Dungeon Delver DnD 5E Feat

Howdy adventurers of all styles and sizes. Welcome to my web site and thanks a lot for clicking on thirteenth episode of our feat collection. Immediately we’re gonna be looking at dnd 5e dungeon delver feat. Now this feat is for these gamers who similar to to get into all of the nooks and crannies of the dungeon no flip or no stone left unturned. No flip left unchecked and each brick pushed each ground tile jumped on. in case your character is thorough relating to their exploration then this feat is unquestionably value looking at.

It’s discovered within the gamers handbook so everybody ought to have entry to it and in case you are unfamiliar with how dnd feats work! you often get them each 4 ranges or so and also you get them in change of your means rating improve. They provide some distinctive benefits to sure play kinds in addition to give your character a little bit bit extra of a novel and personalised feeling. That being stated let’s check out the outline for dungeon delver feat 5e so we all know we’re speaking about.


The good information that relating to this feat is there are not any stipulations for it that means anybody of any class, race or present ability set i assume can use it simply effective. It reads as adopted.

You do alert to the hidden traps and in addition the key doorways that are discovered in lots of dungeons, you may achieve the next advantages:

  • You all the time have some benefits on the knowledge (notion) and in addition intelligence (Investigation) which has been made to detect the presence of secret doorways.
  • You even have a bonus on the saving throws that are made to keep away from or resist traps.
  • You can have the resistance for the injury element by traps.
  • You’ll be able to simply seek for the traps by touring on the regular tempo, as a substitute of solely on the gradual tempo.
  • Touring at quick tempo doesn’t impose the conventional -5 penalty in your passive notion rating.

Very cool stuff there. Let’s story a have a look at walkthrow right here. So we are able to form of break his down a little bit bit.


Initially benefit on notion and investigation checks when detecting secret doorways. Actually helpful there. Your DM ought to form of casually deliver it up they’d be like you recognize what roll with benefit. Simply that’s all they gotta say. The reason is is it’s very bizarre for participant characters to be like, i’d like to research for hidden doorways. I do know numerous them do it however they don’t all the time so be a very good DM and simply give it to them.

The  second one you’ve benefit of saving throws meant to keep away from or resist traps. I might be value noting, this doesn’t specify the injury kind. So any injury kind be it bludgeoning, be it fireplace, be it a sand, be it a poison, be it a illness. They’ve benefit on that save and throw very cool. The identical implied for the injury dealt so that they after they do take injury it’s all the time half injury.

So tremendous cool as soon as once more. There’s no set injury kind is simply resistant to break dealt by traps. That’s it very cool and the no -5 penalty when touring of quick speeds. That is simply nice to have usually in the event you’re a scout. I do know some individuals get it as a racial bonus. I believe the conflict solid get it as a racial bonus had been they the identical deal. I is likely to be mistaken on that however i’m pretty sure that in case actually good things.

Let’s get to my private ideas on it then.

Private Ideas

So who beneficial properties probably the most from this. You recognize what i need to say this one relies upon extra so on campaigns. That being stated if i needed to give a category to it, i’d  most likely say the rogue for positive or the monk could also be even a Gish wizard as properly.

The primary advantages to this one i come a minimum of to me within the type of the power to scout forward and the power to actually take lure injury.

So these two issues are often issues handled scouts and squishier characters or characters who’re within the frontline however their class often isn’t conducive to the entrance line. You recognize what i imply so these guys.

In any case that’s my private ideas on it. I is likely to be mistaken, i is likely to be on to one thing. Inform me what you suppose down beneath let me know when you’ve got any loopy character concepts, tales, ideas, different makes use of that i might need missed.

Please let me know down within the feedback beneath. I really like studying them so does everybody else checking in and thanks a lot upfront guys it’s been nice form of studying with all of you who’s been incredible. By no means thought i may study by a lot. That being stated have a fantastic day and as all the time completely happy adventuring everybody.

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