Elemental Adept DnD 5E Feat

Hi there adventurers of all sizes and styles. Welcome to my web site and thanks a lot for checking into the sixteenth episode of our feat collection. At this time we’re going to be having a look at one of the vital generally picked and versatile feats within the gamers handbook. At this time we’re going to be having a look at dnd 5e elemental adept feat. As talked about beforehand it’s discovered within the gamers handbook and it’s excellent for you at magic casting specialists on the market are you elemental wizards.

That being mentioned when you’re unfamiliar with how feats work or once you get them! you often get them each 4 ranges or so and also you get them as a substitute of your potential rating improve. They’re basically methods you’ll be able to add additional options, traits and talents to your character and make them a bit bit extra customized within the course of. That being mentioned let’s take a fast have a look at the outline for  elemental adept 5e.


There’s a prerequisite for this feat and that’s you might have to have the ability to forged not less than one spell which actually is smart when you concentrate on it. The outline reads as adopted.

The Elemental Adept DnD 5E Feat has some options and we now have talked about them under together with its Prerequisite.

Prerequisite: Truly, the power to forged not less than one spell

  • Everytime you do acquire this Elemental Adept 5E Feat after which selected one of many following harm sort comparable to; acid, chilly, hearth, lightning or a thunder.
  • The spells that you just forged to disregard the resistance for the harm of the chosen sort. In an addition, everytime you roll the harm for a particular spell which you forged that offers harm of that sort and in addition you’ll be able to deal with any 1 on a harm die like 2.
  • You may as well choose this dnd 5e feat for a number of instances. Every time you accomplish that, you could choose a distinct harm sort.

Very cool stuff and fairly self-explanatory as properly that being mentioned let’s check out the walkthrough so we are able to flesh it out just a bit bit higher.


So basically the 1st step, choose a harm sort acid, chilly, hearth, lightning, or thunder. Step two remember the truth that it ignores resistance not immunity and a broken and one on harm eyes are handled as two. It doesn’t imply you get to reroll the harm die or something like that it basically it doubles your minimal harm which is kind of good in the long term.

This feat will be chosen greater than as soon as as long as it’s a completely different ingredient every time. So actually cool stuff, i just like the implications for this thematically greater than i just like the precise mechanical advantages. I’m not saying it’s not a robust feat however i’ll get into that extra a bit bit later.

You realize what let’s simply do it now let’s check out my private ideas on it.

Private Ideas

So, as i discussed earlier i prefer it thematically or greater than i prefer it mechanically. Cause being i like the thought of a spellcaster falling in love with one specific ingredient and honing his total magical potential and reference to the weave to higher go well with that elemental.

That’s tremendous cool. Mechanically, it’s actually good too it ignore resistance is improbable and doubling your minimal hit die can be actually good too. You realize who advantages most from it. I actually gotta say casters in all honesty. I believe the 2 most certainly culprits are most likely wizards, sorcerers and could also be even clerics as properly.

Simply because they get entry to the bigger spell listing so for that purpose you recognize actually good. Phrases are the very best ingredient to choose you recognize what it’s tremendous marketing campaign dependent. instance that is fired so there’s extra hearth associated dispels and there are every other spells within the sport.

However there are additionally extra hearth immune creatures flame immunity is among the commonest immunity. So it actually does rely what sort of enemies you’re going up towards. So tune it to your personal marketing campaign and tune it’s your personal taste as properly. In the event you discover you’re utilizing quite a lot of lightning lure and quite a lot of lightning based mostly spells then it is smart to choose lightning even when it’s not essentially the most optimum one to choose.

It is a enjoyable feat and it’s meant used as such that being mentioned. If in case you have any loopy concepts any builds or any cool tales involving the basic adept i’d actually like to listen to them down beneath within the feedback and i do know everybody else studying this text would as properly. In order at all times thanks a lot guys and blissful adventuring.

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