too.

The Downsides Of Emulators

As you know, emulators are used to duplicating the whole system on another device and on the one which doesn’t even have the processors or the hardware that is required to operate the apps and other features.

So doing this makes the emulators much slower than the speed of the actual operating systems. The system stimulates faster but the emulator makes the operation slow.

If you are emulating a new system then this thing actually becomes true. Like if a game has been released in the past couple of years only then to stimulate it you need a powerful graphics card as well as a CPU.

But when you emulate it, rather than making the game smoother, it goes down to being slower than it actually had been without the card and CPU. so in such cases, emulation proves to be not of any use.

There is also a thing which the users have to keep in mind and that is that they don’t download any kind of virus while downloading the emulator. So proper research and knowledge are required before you go on downloading any emulator for your system. There is also a legal risk in such cases. Emulators are legal.

But the programs that have to be downloaded to use on the emulator have to be paid before and downloading them without paying is illegal. 

List Of The Best Windows Emulator For Android

Here we are with a list of the emulators and simulators for your Android smartphones and are being used on a very wide scale in such devices. So without leaving the article in between, you must go on reading the same. 

1. Wine Best Windows Emulator For Android

If you are a person who has been looking to use the apps that are present on your windows device on your Android device, then this is the closest that you can get to get a Windows Emulator that is used for Android devices.

This is a multi-platform emulator that will allow you to run the application of windows in your devices on all the operating systems.

The emulator allows you to run a 32-bit as well as a 64-bit app on it. There also have been additions of support in the old Windows to the emulator. You might have to give some time to find out a stable version of this.

You will get a command prompt as well as a run prompt in such emulators. Both of these versions can be used to run the applications of Windows.

The one thing that is a bit tiring is that when you have to drag the window dialogue in the computer and it gets stuck in between but when you use the same thing on the phone, you get the idea right but it is a long way through which it has to be dragged. 

2. JPCMSIM – Best Windows Emulator For Android

In this version of the emulator, there are various versions of Windows included. The versions can range from MS-DOS going to Windows 7.

When you consider this emulator for windows, it is the one that has the highest ratings and has the most positive reviews from the customers. In this, the option of using the original Windows disk for simulation is available to you.

The general Windows apps like paints, media player as well as such apps that have a newer version can be used by you. To boot up the desktop, approximately only 10-15 seconds are taken. You also have the option to use a mouse that is present on the screen and you can use it with your fingers.

There is also an addition to this. You also get a feature of an in-built onboard keyboard that can act as a replacement for the real keyboard that you have. 

3. Win7 Simu Best Windows Emulator For Android

This simulator is full-fledged support for the Windows 7 version. The popularity of this emulator is going on and on. It has been the most versatile Windows operating system after the right notes were hit with the users by the Windows XP Service Pack 3.

The Windows bot screen greets you when you launch the app. Then the user is headed to the login page.

If you know the username and password then you can log in directly with that and if you do not know it then you can log in as a guest too. This emulator is used to bring you back the amazing features of the super 7.

The operation of the Windows 7 emulator on Android devices works very well and the functionalities are also fine. There is also a battery indicator present for you in the taskbar.

The control panel also contains the setting for your device. On the desktop, you can also find some classic games that you used to play in the earlier days like Minesweeper and Purble Place.

The dragging feature of the window around the screen is amazing for the apps. But for the explorer windows, the experience is average. When you use the Internet through Internet Explorer, the experience of internet usage works fine.

Apps like Reddit works fine and the images and text also get loaded easily through this emulator but when it comes to YouTube videos, they might take some time to load. 

4. Win 98 Simulator Best Windows Emulator For Android

When you consider this simulator, this one is a pretty basic emulator of Windows 98. It can be used to do some very basic things like surf the Internet and use some very common apps like media player, notepad, etc. like most of the simulators that are present for Android, most of the applications cannot be installed on your device.

The normal functioning of the simulator keeps going on but apart from that, there is also the mouse-printer feature that you have.

You must know that it is the only option that you have for clicking on the screen and for opening the apps. You have an option of the keyboard on the desktop screen through which you can operate the keyboard.

The default browser that is present on your phone powers the Internet Explorer through this stimulator. You have the option to watch and surf any website you want through this feature. When you browse YouTube videos on the system, they work perfectly fine.

There is a minimal screen resolution to watch this. 

5. Limbo PC Emulator Best Windows Emulator For Android

This emulator is another great option as an open-source PC emulator for Android. This helps in virtualizing the lightweight PC operating system directly on your phone.

Through this simulator, you can easily operate the app present on Windows 19,8,7 on the android device that you have using this emulator. 


Technology is growing at a very large speed in this era. This has given you the option to access the Windows desktop as well as the apps on your Android Devices.

This not only makes all of your work a lot easier than ever before but it also makes you feel that you are carrying the whole of your computer system in your pocket.

You also get a lot of flexibility to use the app available on the Windows system on your mobile phones.

The best thing about such emulators is that you don’t have to carry your devices with their chargers as well and also not sit in front of your desk the whole time to complete the work that you have or access any specific application that is present on the Windows only.

This Windows Emulator for Android is such a technology that allows you to work comfortably and peacefully anywhere you want without having to go through any kind of trouble.

We know that it might not act entirely like the real PC and the features that it has but it is quite similar and feels like so.

If you have never used a Windows Emulator for Android then when you use it for the first time, the experience that you get is going to be unforgettable and amazing.

But before using this technology you should make sure that the device you are using is capable enough to handle such an emulator.

With this, we have reached the end of our article and we hope that we have provided you with all the information that you have been looking for. 

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