Chef (UA) DnD 5E Feat

Hey adventurers! welcome to my web site and thanks for taking have a look at the 68th episode of our feats collection. In any case in the present day we’re  dnd 5e chef feat. Which is an fascinating idea and that i’ve seen a whole lot of homebrew variations of this lengthy earlier than wizards of the coast introduced it. It’s fascinating to see the route they went with it. It’s obtained so much happening as a whole lot of these new unearthed arcana feats appear to. In any case it’s in an unearthed arcana. I’ve alluded to it a pair occasions already however what meaning in case you’re unfamiliar as it’s play-testable materials. So What meaning is you aren’t suppose to make use of it actually except you achieve DM tremendous approval and that i wouldn’t advocate a whole lot of the unearthed arcana stuff for brand new gamers. It’s simply obtained so much happening and there’s a motive it’s not official but, In any case let’s dive into it’s description right here.


So there isn’t any prerequisite for this feat and it does sort of 4 major issues. The primary is a plus to Structure or knowledge and that’s in fact your alternative as to which. You additionally achieve a proficiency with the cooking utensils. You don’t get them outright. So that you’re gonna have to seek out them someplace or make them your self when you’re in a position to. However you don’t get you simply get the proficiency with them.

Throughout a brief relaxation you’ll be able to cook dinner particular meals with components and the cooking utensils readily available, you’ll be able to put together sufficient of this meals for 4 + plus your proficiency bonus creatures. Throughout the brief relaxation. Any creature who eats the meals and spends a number of hit cube to regain hit factors achieve an additional 1d8 hit factors.

Which is basically neat stuff. I’ve at all times discovered hit die to be comparatively underused by way of a useful resource. At the very least by way of various functions for them. Everybody is aware of you should utilize them on a brief relaxation. However i’m at all times in favor of mechanics and options that use them for different issues as effectively.

In a single hour or while you do end the lengthy relaxation, you’ll be able to cook dinner quite a few treats equal to your proficiency bonus. Nonetheless these particular treats shall final for 8 hours. A creature can use a bonus motion to eat a type of treats to realize short-term hit factors equal to your proficiency bonus.

I’m not an enormous fan of how this works not likely. So i don’t like utilizing the proficiency bonus on this method as a result of it by no means will get all that top you realize! and the upper you get the much less priceless that is going to be come out proper. I truthfully like mechanically or conceptually i get what they’re going for. You already know you’ll be able to sacrifice a few of your time to do one thing that can probably profit the celebration in the long run.

However the factor is, is you don’t actually get that a lot of them you realize. Like for instance you’re a twentieth stage character, you you’re on the level the place you’ll be able to sort of arm wrestle any modal on the planet actually. And even like forged spells that can basically alter the universe and you can also make six cookies you realize that add six short-term hit factors. It doesn’t actually make sense proper!

They’re short-term hit factors in order that they’re non-stackable so it’s not even like you’ll be able to eat all of the cookies, you’ll be able to solely eat one proper and it’s a bonus motion i get. It’s not the worst however i don’t know man that’s a tough one. So an fascinating option to sort of recover from this may be to make use of short-term hit factors. I’ll get to that within the ideas part truly i’m getting forward of myself right here. Let’s undergo the walkthrough actually fast and simply clarify this in simplified phrases.


So, +1 to CON or WIS, proficiency with cooking utensils. Throughout a brief relaxation you’ll be able to put together meals equal to 4+your proficiency bonus. When a creature eats the meals and spends successful cube, they achieve an additional 1d8 hit factors.

Over the course of 1 hour of effort or an extended relaxation you can also make treats equal to your proficiency bonus and quantity. The creatures can devour these treats as a bonus motion, after consumption they obtain short-term hit factors equal to your proficiency bonus.

That’s the half i don’t actually like too an excessive amount of to be trustworthy with you. However i’ll speak about that in just a little bit right here. With that being mentioned in fact let’s check out my private ideas on the matter.


I like what chef is attempting to attain as a feat and that i like that wizards of the coast is listening to fan suggestions and having some mechanical profit with regard to what events already do is very nice. What i imply by that’s a whole lot of events have culinary experience. As as far as to say there’s at all times seemingly one celebration member that prepares meals and so they at all times scavenge stays and in the event that they hunt beasts they’ll usually pillage mentioned beasts for numerous meats and cooking components.

So it does make sense and it’ll add one other dimension of play to most video games as a dungeon grasp you possibly can actually sink your enamel into this by describing how the dishes prove, having them roll and could also be offering added advantages for instance one thing to the impact of benefit on notion checks for the following eight hours.

One thing to that impact could be actually neat and tremendous fascinating and would and will probably…i preface it with probably as a result of it’s not assured but it surely may probably result in some fairly fascinating position play moments you realize. Like if one celebration member has a tough fight encounter and you are taking a brief relaxation after, you possibly can have the chef of the celebration point out how hello offers that celebration member going for a tough time some additional meat in his dish or one thing to that impact and construct up a way of camaraderie that method.

Mechanically nonetheless i don’t know i’m high quality with the bonus to statistics, i’m high quality with the proficiency, i’m high quality with the brief relaxation stuff. It’s because it pertains to the one hour or the lengthy relaxation that i don’t like. I did contact on just a little bit earlier i believe simply utilizing the proficiency bonus makes this unbelievably underwhelming.

Like as soon as once more at twentieth stage you’re sort of demigod in additional methods than not and you’ll solely make six cookies in an hour and people cookies solely offers six short-term hit factors. Yah no thanks, you’re higher off simply getting inspiring chief and even the healer feat at that time.

Nonetheless as at all times to mitigate this, i’d have it the place so maintain the quantity of treats the identical. So make it one plus your proficiency bonus simply to make it sort of extra related at decrease ranges. However by way of the short-term hit factors make it so you’ll be able to sacrifice your personal hit cube after which apply that as short-term hit factors to everybody else within the celebration.

Like let’s say your barbarian and your hit cube is a d12 and also you sacrifice 4 of them over the course of the lengthy relaxation and every cookie or every deal with you present permits every celebration member to realize a 4d12 value of short-term hit factors. That’s how i’d go about it, however i’ve at all times been a fan of utilizing hit factors as a useful resource or hit cube as a useful resource somewhat. That’s my private thought on that exact half however total i prefer it, it’s a superb feat. I discover it’s just a little wordy however that’s to be anticipated it’s nonetheless sort of in its tough draft kind.

When it comes to permitting it my video games so long as the celebration understood it or the individual utilizing it understood it effectively sufficient. I wouldn’t personally have a problem with it. I might change the treats to characterize what i discussed earlier although.


In case you have any concepts of your personal on how you can tweak it! let me know down beneath i’m actually curious to see what you guys will give you. However total good idea. After all when you’ve got any ideas, questions, feedback, issues of your personal or any tales involving fascinating dish you made to your celebration and the way they reacted to it? Please let me know down beneath within the remark part and likewise drop what you consider the tastiest beasts could be. With all that being mentioned  i hope you will have an exquisite day and as at all times completely satisfied adventuring everybody.

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