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Are you interested by draconic language and likewise its translator ? However nonetheless you’re looking for the right weblog put up which might provide the real details about this dnd language. Don’t fear we have now written the gorgeous article with a lot helpful facets about this Draconic Translator & Language 5E. So why late let’s learn it and get your doubts clear.

Are you aware that draconic is the dragon language. Sure ! it was the language of dragons. Right here the dragons referred to as their language Glav(that means “speech/converse”), and it’s used its personal distinct alphabet which is called Iokharic. Nevertheless the opposite native audio system shall be included the members of the dracoinc associated races, like kobolds and dragonborn and even the members of reptilian races just like the lizardfolk and troglodytes. Nevertheless the draconic language d&d was even be used as the first technique of arcane notation all through Toril.

Draconic translator 5e

The under talked about draconic translator is supposed to be a common tongue of dragons however fairly than any particular classification of the dragon language.

You may try the draconic translator to english so let’s get began with the alphabets of widespread and draconic.

English Alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J Okay L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Dragon Language Alphabet: E b c d e f g h se j okay l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

That is the draconic textual content translator which is translated from widespread to draconic through the use of the d&d draconic translator. If you wish to create the draconic language phrases this will likely be very useful to type any sentences.

A few of our followers are asking concerning the draconic translators comparable to skyrim, lingojam, chinese language..and so forth if you already know something about them you possibly can share your data by way of the under remark part and additional it helps for the gamers who wants it. At the moment we’ve given draconic english translator solely.

Usually, this was additionally used like a main which means of arcane notation all through the toril. This language has its personal historical past and you’ll learn it under.

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attributes Of draconic

  • Spoken By: Dragons, Dragonborn, kobolds, lizardfolk, troglodytes, wyverns.
  • Script: Lokharic
  • Widespread Dialects: tymantheran (dialect), yipyak
  • Language Household: Draconic Languages
Draconic what language

Are you aware what draconic language is…..The Draconic language 5e was one of many earliest languages, it’s influencing and even creating the language of kobolds and likewise different races. As per the dragons, their language was an oldest mortal tongue and even all different mortal languages descended from it solely.

The Students from the Candlekeep theorized Draconic had been created by the ignidracos, and right here one of many ancestor species of true dragons.

Aside from all of those, this draconic was the monolithic language, and it has been remained virtually unchanged because it was created. Nevertheless the one recognized draconic language variant was Aragrakh, an historical draconic language.

We talked about all of the dnd 5e languages and likewise defined them very properly you possibly can verify them as soon as.

What does the draconic language sound like (Dialects)

Are you aware what does the draconic language sound like, there are slight variations within the dialect of the Draconic have been used amongst to the assorted kinds of chromatic dragons they usually have been thought-about equal to a number of the regional accents. Nevertheless the metalic dragons on an different hand all had comparable accents.

To be taught draconic language the dragons of the Abeir (together with these residing within the Laerakond) they’ve their very own dialect too, that they often called Aklave. In fact the Aklave dialect was far more just like the Torilian dialect, that’s somebody who has understood one might fluently perceive the opposite, however on the subject of methods to communicate draconic then the pronunciation of some phrases have been totally different.

draconic language sound is like a few of them are sounded softer than the conventional Draconic and a bit of extra nasal and with phrases which had elongated syllables.

Nevertheless the Dragonborn and the kobolds had their very own distinctive draconic dialects such because the Tymantheran and the Yipyak respectively.

Now we have now to speak concerning the draconic language pronounciation. You may verify it from under strains.


It was the language of onerous consonants and sibilants that often gave the impression of hissing when spoken, like sj, ss, and sv. It additionally included a sound just like a creature clearing its throat, ach.

Primarily the draconic phrases have been emphasised on the primary syllable and likewise the audio system of Draconic expressed essential concepts by emphasizing beginnings and the ends of phrases. In fact right here the dragons regularly used this every time referring to themselves, or else every time they wish to command, warn, threaten, or in any other case make their level clear.


The phrases that are modified within the different phrases had positioned earlier than or else after the phrase which they have been modified, through the use of an important modifier that all the time positioned earlier than. In fact all these Draconic audio system have regularly positioned it a second time instantly after a phrase for a further emphasis.

So, the draconic doesn’t have particular phrase for “my” or “mine,” as a substitute of utilizing totally different prefixes which relied on an actual that means.

Draconic written language

All the draconic written language is Iokharic.  All of those are use this script solely. Really this script had possible been created a protracted after it’s spoken from was standardized, because the dragons have been have a bit of to no want to put in writing than the opposite races.

  • Draconic alphabet translator:

As we stated within the above strains the Iokharic alphabet was an equal to that of human languages, in fact with those self same variety of characters for letters and numbers too.

Draconic Language Identify Dictionary

Identify Of The Draconic Draconic Dictionary
Aeros/Vaeros Breath; Hearth; Fiery; Life
Agha/Agham Any shade or steel
Agyrt/Gyrtu Historic; Elder; First; Previous
Akkan/Ikkan Murderer; Bane; Murderous; Savage
Alae/Alaerth Agile; Brilliant; Fast ;Lightning
Aly/Alymm Attraction; Enchanter; Wand
Andra/Andre Epic; Nice; Royal; Huge
Andusk Blinding; Mild; South; Solar
Angkar Ally; Dwarf; Elf; Enemy
Anthar Dire; Dismal; Swamp; Entice
Aradace Excessive ; Mighty ; Highly effective ; Ruler
Arauth/Tharur Protection; Maze; Entice; Trickster
Ardu/Arydun Therapeutic; Harmless; Form; Peaceable
Arveia/Veiar Betrayal; False; Mendacity; Traitor
Aryz/Aryxon Ethereal; Dancing; Swish; Candy
Atar/Atrux Fang; Feed; Gnaw; Tooth
Auntyr/Untryr Realized; Data; Scholar; Smart
Aurak/Uraka Hunter; Stalk; Tail; Monitoring
Auth/Autha Black; Blind; Darkness; Void
Bahor/Bahr Accursed; Blight; Curse; Toxin
Bane May; Highly effective; Ring; Rune
Bala/Ballax Blighted; Corrupt; Plague; Scourge
Calaun Assault; Decide; Smite; Vengeance
Ciym/Iym Adamant; Shrine; Statue; Stern
Claug/Clugh Forest; Backyard; Inexperienced; Rising
Daerev/Deregh Egg; Hatchling; New; Younger
Dalagh/Dalah Any weapon
Darrh/Darrath Dread; Fearful; Panic; Terror
Durg/Daurgo Dracolich; Foul; Rotting; Undead
Deszeld Ambitous; Dragon; Fierce; Lord/Girl
Eir/Majeir Fortress; Grand; Big; Mountain
Elden/Irden Hermit; Quest; Sage; Search
Ethar/Thargar Any breath weapon
Endeem Claw; Sharp; Swift; Talon
Endor Brother/Sister; Companion; Twin
Eroese/Reoz Historic; Legend(ary); Mythic
Fel/Irfel Evil; Malice; Misfortune; Ache
Gahl/Galad Dying; Finish; Evening; Sundown
Gaul/Gaulir Glory; Honorable; Loyal; Oath
Golos(Gos Air; Flying; Wind; Wing/Winged
Guth/ Guthi Charmeleon; Disguised; Shifting; Unkown
Harn/Hoon Rage; Raid; Raider; Storm
Ingeir Devoted; Coronary heart; Love; Soul
Ix/Ixu Brave; Iron; Resolute; Will
Iyliam/Riylm Bone; Corpse; Entombed; Misplaced
Jalan Plentiful; Bounty; Many; Treasure
Jhar/Ujhar Attraction; Mystic; Spell; Wizard
Kerin/Kerrar Humanoid; Lesser; Servant; Weak
Klauth Rumble; Snarl; Thunder; Warning
Lham/Ulham Coast; Infinite; Sea; Huge; West
Lothtor Breeder; Creator; Father/Mom; Progenitor
Mal/Malae Lair; Mysterious; Unknown; Vault
Marun/Marux Lightning; Mighty; Highly effective; Wyrm
Maugh Burning; Need; Flame; Obsession
Mere Beast; Fiend; Savage; Primal
Miir/Miirym Alert; Cautious; Guardian; Sentinel
Morn/Mornaug Divine; God; Omniscient; Priest
Murh Crypt; Sleep; Slumbering; Nonetheless
Nabal Destiny; Fortune; Fortunate
Nym/Nyth Eyes; Scrying; Sight; Watching
Nur/Unur Hid; Deceiver; Masked; Trick
Oloth/Lotho Bardic; Minstrel; Singing; Track
Ontor/Ontrix Arcane; Enchanted; Mage; Magic
Osk Greed; Horde; Lust; Thought
Othim Darkish; Dusky; Shadow; Shadowy
Palar/Palax Defending; Guardian; Safety; Protect
Quirin/Quitu Celestial; Everlasting; Glittering; Star
Raali/Raul Silent; Stealthy; Thief; Tieving
Ragoth Heaven; Excessive; Sky; Tall
Razylym Armored; Arduous; Metal; Robust
Rith/Rithux Destruction; Doom; Wreck; Water
Saryn/Saryx Any gem or stone
Ser/ Seyr Moon; Orb; Pearl; Silvery
Sygax/Zygax Battle; Ruler; Victor; Battle
Skad/Skarr Avid; Blood; Prey; Ravenous
Surp/ Surr Crazed; Nature; Wasteland; Wild
Thal/Thalu Born in/of; Historical past; Reminiscence
Thanach/Tanarg Chaos; Hatching; Freedom;
Toth/Thoth Creeping, Larva; Worm; Writhe
Thrax/Uthrax Large; Rising; Spectacular; Large
Thriin/Thriina Archer; Arrow; Dangerous; Wound
Treori/Treoris Dream; Ilusion; Phantasmal; Sleep
Tostyn/Tosz Something of worth
Traint/Tratain Simply; Pact; Proper; Fact
Turac/Turace Chilly; Frozen; Ice; North
Ua/Ualin Desolate; Destruction; Devourer; East
Umer/Umerus Bidge; Future; Oracle; Path
Uryte Forgotten; Keeper; Misplaced; Lore
Uxin/Xin Hated; Hateful; Poison; Venomous
Vaer/Waer Cloak; Hidden; Riddle; Secret
Vala/Valam Noble; Queen/King; Worthy
Valos Craft; Enchantment; Grasp/Mistress; Ability
Vinc/Vincix Clay; Earth; Terrestrial; World
Voar/Voarex Lifeless; Lethal; Demise; Slayer
Vureem Buried; Cave; Submerged; Underground
Waur/Wyr Intelligent; Serpent; Sly
Zundae Harlequin; Laughing; Mirthful; Roar
Zyreph Engulfing; Flood; Overwhelm; Swallow
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