DnD 5E Hillsfar Merchant

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Earlier than you turn out to be an adventurer, you’re probably the most profitable service provider working out Hillsfar, town of commerce. Most likely, your loved ones is operated totally different warehouses, organized caravans, managed shops, or owned a ship and in addition has totally different commerce contacts in the entire Moonsea area, in addition to up and down the size of the Sword Coast. So, most likely, they shall import ore, uncut gems, untreated furs, or grain into the Metropolis of Commerce, or they’d export nice material, faceted gems, nice furs, or Dragon’s Breath, a brandy-like liquor. No matter this, you personal a largely given that individual life up for among the causes and have been chosen with the intention to search journey as a substitute. However nonetheless, the actual coaching that you just’ve been obtained then, and doubtless among the contacts you made, serve you properly as an adventurer.

  • Ability Proficiencies. Perception, Persuasion
  • Software Proficiencies. Autos (land) and automobiles (water)
  • Gear. A nice set of garments, a signet ring, a letter of introduction from your loved ones’s buying and selling home, and a handbag containing 25 gp.
  • Life-style. Rich

Function (select one)

Function: Issue

Regardless that, you’ve left the day-to-day lifetime of a service provider behind, nonetheless your loved ones has been assigned you the providers of the loyal retainer from a particular enterprise, an element, husbanding agent, seafarer, caravan guard, or clerk. So, this particular person is without doubt one of the commoners those that are in a position to carry out numerous mundane duties for you want making purchases, delivering messages, and working errands.

Anyway she or he wouldn’t combat for you and even shall not observe you into an clearly harmful areas (like dungeons), and in addition will depart whether it is often endangered or abused. If she or he has been killed, the household might assigns you one other inside a couple of days.

Observe: This function is a variant of the Noble Knight’s Retainers function.

Alternate Function: Commerce Contact

You and in addition your loved ones have some commerce contacts just like the caravan masters, shopkeepers, sailors, artisans, and farmers all through the Moonsea area and all alongside the Sword Coast too. Nevertheless, as soon as per a recreation session, every time adventuring in both of these areas.  Anyway you’ll be able to make the most of these contacts with the intention to get any sort of knowledge concerning to a neighborhood space or to go a message to somebody in these areas, even at throughout the best distances between the 2 areas.

Observe: This function is a variant of the Prison Contact and Researcher options.

Recommended Traits

Persona Traits

d8 Persona Traits
1 I fill my evenings with wine or mead and track.
2 I tremendously admire gladiators and benefit from the Area.
3 I take my wealth with no consideration. It seldom happens to me that others aren’t wealthy themselves.
4 I depart damaged hearts throughout the Moonsea and up and down the Sword Coast.
5 I work arduous and infrequently find time for enjoyable.
6 I’m a very religious and pray usually.
7 The Purple Plumes caught me as soon as. I hate them.
8 I ask a variety of inquiries to get details about these with whom I’m working and dealing.

Very best

d6 Very best
1 Frugal: I spend my cash very rigorously. (Lawful)
2 Profligate: I are likely to spend extravagantly. (Chaotic)
3 Trustworthy: I take care of others above board. (Any)
4 Sharp: I search to make one of the best deal doable. (Any)
5 Charitable: I give generously to others. (Good)
6 Grasping: I don’t share my wealth with others. (Evil)


d6 Bond
1 I’m fiercely loyal to these with whom I work.
2 I need to uphold the nice title of my household.
3 I’ll show myself to my household as an adventurer.
4 Offers are sacrosanct. I by no means return on my phrase.
5 I really like making offers and negotiating agreements.
6 I guard my wealth jealously.


d6 Flaw
1 I’m a braggart. I promote myself shamelessly.
2 I’m useless. I at all times put on the newest fashions.
3 I’m a glutton. I eat and drink to extra.
4 I’m a snob. I need solely the best issues in life.
5 I’m lazy. I need others to handle all the pieces.
6 I’m overconfident. I overestimate my talents.

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