DnD 5E Golgari Agent Background

This background may be present in GuildMaster’s Information To Ravnica. It’s lower above a few the opposite ones to say the least, however i believe this has a ton of fascinating taste though you can also make an argument that it replaces a few the PHB backgrounds. Particularly the urchin background if i needed to give one explicit that being stated in case your dungeon grasp and also you don’t just like the guild masters information to ravnica backgrounds. They’re elective simply say you don’t permit them. Sufficient stated in any case at this time we’re going to be having a look on the golgari agent background which type of suits within the with the theme of cities as you may think as with many of the different guild grasp information to ravnica backgrounds. Anyway for those who haven’t checked our dnd backgrounds that give languages but and also you’d wish to examine now please proceed with the hyperlink.


You’ve gotten spent your life within the Darkish locations of the town the place the messy elements of existence are on show. Principally the slums for lack of higher time period possibly even a bit of bit decrease than that. Principally, you occupy the underside rung of society. For no matter motive who is aware of you might need simply been a man down in your luck otherwise you may even choose that surroundings over the sophisticated snooty type of elite realm. In any case regardless of the way you get there, you’re type of that’s your beginning out level.


As per this dnd 5e golgari agent background, you’re one of many members of teeming horde-one small a part of the sprawling organism. Any means merely as you’re part of the swarm, nevertheless, the swarm is among the elements of the bigger ecosystem, a by no means ending cycle of life, loss of life, rot, and rebirth too. You’ve been spent your life in a gradual churn of that ecosystem. So, in that means the darkest locations of the town wherever the messy elements of existence are on the show. In fact there’s a little squeamishness amongst a Golgari and there’s no concern of loss of life or taboo concerning the lifeless, only a fierce affirmation of the cycle solely.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
  • Instrument Proficiencies: Poisoner’s equipment
  • Language Proficiencies: Select certainly one of Elvish, Big, or Kraul
  • Tools: A Golgari insignia, a poisoner’s equipment, a pet beetle or spider, a set of widespread garments, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp value of combined cash

Urged Traits

The members of the Golgari Swarm have been unmistakably merchandise of undercity, in poor health comfy amid to the comforts of civilization. Nonetheless they shall convey a similar discomfort in some others by simply reminding them of loss of life’s inevitable strategy.

Character Trait

d8 Character Trait
1 Keep in mind, I may kill you in your sleep. Or put centipedes in your bedroll.
2 I wish to remind folks of their inevitable demise.
3 Typically I give voice to the whispers of the rot, which I hear however nobody else does.
4 I do my greatest to discourage anybody from approaching or speaking to me.
5 I’ve accepted my loss of life. Therefore, I do not concern it.
6 Like roots rising via stone, I’m relentless and decided in my motion.
7 I put my information of anatomy to make use of by narrating the accidents my enemies undergo in grisly element.
8 Like a wild animal, I lash out viciously once I’m provoked-and I am simply provoked.


d6 Beliefs
1 Guild: My guild is all that actually issues. (Any)
2 Stoicism: All of us are a part of the cyclical march of nature, which can proceed with or with out us. (Impartial)
3 Nature: The pure world is extra essential than the edifices of the town and civilization. (Impartial)
4 Interdependence: We’re all a part of nature’s net. (Lawful)
5 Ambition: The time of Golgari ascendance is at hand, and I intend to have a distinguished place within the new world order. (Evil)
6 Dwell and Let Dwell: Meddling within the affairs of different guilds is a good way to get squashed like a bug. (Impartial)


d6 Bond
1 I cherish the finger of a member of the family who was petrified by a medusa.
2 I’ve an an identical twin who’s as completely different from me as any individual may very well be.
3 I need to lead one faction of the guild to a brand new place of dominance.
4 I really like spending time within the moss-covered constructing the place I took half in my first reclamation mission.
5 I discovered one thing within the sewer that mustn’t ever come to mild.
6 I’m endlessly grateful to the reclaimer who discovered me floating facedown within the sewer, moments from loss of life.


d6 Flaw
1 Demise comes for us all, so you’ll be able to’t anticipate me to deal with somebody who cannot struggle it off.
2 I assume that anybody exterior the Golgari seems down on me.
3 I really feel a necessity for revenge in opposition to those that benefit from the privilege of dwelling above floor.
4 I do not trouble to sofa my opinions in flattering phrases.
5 I can not assist however pocket any trinket or coin I come throughout, regardless of how nugatory.
6 I am satisfied that I am higher and stronger than members of different guilds, remoted as they’re from the realities of life and loss of life.

Golgari Contacts

d8 Golgari Contacts
1 One among my mother and father is an elite murderer, a member of the Ochran.
2 I discovered fight from a kraul.
3 I do know a medusa who’s stationed within the guildhall.
4 I had a torrid romance with a spore druid liable for a big rot farm.
5 There is a troll in a distant space of the undercity who appears to seek out me fascinating – and who is aware of greater than you’s assume.
6 An elf lich is decided to see me change into a lich sometime, too.
7 A medusa determined it could be extra enjoyable to recruit me into the guild than to kill me.
8 I do know a findbroker who can find absolutely anything, for the best value.

Non-Golgari Contacts

d10 Non-Golgari Contacts
1 An Azorius arrester I actually pulled out of the gutter will do something for me.
2 Somebody joined the rull in a battle in opposition to the Boros as soon as, and the sergeant of that Boros squad would like to show that it was me.
3 I had a romance with a Dimir agent whom I nonetheless feed secrets and techniques to.
4 Roll an extra Golgari contact; you’ll be able to resolve if the contact is an ally or rival.
5 I joined the Gruul in a battle in opposition to the Boros as soon as, and the chief of that small clan thanks me for turning the tide.
6 An Izzet scientist resents that I offered a scrapped invention I discovered within the sewer.
7 My undercity explorations led me into an Orzhov vault, and a spirit thinks I stole one thing useful.
8 I discovered a child beast and offered it to a Rakdos wrangler who stays grateful to me.
9 A Selesnya druid and I share an curiosity in the identical backyard, and we now have fulfilling arguments there.
10 I usually decide up refuse from beneath a Simic laboratory, and typically I speak to the researcher who dumps it there.

Function: Golgari Guild Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class function.

Now allow us to take a look at your prolonged spell record which is fairly good total, for the sake of you, the spells on this Golgari Guild Spells desk have been added to the spell record of your spellcasting class (suppose, for those who’re the multiclass character with a number of spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

Spell Stage Spells
Cantrip dancing lights, spare the dying
1st entangle, ray of illness
2nd safety from poison, ray of enfeeblement, spider climb
third animate lifeless, plant development
4th large insect, greedy vine
fifth cloudkill, insect plague

In fact this Golgari magic is continuously accompanied by the sickly inexperienced glow and a rotting stench.

I’d make an argument that, that is most likely one of many much less overwhelming spell record editions. That being stated animate lifeless might be one of the notable ones on right here. All the opposite ones are both strictly utility kinda meh or a greatest management spells. So you understand i imply large insect and grasp and vine are fairly good and cloud kill is nice on the whole however these are fourth and fifth degree spells and most pure casters will get them for positive. However so much half casters it’s most likely not going to be your first decisions.

Function: Undercity Paths

You at all times do know hidden, underground pathways which you might use to be bypass that often you should use to bypass crowds, obstacles, and remark such as you transfer through a metropolis. Everytime you’re not in a fight, you might be companions that you just lead may journey in between any two of the areas inside a metropolis twice as quick as your pace would usually be allowed. In fact these explicit paths of the undercity are being haunted by the risks that are seldomly courageous the sunshine of the floor world, in order that your journey isn’t assured to be secure.

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