Eldritch Blast 5E Spell

A beam of the crackling vitality would streak in the direction of the creature inside a selected vary. It makes a ranged spell assault towards to the goal. So, on a success, the goal would take 1d10 pressure harm.

At Increased Ranges:

This Eldritch Blast 5E Spell creates a couple of beam everytime you attain increased ranges with this spell; two beams at fifth degree, 3 beams at eleventh degree and in addition 4 beams at seventeenth degree.

Any means you possibly can direct the beams both on the similar goal or else on the completely different ones. Do make a separate assault roll for every beam.

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Casting Time 1 Motion
Courses Warlock
Parts V S
Length Instantaneous
Stage 0
Identify Eldritch Blast
Vary 120 toes
College Evocation
Spell Assault Ranged
Goal A creature inside vary

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