DnD 5E Dragon Fear Feat

Howdy adventurers of all sizes and styles. Welcome to my web site and thanks a lot for selecting in to the ninth episode of our feat collection. Right now we’re gonna be speaking about one other racial feat. That’s proper right this moment we’re speaking dragon concern feat dnd 5e discovered on the xanathar’s information to every little thing handbook.

For those who’re unfamiliar with how feats work they’re primarily further traits and talents you can provide your character often each fourth ranges or so. Some characters get them just a little bit extra often however for essentially the most half it’s each 4 ranges. You get them rather than your means rating enhancements which is fairly and it’s an okay trade-off relying on what you’re constructed to be.

That being mentioned let’s check out dragon concern 5e and let’s check out the outline.


There’s a prerequisite and that’s he obtained to be a dragon born. It’s a racial feat so solely the dragonborn race is gonna have entry to this and also you’ll sort of see why in a motion.

Prerequisite: Dragonborn

When this dnd 5e dragon concern feat has angered, you’ll be able to radiate the menace. It’s also possible to achieve the under talked about advantages:

  • As per this dnd 5e feat you’ll be able to improve your power, Structure, or Charisma rating by 1, as much as a most of 20.

Fairly highly effective stuff there however you realize probably not an entire lot to dissect.

  • However as an alternative of exhaling the damaging vitality, you’ll be able to expend the usage of your breath weapon trait to the roar, by forcing every creature relies upon upon your alternative inside virtually 30 toes of you to make the knowledge saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier). A particular goal will robotically succeed on a save if it cannot hear you or see you. On a specific failed save, the goal would develop into frightened goal takes any kind of injury, nevertheless it could actually repeat the saving throw, by ending the impact on itself on the success.

Fairly cool stuff there let’s to undergo a fast walkthrough and sort of break it down just a little bit.


So, firstly the power rating elevated to power, structure or charisma your alternative. It’s fairly highly effective stuff as a result of truly get a bump or a modifier bump relying on what your present rating is. Which is sort of cool and the 30 foot radius round you simply traps folks in concern. For those who discover, it doesn’t truly say what number of creatures you’ll be able to goal there isn’t any upward restrict on this. The 30 foot radius is fairly good so long as they they’ll see or hear you. I feel that’s extremely helpful stuff. Tremendous helpful.

Let’s take a fast take a look at the frightened situation right here, so we’re all on the identical web page.

Frightened Situation

A frightened creature has deprived on means checks and assault roles whereas the supply of its fears inside line of sight. The creature can’t willingly transfer nearer to the supply of its concern. So actually good to make use of for those who’re in a bind. Now let’s check out my private ideas on the matter.

Private Ideas

You understand what i actually like this one i actually do. The dragonborn breath weapon for my part isn’t actually that nice however this has the potential to be tremendous loopy a minimum of when it comes to controlling utility. I might additionally permit them they get benefit on any type of intimidation checks with this means i’d additionally allow them to sort of channel it just a little bit.

So in a social context i might have them be capable to shout at an elevated peak with out burning up considered one of their solid of a breath weapon however that’s as much as your DM and sort of how they really feel about it. However i don’t see why not in any case yeah it’s fairly good i might actually see squish your characters benefiting loads from this.

Mages, rogues, these sort of characters that you just had been often aren’t within the entrance strains however nonetheless could be however their injury die isn’t actually evaluate their hit level die. Isn’t actually conducive of it.

Yeah that’s my ideas on it when you have any concepts and construct concepts, any artistic makes use of, any cool tales involving dragon concern please let me know down within the feedback i actually respect studying by means of them. So does everybody else clicked on this text. With that in thoughts guys i hope you all have an incredible day and as all the time completely happy adventuring.

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