Detect Evil And Good 5E Spell

These are the specific features of the detect evil or good fivee spell. The spell will let you know for the duration whether an aberration, celestial or elementsal fiend was located within 30 feet of you, and where it was located.

Similar to the above, you can actually tell if a location or object within 30 feet has been miraculously consecrated/desecrated.

Also available: Zone of Truth Spell 5e

The dnd magic is capable of breaking down most barriers. It can be broken with 1 foot of stones or 1 in. Common metal and 3ft dirt

D&D5E Attributes – Detect Evil and Good

Below is a table that shows D&D 5e’s attributes for detecting good and evil.

Casting time 1 Action
Classes Cleric, Paladin
Components V
Concentration Yes
Time Maximum 10 minutes
Niveau 1
Nom Find the Good and Evil
The Range Auto
Schools Divination
Target Auto

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