Defensive Duelist DnD 5E Feat

Adventurers of all kinds, welcome to my website. Thank you for visiting my website. Is your character addicted or in dire need of AC? This feat is worth a look if so. We are now talking about dnd 5e defensive duelist feat found in the players handbook and if you’re unfamiliar with how feats work when you get them stuff like that i’ll give you a brief kind of summarization here.

These feats are usually available at every four levels. Some classes get them more often than others, and your ability score does not increase. They’re essentially extra abilities and traits you can give your characters. That being said let’s take a look at the description for defensive duelist feat 5e.


This is the first prerequisite. Your dexterity must be at least 13. Assuming that conditions met though there’s nothing else like there’s no race prerequisite or class prerequisite who said it’s just the 13 or higher DEX.

Prerequisite: Minimum 13-level Dexterity

Whenever you’re wielding the finesse weapon with which you’re proficient and also an another creature hits you by a melee attack, you can easily able to use your reaction for adding your proficiency bonus to your AC for that specific attack, potentially causing the attack for missing you.

It’s pretty simple to do. But let’s go through a quick walk-through and break it down just a little bit.


You can choose your decks and strengths as long as your weapon is in one of your hands. After you have determined whether the attack hit you, you can burn a reaction to increase your proficiency bonus. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how incredibly useful this is.

It can really quite literally save your life and there’s ways to make your AC ludicrously high and if that’s what you’re trying to do then this definitely worth looking into. It can also scale up depending on your level which makes it easy to access any feature or class ability. This is a solid and reliable choice. Let’s take a look at what my thoughts are on the matter.

Personal Thoughts

This would be great for melee fighters. Especially if you are for example a Gish character that’s using a deck space weapon or you are a rogue that would be super useful if you’re doing a lot of close quarters combat and you can stack it with a shield as well and if you are a war forged rogue with the shield, you can do ludicrously high AC. It’s quite absurd.

That being said i mean outside of frontline fighters i can’t really see anyone else picking this. You might be right, but if you have other ideas, stories, or build ideas, please let me know in the comments. I enjoy reading them, and so do you guys.

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