DnD 5E Dragon Hide Feat

Hey adventurers of all styles and sizes. Welcome to my dndtopics.com web site and thanks a lot for tuning into the tenth article of our feats collection. Are you a dragonborn who simply desires to be a extra thick pores and skin? do you consistently discover the world simply beating you down and your scales not with the ability to sustain or are you only a nudist. I imply both manner no judgement but when both these resonate with you or your character then the dragon cover 5e feat is for you. This racial unique is discovered within the xanathar’s information to all the things handbook and it’s undoubtedly value looking at. Let’s take a fast take a look at the outline right here so we all know what we’re speaking about.


So there’s a prerequisite. You gotta be a Dragonborn. Not tremendous stunning. The outline reads as adopted.

Prerequisite: Dragonborn

As per this DnD 5E Dragon Disguise Feat you possibly can manifest the scales and the claws harking back to your draconic ancestors. As per this dnd 5e feat you possibly can benefitted by the under benefits.

  • It could enhance your Energy, Structure, or Charisma rating by 1, virtually as much as a most of 20.
  • On this case your scales are harden. Throughout you aren’t sporting the armor, you possibly can calculate your AC like 13 + your Dexterity modifier. Al although you possibly can even use a protect and nonetheless get this benefit.
  • You’ll be able to develop the retractable claws from the ideas of your fingers. By extending or else retracting the claws are require no motion. Truly, the claws are pure weapons, which you might use to make the unarmed strikes. Nonetheless in the event you hit with these strikes, you possibly can deal the slashing harm which is the same as 1d4 + your energy modifier, however as an alternative of the traditional bludgeoning harm for an unarmed strike.

Very cool stuff there. Let’s check out the walkthrough.


So, +1 to energy, con, charisma sort of customary. The unarmed strikes dealing a further 1d4+energy is fairly cool too. And the AC is your 13+DEX. Now some issues i wish to level out right here.

The dexterity doesn’t have a cap on it for the modifier. Now you’ll discover with a whole lot of armors, a whole lot of different sort of class associated armor talents and extra notably the struggle cast. There’s all the time a cap on the dexterity modifier. On this case there may be not one so you possibly can exceed two, three no matter.

As regards to the claws it says that takes no motion to retract them or put them again in. So there are precise bodily devices as such you should use them to puncture issues, open bottles, choose locks, a lower issues stuff like that nature so there may be some utility there. Let’s take it to some ideas on the matter.


Personally, you already know if you’re a Gish character i feel that is for you. Cause being is you often can’t put on lots entire lot armor to start with so that you’re just about on unarmored. So this offers you somewhat bit extra to work with there. When you’re a mage and also you’re utilizing one thing like shadow blade the place it’s a must to keep focus that plus one your con would enable you to out a bit there.

The opposite arm strikes is what it’s it provides a whole lot of utility however outdoors of that 1 die for isn’t an enormous harm die to be working with. So who would profit most from it? you already know gish casters, push casters most likely or in the event you’re in a marketing campaign with no actual armor taken round then it may very well be useful there or in the event you’re in a gladiator pit the place you’re not allowed any weapons. Then the one die farm would actually be useful.

Yeah! that’s my ideas on it. In case you have any ideas be at liberty so as to add them under, in addition to when you’ve got another different makes use of, loopy tales, or construct concepts you’d wish to mess around with. Thanks a lot guys and as all the time completely happy adventuring.

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