D&D Rakdos Cultist Background

This article will take a look into the 5e rakdos cultist. This flavor has to be my all-time favorite background. Really cool stuff and this is found in the guildmaster’s guide to ravnica. So you know it’s got some real wallop it’s packing. In any case if you missed or haven’t checked our backgrounds page yet we highly recommend you to check it out now. Let’s get into the topic now.


As per this d&d rakdos cultist background, from your heart you are an entertainer, the best performer with a flair for a dramatic and even a love of the spotlight. Of course you’ve already spent many years honing your craft and mastering a demanding set of skills so that you can perform them with the panache and even make them look easy. Here the wild shall cheer, the screams in the crowds, and terror spreading out onto the streets are what you live to experience.

Even though you’re also a member of the cult which has been devoted for an ancient demon those who delights in the violence and the chaos. Rakdos is a fan of the good show. Your highest ambition is to please God, the Lord of Riots, by performing your own acts.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Performance
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type or musical instrument
  • Language Proficiencies: You can choose between Giant or Abyssal
  • EquipmentA Rakdos Insignia, a musical instrument (one you choose), a costume, an embroidered hooded lantern of wrought iron, 10 feet of chain with sharply spiked link, a tinderbox, 10 torch sets, 10 torches, common clothes and a belt pouch that contains 10 gp (a mixture of Azorius 1-zino coins and Boros 1-zino coin), as well as a bottle sweet, red juice

Personality trait

D8 Personality trait
1 I enjoy mayhem, the more destructive the better.
2 I can lose my temper when violence breaks out and it can sometimes be difficult to stop.
3 I find everything funny, even the most bloody and comical.
4 The pain of others gives me genuine pleasure.
5 I enjoy testing the patience of others.
6 I don’t like it when things are routine, so I love to add some chaos to any situation.
7 To get my way, I’m willing to throw my weight around.
8 I love to break delicate pieces of art. Fingers, which are a lot of the same.


D6 Ideals
1 Guild: My guild really is all that matters. (Any)
2 Hedonism: Death is inevitable, so enjoy every moment. (Neutral)
3 Creativity. I try to find new ways to express myself through pain, my own and others. (Chaotic)
4 Freedom: I don’t have to be told what to do. (Chaotic)
5 Equality: I would like to see Ravnica rebuilt, without any guilds or hierarchies. (Chaotic)
6 Spectacle is the ability to be inspired by the beauty and genius of art. (Any)


D6 Bond
1 Since I was young, I have been part of the same performance group for years. These people are everything to me.
2 A blood witch said to me that I have a special destiny and that I need to fulfill it. I am trying to find out the truth.
3 I secretly hope that I can influence the cult to end the violence and change it from the inside.
4 Rakdos touched something I have, and it’s a treasure I treasure.
5 I strive to be the best at my chosen performance form than any other member my troupe.
6 Rakdos is my idol and I will do anything to impress him.


D6 Flaw
1 My family is prominent within another guild. I am happy with my wild life but don’t want it to be embarrassing for them.
2 Even if I tried, I couldn’t conceal my feelings and opinions.
3 I’m a skeptic.
4 I loathe the powerful and wealthy.
5 When I get angry, I use violence to vent my anger.
6 There is no such thing as too much pleasure.


The Cult of Rakdos can be anything, but it is organized in a certain way. They will move frequently from one performance troupe or another, but that is not a problem. However, most of the cult members will be familiar with their former castmates from different types of troupes. This shall enable them to establish a broad network of contacts.

Roll twice on the Rakdos Contacts Table (for an allie and a rival), and once on Non Rakdos Contacts.

Rakdos Contacts
d8 Contact
1 I was part of a 2-person act until my ex-partner moved to another troupe.
2 My sibling and me ran from home and joined Cult Of Rakdos. We’re very close.
3 An attendant at Rix Maadi is a childhood friend of mine. It’s the Rakdos guildhall.
4 My parents introduced me to the guild and taught my trade.
5 There is a lesser demon within the cult who believes he owes me something, and who am i to argue?
6 My troupe has a master of ceremonies who is well connected to other groups.
7 I had a romantic relationship with a pain-artist in another troupe.
8 Rakdos witnessed me perform.
Non-Rakdos Contacts
d10 Contact
1 I know an Azorius elocutor with a dark side.
2 Boros captains are really trying to “redeem” me.
3 My troupe member is probably a Dimir agent.
4 Once, I convinced a Golgari medusa that she should participate in a show. Since then we have been good friends.
5 I was born in the Gruul, and I still have family there.
6 A lzzet technician provides pyrotechnics to my performances.
7 A patron of the arts, an Orzhov oligarch, has shown interest in my career.
8 Roll an additional Rakdos Contact; you can decide if it is an ally, or a rival.
9 A Selesnya healer attends my performances regularly.
10 Simic biomancers provide mutant monsters for our shows to bring a little bit of the weird to life.

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