Bromley DJ who fell from Malta Balcony returns to UK

Written by on November 6, 2019

A Bromley DJ who is lucky to be alive has branded himself the ‘miracle man’ after surviving a brutal 80ft plunge from a balcony in Malta.

Paul Cartwright, 45, was put into a coma after shattering his leg, pelvis, back, foot and ribs while holidaying with his girlfriend.

The DJ plummeted four storeys on August 24 after reportedly going for a cigarette on the hotel balcony.

His family has praised staff in Malta for saving Paul’s life and has been raising funds for an air ambulance to transport Paul to the UK to continue his recovery.

“I’ve managed to come out the coma still in Malta but on way back to London hospital soon.”

Paul, using his account @mircaleManUK, later added: “Thanks buddy going to be on national news here too they just interviewed me everyone seems shocked lol.”

News Shopper spoke to his sister, Nikki, after the freak accident and she thanked everyone who had raised money to help bring Paul home.

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