DnD 5E Caravan Specialist

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You might be used to dwell your life on the street. You satisfaction of your self trigger of getting traveled each main commerce approach in a Moonsea area, additionally contains probably the greatest backroads and shortcuts too. Whenever you’re touring to those roads, you do know the place the perfect inns, campsites, and in addition the water sources are positioned, in addition to some potential places of hazard equivalent to ambush. Despite the fact that having labored a few of the roads so long as you might have and also you’ve made so many acquaintances al although discover it simple to choose up some data and the rumors floating from city to city. In fact you might be most expert with the beasts of burden and dealing with and repairing wagons of every kind.

  • Talent Proficiencies: Animal Dealing with, Survival
  • Device Proficiencies: Land Autos
  • Languages: Certainly one of your alternative
  • Tools: A whip, a tent, a regional map, a set of touring garments, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp.
  • Way of life: Poor

Advised Traits

Character Trait

d8 Character Trait
1 Any group is barely as robust as its weakest hyperlink. Everybody has to drag their very own weight.
2 There’s at all times somebody on the market attempting to take what I’ve bought. At all times be vigilant.
3 Something will be discovered you probably have the proper trainer. Most folk simply want an opportunity.
4 Early to mattress and early to rise; this a lot at the very least is beneath my management.
5 You may take heed to me or do not and need you had. Everybody finally ends up on one aspect of that fence.
6 Ultimately my exhausting work shall be rewarded. Perhaps that point has lastly come.
7 A powerful ox or horse is extra dependable than most individuals I’ve met.
8 I by no means had time for books, however want I had. I love of us who’ve taken the time to study.


d6 Splendid
1 Service: Utilizing my abilities to assist others is one of the simplest ways of serving to myself. (Good)
2 Egocentric: What folks do not know WILL damage them, however why is that my drawback? (Evil)
3 Wanderer: I’m going the place the street takes me. Typically that is factor… (Chaotic)
4 Fittest: On the open street, the legislation of nature wins. Victims are the unprepared. (Lawful)
5 Centered: I merely have a job to do, and I will do it. (Impartial)
6 Motivated: There is a cause I am good at what I do, I take note of the main points. (Any)


d6 Bond
1 My brother has a farm In Elmwood and I’ve helped him and his neigbors transfer their items to Mulmaster and different surrounding cities. These are good folks.
2 A caravan I lead was attacked by bandits and plenty of innocents died. I swear that I’ll avenge them by killing any bandits I encounter.
3 The Soldiery are principally good guys who perceive the significance of defending the roads. The Metropolis Watch is who you must look out for. If they’re inspecting your items, get able to pay a nice.
4 The brand new commander of Southroad Tower, Capt. Holke, understands the significance of secure roads. He is employed me for a number of jobs and I am grateful.
5 There’s at all times a street I have not traveled earlier than. I am at all times searching for new locations to discover.
6 Wealth and energy imply little with out the liberty to go the place and once you need.


d6 Flaw
1 I’ve bother trusting folks I’ve simply met.
2 I benefit from the open street. Underground and tight areas make me very nervous.
3 I count on others to heed my orders and have little respect or sympathy if they do not.
4 I’m very prideful and have bother admitting once I’m improper.
5 As soon as I resolve on a plan of action, I don’t waiver.
6 I prefer to discover, and my curiosity will typically get me into bother.

Characteristic: Wagonmaster

As per this characteristic, you’re used to being within the cost of the operation and naturally your status for the reliability that has you on a particular brief checklist each time the job is extra vital. In fact the expertise has been taught you for depend on your intestine. Right here some others acknowledge this and in addition take a look at you for the sake of the route each time a state of affairs will get critical about.

In fact you’re able to figuring out essentially the most defensible places for tenting. However in case you’re one of many components of caravan outfit, and you’ll be able to appeal to two further employees these are loyal to you primarily based upon your status. Predominant benefit of this characteristic is you might have the wonderful reminiscence energy for the maps and the geography and it might at all times decide your cardinal instructions whereas touring.

Observe: This characteristic is a variant of the Outlander characteristic.

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