DnD 5E Fiendish Giant Spider Monster

All zoologists, of every size and shape! You are now in my spellbook. I am grateful that you have taken the time to check out our 80th episode. The pain this beast has caused in my neck is immense. We’re talking today about the fiendish giant spider beast. It sounds terrible, it is terrifying. It is considered cr half, and you can earn 100 experience points by killing cr 1/2 (100xp). This creature can be found in the Out of the Abyss Module. This is how our book technically spells adventure out. We are now in the great abyssal of adventure. This is really great. It’s like being a druid with access to the cr halfs. Don’t worry about what deal you make or what it costs, as long as it doesn’t end in you becoming a warlock level, it’s worth it. It’s not worth the effort. Let me just take it down, and let’s have a look here at the stats.

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The Fiendish Giant Spider can be considered a medium-sized beast that is not aligned. AC is between 13 and 11, calculated by adding 2d8 to it and rolling 2. The walk speed is 40 feet, and the climb speed 40 feet. It has a very good climb speed, especially when you consider the trade that it holds. I’ll get to this in just a few minutes.

  • Type: Medium Bear, Unaligned
  • AC: 13
  • HP: 11(2d8+2)
  • Speed 40ft. and climb 40ft.

Take a look here at the stats. Its dexterity will amaze you at +3 in dex. Additionally, its abilities give you an additional +3 in perception and +5 stealth. Very nice stuff.

  • STR: 12(+1)
  • DEX: 16(+3)
  • CON: 13(+1)
  • INT: 3(-4)
  • WIS: 12(+1)
  • CHA: 4(-3)

You can see blindsight as high as 10 feet under senses. This is incredible. Dark vision is up to 60ft. Passive perception is 13ft. Let’s now discuss its immunities and resistances. It’s true, those are there, and it has them.

Resistances & Immunities:

Damage Resistants: A cold, fire, or lightning will appear.

Your immune system will be damaged you’ll get poison.

Conditions Immunities:As one might expect, is also poisoned.

If you believe that this is all, you are wrong. The reason I was so dreadful about doing it is because it does so much. We’ll now discuss its other characteristics.

Additional Traits

Spider Climb The spider climb can climb more challenging surfaces than a normal climb without having to pass a ability test.

You can also hang upside-down. You can climb up on ceilings as if it were nothing. This is just as terrifying and frightening as the nightmares. However, it is very beneficial for getting the surprise rounds right.

You also now have Web sense.Which, too, is amazing. The spider can locate any creature that is in direct contact with the same web while it’s in contact.

How much can you make?..?..i know you do..i think roll for it d20, which will get you about a foot of webbing. Maybe that is too much, but you can do it however you like. Please let me know in the comments section.

You also have Web Walker: This is pretty self-explanatory. Webbing does not restrict the spider’s movements.

This is quite cool. It’s likely that webbing would not be considered easy terrain for any other purpose. It could be used to make traps, provided you are able to survive. If your party has enough survival then they can decide if it is one of those rare things that really pushes the limits of what it might do. Let’s now move onto its actions.

Take Action

It only has one attack. Unfortunately, that attack can do quite a lot. It’s a bit. This is a melee weapon attack. It has a +3 hit chance and reaches 5 feet. It can target only one creature, and it deals four piercing injuries per hit. This is done by adding 1 to 6 and rolling another. It must be able to make a DC-11 Constitution save. Take 7 poison damage for a failure and half the amount for a successful. The average roll of 2d6 is used to calculate the seven damage. The poison can reduce the hit points of the target to zero. If this happens, they are stable for an hour but then poisoned. This poisoning can cause paralysis even after the target has regained its hit points.

  • Melee weapon attack – +3 to hit
  • Reach 5ft
  • One creature
  • Hit: 4 (1d6+1), piercing damage, and the target must make DC11 CON saves. Take 7 (2d6) poison damage if the target fails, and half the damage if they succeed. The target becomes poisoned if the poison damages reduces their hit points to 0.

Paralyzed is a condition that incapacitates only the attack on them. As long as they hit what they should. It is considered a major hit. This does a lot of damage but is really only a very small amount. This is an excellent way to poison them, and it can also be used to capture themed missions. It’s great, especially if you don’t have the ability to kill them or want to question them afterward. It puts you in an excellent spot.

I don’t care if your druid status is compromised. It’s worth the effort to find out how you can access the Fiendish Giant Spider. While it does not have fly speed, other than that it is pretty good. Particularly if your mobs are dungeon-themed and contain a lot traps, poison immunity will really help. It’s very nice.

This is a great tool for DMs who plan to use it in their game. As far as I can see, this is not a major threat for most combatants and most PCs. As long as the Constitution save is met, and as long as no poisoning or dragging off occurs. They should find it relatively simple to manage. Although the AC doesn’t seem to be very crazy, its health isn’t too bad, and there are enough large groups that I can see them being a problem, the best method of deploying them is through stealthier methods. Take advantage of stealth bonuses, use darkvision, and make full use of your web sense. These are great options and would help to create an atmosphere. Yeah! It’s very nice.


You have a wonderful day. I hope you have a great day! That said, I am glad you are here! Everyone, happy adventuring!


Original: 5.3 ounces at 12 inches. Multiplication factor: 10, for going from 1 foot across to 10 feet across. New weight: 5.3 × 10³ = 5.3 × 1,000 = 5,300 ounces = 331 pounds.09-Feb-2015

The Giant Wolf Spider (MM 330) has a strength of 12 and is a medium-sized creature, so it can effortlessly carry 180 pounds.04-Jul-2019

10 foot by 10 foot square

Original: 5.3 ounces at 12 inches. Multiplication factor: 10, for going from 1 foot across to 10 feet across. New weight: 5.3 × 10³ = 5.3 × 1,000 = 5,300 ounces = 331 pounds.09-Feb-2015

Hogna carolinensis

You’re pretty much correct: a spider in D&D has an upper limit of around 2 feet in size, with no particular lower limit.15-Nov-2016


An adventure-themed zoology book introduces a fiendish giant spider beast, which the text says is terrifying and can be found in the Out of the Abyss module. The fiendish giant spider has good abilities that include a dexterity rating of +3 and high dark vision. It has resistances and immun

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