Camel Monster DnD 5E

Hello zoologists! Hello zoologists! Welcome to my spellbook. We’re going to look at another example of witches on the coast causing a bit of trouble, at least with regard to glaring inaccuracies. We’ll be discussing the 5e mutant. If you play your game as such, the camel can earn 25 experience points for a kill. You can also find it in the basics rules. It is also found in several different sources. Let’s now take a look at the stats.

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The camel can be considered a big beast. This makes the camel our most exciting large animal. As most beasts, he’s considered unaligned. His AC, which is unfortunately a 9, is quite interesting. It puts him under a lot cr0 creatures. However, he does have 15 hit points. This can be calculated by adding a +4 modifier to 2d10 and rolling 2. His movement speed is 50 feet, which is quite impressive when you consider that he’s a medium-sized creature.

  • Type: Large Animal, Unaligned
  • AC: 9
  • HP: 15(2d10+4)
  • Speed: 50ft

You’ll be amazed at how strong he is. He has a +3 modifier to strength and +2 modifier to constitution, making him one of our most difficult characters. His stats are a bit lacking in other areas. His dexterity is not exceptional. He’s pretty dumb. It’s not very intelligent and it is quite uncharismatic.

  • STR: 16(+3)
  • DEX: 8(-1)
  • CON: 14(+2)
  • INT: 2(-4)
  • WIS: 8(-1)
  • CHA: 5(-3)

His senses now only have a passive perception. This is it. There are no extra traits or features on the camel. It’s very disappointing. Perhaps it’s related to stamina or something else, but not this.

However, he is a solid athlete so it does not matter. Let’s take a look at some of his actions.

Take Action

The camel has only one action, and that’s a bite attack. This is a melee weapon attack.

Bite This camel monster is able to make a Melee Weapon Attack. Hit: +5 to hit. Reach 5 feet. One target. You can take 2 (of 4) bludgeoning damages.

It’s very cool. Although I am disappointed in its abilities and senses, it has an interesting attack.

Attributes Of Camel Monster DnD 5E

AC 9
Alignment Non-aligned
CON 1/4
Challenge Rating 1/8
HP 15 (2d10+4)
Passive perception 9
Roll 0 Take 1d20 and 5 1d4
ST 16
Size Large
Speed 50 ft.
Type The beast


That said, It would be best to keep them in the desert, perhaps in a traveling circus or zoo. But outside that environment I can’t see many uses. The wizards of coast made these steeds only usable as transport horses and this is the one that can be used through the fine-steed spell. It’s quite interesting. Those are my thoughts! Let me know what you think about it and how you’d incorporate it in your game. Please feel free to ask any questions or comment. I wish you a wonderful day, and I hope that you are happy to continue your research.



The Zozoologists are writing about an example of witches on the coast causing a bit of trouble. They focus on the 5e Mutant Camel that can earn 25 experience for a kill. The mutant camel is found in several sources, and its stats can be found in the basics rules as well as several

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