Black Fist Double Agent DnD 5E

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As per this you’re an informant for the Tears of Virulence those who are now lord over the Phlan, but of course they are also a double agent for original town guard of Phlan, the Black Fists. However for the tears that you’ve been into tasked with ferreting out of the secrets of Phlan’s criminal underworld, insurgency, and even the different common peoples of phlan. You will be reporting on the activities of criminals, dissenters and other rebel elements in exchange for the Tears of Virulence. However, you can continue to live your life in peace.

You are likely to be working for the deposed Black Fists. This is because you share misinformation with Tears of Virulence that often assists Black Fists and other Phlan rebels. Although you may be busier than ever since the evacuation of Phlan you are also more active today, with the increase in the number of refugees seeking to dissent. You have been given many opportunities to spy on the peoples of Mulmaster, Elventree for the pleasure of your contacts within the Tears of Virulence.

  • Skill ProficienciesInsight, deception
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, and one type of artisan’s tools or gaming set
  • Equipment: Disguise kit, common clothes, a Tears of Virulence emblem, a writ of free agency signed by the Lord Regent, a set of artisan’s tools or gaming set you are proficient with, and a pouch with 15 gp (payment for services rendered).
  • Lifestyle:Moderate

Suggested Characteristics

Personality trait

d8 Personality trait
1 You are only as trustworthy to others as you are to yourself. Try to be the most valuable person possible.
2 I use my intelligence and eloquence as tools to avoid being suspect.
3 I’m a thrill-seeker and am excited by dangerous and covert missions.
4 I live by my guts and check every lock twice just to be sure.
5 I will never admit to my errors lest they be used against you.
6 I make every effort to blend in with the crowd and be invisible. I am rarely noticed by passersby.
7 I’m ready for any scenario, even the day that my role as spy ends.
8 Before I act, I make sure I know my enemy.


d6 Ideal
1 Suspicious: My experience is that everybody has something to conceal, and that what they hide can sometimes hurt me (Any).
2 Secretive: I trade secrets and will not let anyone else’s slip (Any).
3 Hedonist: Life is too short. As I know that any day could prove to be my last, I try to live life to the fullest (Chaotic).
4 Selfless: I use the position to protect the downtrodden from persecution by the authorities (Good).
5 Patriotic: I am a loyal fan of Phlan and its leaders. I see my role in preventing anarchy as a necessary evil and solemn duty (Lawful).
6 Manipulative : I use my knowledge and blackmail others to my advantage (Evil).


d6 Bond
1 I was charged with a crime I didn’t do, and I want to bring the perpetrator to justice.
2 I am part a network that smuggles innocent civilians from the city, before they are raided by authorities.
3 I miss the glory days when Phlan was king, before the arrival of the dragon.
4 I am determined to prove my worth as a Black Fist member.
5 My sister was killed by the Tears of Virulence. Now, I give them false information whenever possible.
6 My family was wrongly detained, and I am acting as an informant to ensure their release.


d6 Flaw
1 I tend to think too highly of my self and feel very self-important.
2 Strangers are hard for me to trust. I see informants and spy everywhere.
3 My years of minor crimes being able to get away with it has led me to believe that I am above the law and that diplomatic immunity is my best option.
4 Years of witnessing innocent people suffering have made me despondent, pessimistic and naive about the future.
5 I often get into trouble because of my desire to vengeance.
6 I am a spendthrift and share what I have with my friends at the tavern.

Double Agent

To pass on information and secrets, you have a trusted and reliable contact in the Tears of Virulence Garrison in Phlan. You could thus get away with minor crimes in Phlan by exchanging information. In addition, your Black Fists contacts can help you secure an audience with Lord Regent and Lord Sage or other deposed nobles.

NotificationThis is a variant on the Noble feature.

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