DnD 5E Boros Legionnaire Background

From this weblog publish we’re going to talk about concerning the boros legionnaire background 5e which is discovered within the guild masters’ information to ravnica(ggr). Generally the GGR backgrounds had been met with an honest quantity of controversy simply because they do lengthen the spell record. I don’t suppose it’s too huge of a deal personally. Nevertheless some dm’s i’ve spoken with had received just a little bit upset about it however i don’t understand it’s upto the DM i suppose. However for probably the most half i don’t see too an excessive amount of of a problem with them. Earlier than we begin this present matter we wish to share with you our official web page the place all of the dnd backgrounds defined anyway if you need to you’ll be able to go now or you’ll be able to go there after shortly transfer on to the outline under.


Being a member of the Boros Legion, and your life has been devoted for the providers of angels and even consecrated for the work of creating justice and peace on the streets of Ravnica too. In all probability, you might need been a real believer and impressed by an instance of some angels, these are moved by the plight of the downtrodden, and naturally it has been devoted for the reason for justice. Or else you could be a cynic in a few of the ranks, in all probability due to you reluctantly adopted in footsteps of a Boros guardian, succumbed both to a persuasion of a charismatic recruiter’s lofty guarantees, or had been drawn in by the prospect of a lifetime of an motion.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
  • Device Proficiencies: One kind of gaming set
  • Language Proficiencies: Select one among Celestial, Draconic, Goblin, or Minotaur
  • Tools: A Boros insignia, a feather from an angel’s wing, a tattered piece of a Boros banner (a memento from a well-known battle), a set of frequent garments, and a belt pouch containing 2gp (Boros-minted 1-zino cash)

Function: Boros Guild Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class function

In your sake, the spells on the Boros Guild Spells desk are included for the spell record of your spellcasting class (any manner, in case you are a multiclass character with the a number of spell lists and these spells are added to all of them.)

Spell Stage Spells
Cantrip Firebolt, Sacred Flame
1st Guiding Bolt, Heroism
2nd Support, Scorching Ray
third Beacon of Hope, Blinding Smite
4th Loss of life Ward, Wall of Fireplace

Al although, your magic typically options the dramatic bursts of flame or the radiance. Everytime you solid a few of the helpful spells upon your allies, they shall seem momentarily surrounded with the halos of vivid hearth.

Prompt Traits

Right here the Boros Legion is a zealous military and stuffed with righteous vitality tempered with the army self-discipline. Its the members of share that it’s management’s devotion to the beliefs of justice, or else they’re discover satisfaction in a extra warfare-oriented facets of the legion’s work.

Character Trait

d8 Character Trait
1 I strategy each activity with the identical excessive diploma of army precision.
2 I’m at all times the primary into the fray.
3 I bear any harm or indignity with stoic self-discipline.
4 My righteous wrath is well infected by the slightest iniquity.
5 My honor is extra necessary to me than my life.
6 Harmful work is greatest achieved by an orderly group working with frequent objective.
7 I deal with my weapon, uniform, and insignia with reverence, for they’re presents of the angels.
8 I tempo when standing and fidget incessantly when compelled to take a seat.


d6 Splendid
1 Guild: My guild is all that basically issues. (Any)
2 Justice: Attaining justice requires establishing truthful, equitable, and compassionate relationships inside a neighborhood. (Good)
3 Safety: It is not proper for innocents to undergo due to the conceitedness of the highly effective. (Good)
4 Solidarity: It’s most vital to behave with a single will, marching facet by facet in excellent accord. (Lawful)
5 Order: Society features provided that folks do their responsibility and respect the chain of command. (Lawful)
6 Conviction: Something value doing is value doing along with your entire coronary heart. (Lawful)


d6 Bonds
1 I might lay down my life for Aurelia and the angels.
2 I owe my life to the Boros captain who took me in after I was residing on the streets.
3 My fellow legionnaires are my household.
4 I wield the identical Boros weapon my grandparent did, for the dignity of our household.
5 I ran with the Rakdos in my youth, and I am striving to atone for my previous misdeeds.
6 I do what I can to assist out the partner of a comrade who died in battle.


d6 Flaw
1 I act bravely after I’m in a gaggle, however I am a coward after I’m alone.
2 I see every little thing in clear-cut black and white.
3 I am just a bit fascinated by the methods of the Gruul.
4 I belief the chain of command greater than something – extra even than my closest pals.
5 I am gradual to belief members of different guilds.
6 I have been recognized to show a blind eye to injustice, with the assistance of a modest bribe.

Function: Legion Station

As per this function you do have a longtime place in a hierarchy of the Boros Legion. After all you could be a requisition easy tools for the short-term use, and naturally you may achieve an entry for any Boros garrison in Ravnica, wherever you do can relaxation within the security and likewise obtain an consideration of medics. Despite the fact that, you’re additionally paid a wage of 1 gp (a Boros-minted 1 zino coin) per week, which (mixed with some free lodging in your garrison) permits you for sustaining a poor way of life in between the adventures.


Right here the ordered construction of a Boros Legion provides an plentiful alternatives for making pals – and rivals – within the greater locations. You might need been into shut with your folks within the different guilds which share the Boros emphasis on order and neighborhood, or else bitter enemies amongst to the guilds which characterize chaos and destruction.

You’ll be able to roll twice on the Boros Contacts desk (for an ally and a rival) and as soon as on the Non-Boros Contacts desk.

Boros Contacts
d8 Contact
1 A former comrade in arms was promoted into the distinguished Sunhome Guard.
2 One among my mother and father is a rating Boros officer.
3 An in depth buddy serves overseas the Parhelion II, a flying fortress.
4 I had a tangled affair with a Boros garrison captain.
5 I’ve maintained a relationship with one among my instructors at Horizon Army Academy.
6 I competed with a fellow scholar for the eye of a mentor at Horizon Army Academy.
7 The one who recruited me into the legion modified the course of my life.
8 A Boros angel is aware of my identify.
Non-Boros Contacts
d10 Contact
1 One among my siblings is an Azorius arrester.
2 Roll an extra Boros contract; you’ll be able to determine if the contact is an ally or a rival.
3 I confirmed mercy to an injured, now-grateful Dimir spy.
4 I think somebody I do know is a Golgari murderer, however I am unable to show it.
5 An adolescent relative ran off to hitch the Gruul in an act of rise up and has not but returned.
6 I as soon as befriended an Izzet scientist, and we’re nonetheless cordial although the connection ended messily.
7 I owe a financial debt to an Orzhov syndic.
8 A Rakdos blood witch appears to get pleasure from harassing me.
9 I attempted to recruit a buddy who ended up becoming a member of the Selesnya.
10 I hold operating into a specific Simic biomancer, and I benefit from the arguments that inevitably consequence.

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