Dnd 5e Weapon Tier List

Hello and welcome to a totally objective and not at all opinionated ranking of the edition dungeons and dragons players handbook weapons. Today we are going to write an article about dnd 5e weapons tier list. This is a totally legit 100% factual tier list of the weapons in the player’s handbook and today we are going to rank them fail to superb on the handy tier maker chart.

F-tier Weapons:

Today we are going to start at “F” for “Fail Tier” we have but one weapon. A weapon of such magnitude that we use it to catch butterflies “The Net”. Let’s take the same thing that we used to catch fish to catching a freaking monster with. You need crossbow expert in order to throw it because no matter what range you’ll always have disadvantage and the enemy will at worst be mildly annoyed at you for throwing a pile of tangled rope at it.

Now let’s move on to the D-tier Weapons.

D-tier Weapons:

These weapon tier list 5e are like the jib jab of weapons. Some people use them because they’re stuck in the literal medieval ages and forget the tick-tock and snapchat filters are thing. Like why use something that’s objectively outdated when better things are out there. Let’s take the whip for an instance, oh the whip….a reach finesse weapon that does 1d4 damage doesn’t sound bad until you realize that you can’t do indiana jones type and you need the dual wielder feet if you would like to have one in both hands. So sadly you can’t live out your BDSM roleplay dreams until you suit up in the leather armor and take a feat.

Now the blowgun is a big off territory because it only deals one point of damage. I guess it’s good for those who want to be dwight true or hunt small game animals on the road while traveling. This would an F-tier if it weren’t for the one good use of a blow gun. Get yourself a rogue assassin stuffed blow gun in pants, tell guard you’re just happy to see him, find a good hiding spot and blow your target or i mean use the blow gun on your target. You still get your sneak attack damage and you aren’t suspected at all. If your DM is nice maybe you’ll even be able to use your poisoner’s kit on it.

The lances are a staple in the calvary charging forward and open fields information and forcing the enemy to break ranks. In the game where half the name is dungeons. A formational horse charge doesn’t seem too viable. Plus if you need two feats to make the weapons 5e work pull arm master and mountain combatant. Maybe you shouldn’t be using it, yeah a d12 is nice. But you know what else is nice not plugging up a whole dungeon corridor with your giant ass horse and long pointy stick.

Light cross bows are there for people who want to play daryl dixon. Except those people fail to realize the 150 pound draw weight on the compound bow is nothing compared to the 500 pound draw weight on the medieval light crossbow. To replicate this the light crossbow has the loading property meaning unless you invest in the crossbow expert when it comes to the zombie horde you’ll be less like daryl and more like mousey d-tier.

C-tier Weapons:

The only reason you go home with him is because he had too many hard selters and you lost your phone for an uber home. You go home with him for 10% convenience and 90% pity. You use these c-tier weapons dnd 5e mostly out of pity and if there’s no better option and you’re ready to be over.

Let’s take a look at the dart. What’s better than giving a bunch of drunk people pointy things and have them throw it at the board. How about a big sharp pointy thing the size of a fist. Sadly unlike the darts that we can’t use here in America. That’s right the land of carrying a 100 guns is totally legal but carrying a lawn dart could get you in trouble. The dart in dnd 5e only does 1d4 damage. Unless you’re a monk and throw it at supersonic speeds, so if you really want live your dream of playing lawn darts in a post-1988 america, these five copper piece weapons may be your best choice.

When it comes to morning stars, no historians can really agree what these things are. The morning star is like eating vegan meat like yeah i can eat it but afterwards i feel like i hate myself. The morning stars are for people who choose not to use the long sword and use the morning star instead.

Now the heavy crossbow is a little bit more up my alley and does a decent 1d10 damage. Yet since they have the loading property, firing it quickly without a feet makes it impossible. When you can just use the long bow and shoot twice. This isn’t  skyrim people the draw weight of a 900 pound heavy crossbow isn’t fun.

The javelins in real life take a lot of time to master throwing. It’s a decent backup weapon you can throw decently far. Sadly rules as written javelins can’t be used as a makeshift spear. The javelins are dangerous in both the right and wrong hands. Too bad they don’t lock onto enemies like in video games.

The sickle is the weapon of the field worker. Good at hacking up the sugar cane and mediocre at hacking up enemies in dnd. Since you already have that jack skellington tattoo because you’re so edgy. Get your character a cloak and play an undying warlock or a long death monk and become death itself. Better dual wield with the light hammer and become a communist.

Now the war pick is an instrument of a war that i can’t quite figure out either the creators of the game are trying to create a horseman’s pick which is a weapon designed to tear mounted riders off their mounts or else they were going for the shepherd’s axe which doubles as a walking stick and also used for her defense in the middle east.

A one handed d8 weapon isn’t terrible but since it’s not versatile you can’t two-hand it. But if you’re a dungeon and your casters conveniently forget that they have stone shape. This isn’t a bad way to dig yourself out of that collapsed tunnel your barbarian left you.

Now this is the weapon for are you peter paul and mary fans. A light hammer that will let you hammer all over this land. Whether throwing it or using as a handled weapon causing mass genocide of myconids has never been easier and you could fix your broken down wagon all with the same hammer.  Of course the hand axes have the same properties in range but do a d6 instead of a d4. Firmly landing the light hammer in c-tier.

Now the pike is one of the worst roads to drive on in Pennsylvania. The pike is a 30 foot long anti-cavalry weapon each army having a pissing contest with the look mine’s bigger than yours mentality. Because foot units could poke each other too and the longer the shaft the bigger the thrust.

Sadly, the pike in dnd was a victim of a brisk on wrong and had two thirds of it’s shaft taken off. So, now you have a best heavy two-handed weapon 5e that sadly you still have to get to the swinging distance of a big ass monster to use. When you could have just used a long sword instead.

Don’t even get me started on a reach weapon you have to swing to make work. At least with the pike you can poke and jab but the glaive needs to be swung. The players who use the glaive are the mac users of the dnd world. They don’t mind paying the extra money for something that a cheaper product can do and it’s not compatible with half that you would like to do with it. It’s a heavy two-handed weapon with reach but swinging around a giant glaive in a dungeon corridor is like trying to turn the barge in a canal or getting a mac to run steam games.

The club one of the simplest designs in the history of weaponry ever get hit in the head by club. It might turn out like me. Well let’s just say that the club does more than the d4 damages suggests in the game. It’s a light weapon, so at least you can double the pleasure, double the club. Now if you’re a dick you can recreate the real life scenarios and go to the sea of moving ice and bop seals on the head for their pelts. Don’t be shocked at the DM throws away dragon at you for doing so though.

The halberd nothing too fancy with this weapon. It’s a heavy reach weapon that’s a bigg ass pointy axe that does 1d10 slashing. Again making it have to be swung. Hopi party knows how to duck.

The sling is a weapon that’s been used for centuries in warfare and it’s actually quite easy to learn. Hence why the ancient world deployed sling units in droves. David killed goliath in the old testament with a sling. The 1d4 sling you’ll sling at the giant will be like a mosquito biting an elephant. But at least the mosquito lives in that scenario. However it does make a good emergency underwear.

Now let’s be honest, the only reason you’re using the great axe. Because you forgot the great sword is in the game. With your luck on that d12 all your role is ones even with the savage attacker feat.

The flail is for those who like to play helicopter and have other clean up the bathroom floor when they’re done. It does 1d8 bludgeoning but isn’t versatile. Like what the hell also flails weren’t used that in medieval time periods as we like to think, it’s more of an early renaissance thing.

B-Tier Weapons:

You can make it work but not everybody wants it. If you’re lucky enough to find a build where the b-tier weapons work. For an instance take the rapier, you think of the three musketeers but i think of  angelica pickles. A single-handed dnd 5e finesse weapons list that does 1d8 pokey pokey damage. It’s fun using it as a rug or a bard. But a dual wielding dex fighter is better off using the short swords unless they invest in the dual wielding feat. It’s definitely a top option for rogue who doesn’t want a weapon in the offhand.

In the historical sense the maul is a weapon of confusion it’s either a warhammer or a combination of the glaive and the pike making it more like a halberd unlike the halberd, this two-handed reach weapon does 2d6 instead of 1d10 like the halberd does. Still tough to use in close quarters dungeons but still a decent choice. Just watch out we know what happens to mauls with two handed weapons.

The Warhammer it only costs 15 gold which makes it the cheapest warhammer product out there. Just like the money sync of a game you’ll either go all in and fully embrace it using it’s versatile property to smash foes or it’ll be something half erased in the equipment section of your character sheet long forgotten.

Now the Short bow is a weapon that many classes could use effectively, the lack of the loading property means that if you have more than one attacks per round you can use all those attacks give the short bow to a rogue and the game suddenly becomes a game of shadow run.

The trident the weapon is a decent throwable weapon has the versatile trait. If your character just loves giving loads of exposition and not getting anywhere fast then use the trident.

The hand crossbow is great for those who are looking for an offhand ranged weapon that isn’t a throwable. It was really great in the early days of the game until wizards had the big brain idea to assume that i needed a free hand to load them to keep firing. So instead of looking like neo, you look a little bit more like an idiot because sadly it’s not really an option anymore. It’s kind of like your ex still kind of fun to mess around with but isn’t really worth all your time.

The Great club is well great if you want to play bam bam one of a simple weapons 5e that does 1d8 damage is great for early level casters who aren’t really proficient martial weapons 5e. Sadly unless you grow a third arm or the dm forgets how casting works you may need to take warcaster to use this weapon effectively.

If you’re a cleric the Mace is basically A-tier due to it’s iconic status. It only a does a d6 but pair it with shield and your big brain just got bigger.

The Spear has been around for so many centuries and in so many cultures that it’s hard to document who just was the first person to tie a pointy rock to the end of a long stick. It’s a versatile weapon and can be thrown. it’s the weapon that even killed jesus. The spear was able to freaking kill somebody who was half man half god. Well if you’re a trinitarian that is.

Rounding out b-tier Battle axe which is just ever so slightly shy of a tier a versatile weapon that does the same damage as a long sword. The only reason it’s in b-tier is because i’ll always pick a long sword over the battle axe even though they’re basically the same thing.

A-Tier Weapons:

A-tier is like a dirty massage from your significant. Other it feels so right to do and you know you’re gonna end the session with a big smile on your face like let’s take a look at the long sword.

The iconic big boy badass weapon the long sword is what i see in my head when i’m thinking of a dnd fighter either one-handed or double-fisting. You can use this weapon to effectively remind your enemies to stop living.

The great sword the big chunks the sword to end all swords. Ever want to play cloud from final fantasy. How about just swing a large blade that is inconvenient to carry around want to do 2d6 instead of 1d12 like the plebs a great sword is for you my friend.

The scimitar or the skimmy for those with internet culture are a great 1d6 finesse light weapon that makes you feel like a turkish warworld with the desire to blind your nearest necks of kin.

It’s not how big it is it’s how you use it or at least that’s why i keep telling myself. The short sword is a light finesse weapon that’s a staple for any rogue or bard i play. The sad thing is that it’s a martial weapon like many untrained soldiers in ancient times used short swords and i don’t know why you couldn’t just make it a simple weapon.

Would you like to go on a hike with a walking stick and want to use that walking stick to defend yourself the quarter staff is for you then my friends. Sadly it’s not always effective in the untrained hands but in the hands of someone important and actually who matters you have a versatile weapon that is hidden in plain sight.

Finally for a-tier we have the hand axe, a light weapon that can be thrown and dual wielded in the hands. It doesn’t have the range of a javelin but you can chuck two of these bad boys while you’re closing on your enemies and you’ve two more you can just pull them out and use them as the melee weapons or pick the ones up on the ground. It’s pretty badass to see a dwarf and axe thrower do her thing as she charges an enemy.

S-Tier Weapon:

So by your brilliant minds of deduction you’ve probably already figured out my super special S-TIER dnd 5e weapon that’s right! the Dagger. In a tavern and a fight breaks out when all you’ve is your steak knife well now you’ve a dagger. Need to check for traps under a door still but don’t have the proficiency in thieves tools use a dagger combined with an investigation. Need to cut up the game you just caught while you’re out on the trail because you’re out of rations use a dagger. Are you a spellcaster who didn’t take warcaster and needs to take down the troll before it heals itself the dagger. Even the big brain wizard who forgets all of his spells or ranged spell attacks can still stab the troll with a dagger killing it before it generates.

The dagger is a throwable weapon that can be used in many out of combat scenarios. Like a doorstop or a makeshift python for your rope, anyone can use this weapon and it doesn’t matter if you are a strength or a dex build. The dagger is the ultimate dnd 5e weapon.

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