Black Bear 5E Monster

All zoologists, of every size and shape! My spellbook is open! Thank you for visiting the 78th episode in our series on beasts. We’re today with the humble 5e black bear. Although it’s not humble, you can still make some bitter tea. You will find the black bear in the basic rules. It is cr one and you can earn a substantial one hundred experience points after defeating them Cr:1/2 (100xp). Let’s now take a closer look at their stats.

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The black bear was considered a medium-sized beast by the Wizards of Coast. However, it is not aligned. It has an AC score of 11 and 19 hit points. This is calculated by rolling 3d8 then adding 6, and climbing speed of 30 feet, at a normal speed 40. This is very nice. They are very useful and I love the fact they can be tied to the bear’s neck.

  • Type: Medium Bear, Unaligned
  • AC: 11
  • HP: 19(3D8+6)
  • Speed: 40 feet, climb30ft

I’m actually disappointed by his stats. I would love to see them climb more, and their dexterity a bit better. It seems that they are about the same as most cr1 halves. However, their dexterity is +2 strength and +2 con.

  • STR: 15(+2)
  • DEX: 10(+0)
  • CON: 14(+2)
  • INT: 2(-4)
  • WIS: 12(+1)
  • CHA: 7(-2)

You’ll get a +3 perception boost under skills, which will give you a passive sense of 13 with no other real senses.

Traits Of 5E Black Bear

Smell – This 5e black bear is most likely to have an advantage in the Wisdom (Perception), which relies on smell.

Let’s now move onto its actions. Multi-attacks are common for the black bear. The black bear can attack twice, with one bite and one claw each.

Take Action

Multiattack – This is a Black Bear dnd 5e Monster that can attack two ways: with its bite or with its claws.

Bite – The bite attack, a melee weapon attack, has a range of 5 feet and can target only one target. It deals five piercing injuries per hit. This is calculated by rolling 1d6 then adding 2.

  • Attack with a melee weapon: +4 to hit
  • Reach 5ft
  • Only one target
  • Piercing Damage: Hit: 5 (1d6+2)

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Claws : This is a melee weapon attack that also deals +4 damage to hits and also has a reach of 5ft. However, it does deal 7 slashing damages.

  • Attack with a melee weapon: +4 to hit
  • Reach 5ft
  • Only one target
  • Hit: 7(2d4+2) slashing damage

It’s very cool. Before I get to the details of how I would use the black bear in games, let me say that it is more of a moral dilemma for the party rather than an ordinary mob. As the party travels from one village to the next in the quest for the missing cleric, this could be an example. A black bear is found in the middle. They decide to do what? If they approach the bear slowly it will appear aggressive. However, if they attack the bear and kill it they will then see four bear pups. Get out of the way. It’s kind of humanizing the entire game. I would certainly use them that way.

D&D 5E: Black Bear Attributes

AC 11 (Natural Armor)
Alignment Non-aligned
CON 14
Challenge Rating 1/2
DEX 10
HP 19 (3d8+6)
Passive perception 13
Roll 0 Take 1d20 and 3 1d6+2
1. Roll Claws 1d20+3 2d4+2
ST 15
Size Medium
Speed Forty feet, climb thirty feet
Type The beast
WIS 12

However, that’s enough! Let me know what you think about the use of black bears in your game by commenting below. You can also share any concerns, comments, or questions you may have about them. I wish you all a wonderful day, and as always, happy reading my friends.


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