Don’t Miss These 49 Ways To Spend Gold In DnD

What are you spending your money on in the dnd5e role-playing game? From this article, i’am going to explain you 49 ways to spend gold in D&D. You have many options for how to spend your wealth/economy on 5th edition role-playing games. Some of these I have done.

Everyday Expenses Luxury Expenses Adventurer Expenses
Shelter Fancy Shelter Weapons
Food Fancy Food Armor
Transport Fancy Transportation Adventuring gear
Clothing Fancy Clothing Tool Sets
Homegoods Beauty Gear maintenance
Hygiene Jewelry Custom gear
Healthcare Art Augmented gear
Education Books Enchanted gear
Interest Pets Scrollcraft
Taxes Trainer Potioncraft
Retirement Caretakers Spell components
Entertainment Magic items
Gambling Poison
Donations Proficiencies
Family Support Contest/admission
Gifts Bribes

I actually have 49 categories, which are divided into three sections. Now we will dive in with the most important monday. Everyday Expenses

1. Shelter: I love the outdoors, but i definitely don’t feel like i’m at my max hit points with all of my spell slots after sleeping on the ground. This is especially true if it’s hot, humid, cold or rainy. And i doubt your party even has a tent, so consider redefining a long rest to require a comfortable night’s sleep, probably at an inn. Your rangers or characters, who were raised in the wilderness, are fine!

Now Speaking of those Outlanders then it’s definitely food.

2. Food: As written, the characters with the outlander background automatically find “food and fresh water [for themselves] and up to 5 other people each day” as long as it’s available and that’s so much good! Instead, you could make sure that the maximum number of people equals their survival skill bonus and/or allow them to make a check with an advantage to find it in an hour or so.

3. Transportation:You can also give them the opportunity to purchase some horses for cheap or to tame wild animals. To make it even more fun, mount travel is 3x faster that walking. However, they will now need to find food for their mounts.

4. Clothing: The adventurer’s are living outside, constantly being attacked, yet their clothes never wear out? They should wash, repair or replace their clothes quite often.

5. Homegoods:Even though your party may not live in a house, they still would need items like soap and cookware for their journey.

6. Hygiene:Soap is a must-have in any setting.

7. Healthcare: When was the last occasion your PCs had to sprain their ankle, break their collarbone or catch a cold. They may have to pay for medicine if they don’t have one.

8. Education: Unfortunately, Bardy McFly’s bard college tuition costs are not free!

9. Interest: The NPC who granted them a loan has to return their money with interest.

10. Taxes: Your PCs will need to pay taxes or some type of adventuring license.

11. Retirement: Unless your PCs are planning to die on one of these adventures, they should be stocking away some money for when they’re no longer fit to run around slaying monsters!

If they save more than they use, they might be interested in our next level of ways they can spend gold.Luxury Travel Expenses

It is the stuff that lots of people spend their money on, regardless of whether they can afford it.

12. Fancy Shelter: While a simple cottage is within their price range, why not go all out and buy a villa in the country?

13. Fancy Food You can create exotic dishes for the world, but they will be expensive because they are rare or only the best chefs can make them.

14. Fancy Transportation This is where they buy a well-trained griffon, a nice boat, or maybe even an airship– go nuts!

15. Fancy Clothing To maintain their good looks, they will need expensive clothing.

16. Beauty: Perhaps they can even hire a stylist for this task.

17. Jewelry: To transform the gems that they have found into fashionable and stunning jewels!

18. Art: Why not ask for a custom portrait that will be adorned in their sitting room?

19. Books: Buy a bunch of books to go along with the art and make sure everyone knows they’re intelligent and cultured.

20. Pets: You can buy exotic pets or huge monsters to train.

21. Trainer: They can hire someone to spar with them if they cannot afford monsters.

22. Caretakers:They would hire people to clean and cook, as well as take care of their animals and properties.

23. Entertainment: They might even be able to retell their adventures to minsters and bards, or to go to the theatre or arena in the best seats!

24. Gambling: However, they won’t have to gamble all of their hard-earned cash!

25. Donations:It would be much more beneficial if they gave some of it to causes that they believe are important to them. Adventurers with any amount can give a little.

26. Family SupportThey will likely have friends and family, or even children, that they can support with their wealth.

27. Gifts:  Whether or not they’re directly supporting others, it’s nice to buy people, treat yourself once in a while!

The final section of this list is Adventurer Expenses. Some of these categories are certainly things you’re familiar with such as:

28. Weapons

29. Armor

30. Adventuring gearLike torches and rope

31. Tool sets: They are often overlooked. Xanathar’s guide to everything has an inspiring section about what these kits actually contain and how they can be used for, For an instance,

32. Gear maintenanceMake your own gear, oil your leathers, or repair any dents on your helmet.

33. Custom gear: You can make the katana that you’ve always wanted or a small, light buckler shield or spiked armor to protect your hippogriff.

34. Augmented gear Your arrowheads can be made silver or your sword’s hilt with gems.

35. Enchanted gear The magical gemstones will enchant your weapon with an additional damage type. You can speed up your combat.

36. Scrollcraft: While you’re at it the wizard craft their own spell scrolls for other casters to use!

37. Potioncraft:The cleric can now learn how to make healing potions! These consumable items are often more valuable than gold, as they can be used immediately by the party.

38. Spell components:The same goes for the diamonds you put in your sword. They can also be used with a revivify spell to revive someone. The magic items are just the beginning.

39. Items that are magical Even in low magic settings there may be one vault of magical goods that an emperor, retired adventurer or other person can protect. The party can then buy the items and sell those they don’t need.

Or if you’re totally against to the magic items, you should drop in poison.

40. Poison: This way your rogue won’t have to worry about inexplicably missing an attack roll against a sleeping enemy, just put some serpent venom in their food and you’re good to go! but wait, they never took proficiency in the poisoner’s kit?

41. Proficiencies:Your computer can also be used to purchase books and train instructors in order to acquire new skills for weapons, armors, tools, instruments, languages, or other technical abilities. This is a great activity for downtime, and they can even test their new skills!

42. Contest/admission: They may be able to participate in an arena tournament, a pie eating contest or just enter a city that requires entry. We haven’t yet discussed bribes in relation to this type of payment.

43. Bribes: It does not matter if it’s getting someone to speak or keeping them silent. Blackmail and bribes are great tools in any adventurer’s toolbox. Your party could then buy or start a business, whether it is through bribes and legitimate channels.

44. Business: A tavern is a place where you can have your beer, eat at a farm, or bake.

45. Home: The wizard can even build their home! It could be a wizard tower or druid temple, a monk temple, or even an entire castle with its own dungeon.

46. Philanthropy/Services: They can also open an animal shelter or school. It is usually best to let your players do the worldbuilding if they really want it.

47. Title: Your characters could be lords if they have enough land.

48. Lands: It is much easier to buy more land than it is to fight for it. The money will stay in your new kingdom.

49: Immortality:Your character could become the next big bad guy with enough power and enough gold!!

Hey folks i hope you’ve got so many ideas to How to spend gold with dnd What should you spend your dnd-gold on?

These are the methods to use gold in dungeons or dragons. Just leave a comment by answering this question. Is gold worthless in dnd

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