DnD 5E Long Rest

Hello dungeons & dragons folks! I am here to talk about the dnd 5e long rest. You can easily find about this from players hand book on the page number 196. In this article we are going to mention all about this topic such as; how many hours is a long rest 5e? does a long rest heal you 5e? how many hit dice do you get on a long rest? what are the benefits of a long rest?…etc

how many hours is a long rest 5e to gain all the benefits? the answer is you must spend at least 8 hours (but 4 hours for elves) performing downtime or life duties. Here i’am going to explain to you exactly what that consists of very shortly, you must be conscious and you should have at least one hit point at the start of your rest.

So what can you do during your long rest?

Well, you can do the following:

  1. You can sleep (but you don’t actually have to sleep)
  2. You can read if you want to
  3. You can perform Sentry Duty (but not more than 2 hours)
  4. You can Fight will be involved in combat (but it has to be less than an hour)
  5. You can Cast Spells (but it also has to be less than an hour)
  6. You can walk or perform a stream of activities (that has to be for less than an hour)
  7. Talk
  8. Eat
  9. You can engage in Health Trance
  10. You can perform Light Activity
  11. Combination of Fighting, Casting Spells or Walking or strenuous activity that can only take place for less than an hour.

If you want to concentrate on a spell that also has to be for less than an hour.

What can’t you do during your long rest?

  • You can’t engage in the Elf trance for four hours only.
  • If you’re going to perform Sentry Duty it can not be for more than 2 hours
  • If you can be involved in any kind of fight or combat then it can not be for one or more hours
  • If you Cast Spells it can’t be one or more hours
  • If you’re involved in walking somewhere it can not be for an hour or more
  • You can not be involved in anything strenuous for 1 or more hours
  • Any combination of fighting, casting spells or walking for 1 hour or more you can’t do it

1) So what about running during your rests? well that’s pretty strenuous i would say check with your Dungeon Master in term’s of how they are gonna make a call there?

2) Now can you ride a horse during your rest? check with your Dungeon Master, but i would say that running horses are strenuous and so therefore you probably can not do it for anything less than an hour but if you do it more than an hour or an hour then you’re probably going to break your long rest.

3) But what about Crafting Items? if i want to craft a magic item or an item of some kind i would say the same thing applies strenuous therefore you’re going to make sure it’s less than an hour, it can’t be an hour or more otherwise you break that long rest but you have to check of your dungeon master because doesn’t spell that out completely and then players handbook.

4) What if i want to scribe a spell from another spell book into my spell book then it liberate my long rest, well check out your dungeon master again it does not spell that up and the players handbook i would say that describing a spell is like creating a magic item or casting a spell same sort of stuffing involved so less than an hour is fine an hour or more going to break your long rest.

what are the benefits of a long rest?

At the end of your long rest you have full of benefits so what are they. You can check them from the below list.

  • Regain all lost Hit Points
  • Regain half spent Hit Dice (minimum of 1)
  • Regain all spent spell slots
  • Regain all Race abilities
  • Regain all Feat abilities
  • Regain all Class abilities

So there are some obvious reasons why its a good idea to take a long rest? there are couple of things that i need to say about and that is you can only take one long rest in a 24-hour period and the other thing is you don’t yourself confused with sleeping and a long rest because you don’t actually have to take a long rest at all but you must sleep.

A long rest mechanic and the sleep mechanics are completely different even though you can sleep during a long rest you don’t actually have to sleep during the long rest and although you have to sleep you don’t actually have to take a long rest every 24 hours at all you could go that long rest for days if necessary.

The another question that tends to pop up is do i need to take a long rest before my character levels up from level 2 to level 3 or level 1 to level 2 ? well there is nothing and the players handbook that says you have to take a long rest, a short rest or sleep before your character levels up its really completely up to dungeon master.

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