Dolphin DnD 5E Monster

Hello zoologists of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for clicked on our 36th episode of our beast series. Today we have a rather interesting case in store for us. We’re gonna be taking a look at the dnd 5e dolphin monster which for some strange reason. It is found in the Volo’s guide to monsters book. I though for sure it was found on the basic rules but i guess not i don’t know, i don’t actually remember seeing it in the Volo’s guide to monsters book but yes it’s there. It is considered to be a cr1/8 creature which is so far as to say it’ll give you 25 experience points should you be able to defeat it. I don’t know why you’d ever want to i couldn’t really imagine an evil dolphin. But i guess there’s a stat block for a reason. That bing said let’s actually take a moment and check out its stats here.

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So they consider the dolphin to be a medium beast that is unaligned. Which makes sense because dolphins in the wild i think can get longer than 6 feet pretty easily. So it make sense. AC of 12 which is pretty good. 11 hit points calculated by rolling 2d8 and adding 2 to it. 0ft of movement the traditional sense but it does have a swim speed of 60 feet which makes sense because although it’s a mammal you know i can’t really walk or anything.

  • Type: Medium beast, unaligned
  • AC: 12
  • HP: 11(2D8+2)
  • Speed: 0ft., swim 60ft

Taking a look at its stats…you’ll see that it’s actually pretty well rounded at least for a beast. It’s got a decent amount of strength, it’s a little bit dexterity, it’s got some constitution to it. Although it does have a -2 to intelligence that is certainly great in comparison to all the other beats we’ve covered has +1 to wisdom. So it’s a little bit wise and it’s also only got -2 to charisma and once again in comparison to those other beasts this is quite good.

  • STR: 14(+2)
  • DEX: 13(+1)
  • CON: 13(+1)
  • INT: 6(-2)
  • WIS: 12(+1)
  • CHA: 7(-2)

Taking a look at its skills here’s a +3 to perception which of course alone’s itself to a passive perception of 13 and the dolphin also has access to blindsight upto 60 feet which is fantastic. Let me tell you best sense in the game. Now look at its other traits here.

Other Traits

So the dolphin is interesting the way they can actually do a charge attack.


So if the dolphin moves at least 30 feet in a straight line towards a target and then hits him with a slam attack which we’ll cover in a bit. On the same turn the target takes an extra 3 bludgeoning damage calculated by rolling 1d6. It doesn’t really knock prone but it’s also underwater combat. So i don’t know if you really can be not prone in the traditional sense.

Hold Breath:

The dolphin can also hold its breath, once again they’re technically mammals. So this makes sense. The dolphin can hold his breath for 20 minutes which is quite an outrageous amount of time if you actually break it down into combat rounds. Now let’s take a look at his actions here.


The dolphin only has a one action and that is a slam attack. It is a melee weapon attack, +4 to hit which is nice, reach of 5ft, it can only target one target and deals 5 bludgeoning damage on a hit, calculated by rolling 1d6 with a modifier +2.

That being said i really do think the dolphin is best used as an ally for your party. Certainly because it actually feeds on small fish and squid. Which means that things like the quipper are the dolphins a favored enemy and they run the risk of being quite a headache for the adventuring party.

So it kind of just goes in tandem and if you see the party really struggling in underwater combat, you can always have a pot of dolphin swoop in and kind of rescue them a little bit.


That’s probably how i would use them in my game. That being said let me know, how you would use them in yours, down beneath in the comment section. Also be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding the dolphins in 5e. That being said i hope you have a great day and as always happy researching my friends.



The text discusses a creature from the Volo’s Guide to Monsters, which is considered a CR 1/8 creature. The text begins by listing some general stats of the creature and then goes on to list its traits. The author goes on to mention that it has access to blindsight, which is

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