Internet radio has the potential to be the most ubiquitous form of media ever. More commanding of your attention than film, television, or books. This is because listening to music can be enjoyed while doing other activities. Before I go further, let me make an important distinction: there are two types of listeners, lean back […]

Dj producers be rewarded in Crypto Coins the (Muusic Coin) to play on Muusic.FM  Muusic.FM London are currently looking for high quality music DJ/Presenters. If you have the skills we have the platform. Play live each and every week from the comfort of your own studio setup, to an established global community. Expand your creativity […]

The music industry develops alternative ecosystems encouraging and empowering the content  creators. Who has not listened sometime in their life to internet radio?  Almost everyone sometime has listened to internet radio.  Today it’s a common practice. Our way of life evolves continuously and with it our habits change generally, in favour of adapting to new […]

Despite the doom and gloom in the crypto investment markets, demand for digital currency remains high. With transactions becoming easier and less expensive, a larger number of people will buy and utilize crypto coins for personal and business use. In the spotlight are the millennials investing in cryptocurrency. Market research shows that the biggest demand for digital coins comes […]

It’s been quite a journey since the launch of the Muusic Coin aspect to the original Muusic FM platform. Since the launch, the Muusic project has gained some enormous traction within the music industry with DJs, Producers, Artists and Record Labels all queuing up to get involved. We have always been keen to hear the […]

At Muusic Coin we are pleased to announce that Mark Hill the DJ that made Craig David a household name has joined the Muusic Project as a Global Music Advisor. Back in 1999 the track Re-rewind featuring Craig David was released and later became a garage anthem across the world. Mark has a wealth of […]

To celebrate the rapid expansion of the Muusic platform and coinciding with the launch of Muusic Coin we are giving away 100,000 Muusic Coins to the first 10,000 Users, DJ’s and Producers that sign up to the platform. 10 Muusic Coins for every new user. A nice free introduction to crypto currencies if you’ve never […]

Muusic DJ Competition RULES Register for an account at Muusic.FM and grab your username – https://muusic.fm/register/ Record a Mix (Maximum 1 hour, can be send directly or uploaded to a mix hosting site) Email the mix or link to the mix to DJCOMP@MUUSIC.CO.IN Please share the following link on your social media networks – https://bit.ly/2OIteFG […]

A lot of blockchain projects launch their crowd sale without an existing platform and in many cases without an actual blockchain solution deployed. We wanted to stand out from the Crowd in this respect so we launched the Muusic.FM platform around 2 years ago now. This allowed us time to attract both DJ’s, Producers and […]

Since the launch of the Muusic Coin side of the Muusic platform the level of interest from people within the Music industry has far outweighed our expectations. A number of DJ’s and producers have since joined and supported the project and we are in talks with many more. Its our pleasure to welcome the following […]

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