Elemental Weapon 5e Spell

Whats up everybody! thanks for supporting on my third degree spell sequence. At present now we have a really cool alternative for us and the methods it’s sort of a nod to a dispel magic spell however i’ll get into that in just a little bit right here. We’re speaking about elemental weapon, it’s usable by the Paladin, artificer and it’s discovered within the gamers handbook on 237th web page.  I actually love this spell and i like a lot that the artificer is entry to it, simply because it’s a very harking back to arcane weapon. I get mechanically it really works just a little bit completely different and that’s completely cool however i do know that when arcane weapon was stripped out of your artificer spell record numerous gamers have been truly fairly upset over it and this thematically a minimum of appears very related so i like  that the artificers have the entry to it. Should you haven’t checked out our spells residence web page but then we suggest you to go to our spells residence web page. In any case let’s rapidly try its mechanics right here.


  • Stage: third
  • Casting Time: 1 Motion
  • Vary/Space: Contact
  • Parts: V, S
  • Length: 1 Hour (Focus)
  • College: Transmutation
  • Assault/Save: None
  • Injury/Impact: acid, chilly, hearth, lightning, or thunder

Impact: Flip an earthly weapon into the magical one. Gaining a +1 to assault rolls, and even dealing an additional 1d4 injury of a selected kind.

The solid time is 1 motion, the vary is contact and the length is one hour and sadly it’s focus. It’s parts are somatic and verbal and at greater ranges in the event you solid it utilizing a spell slot of fifth or sixth degree. It turns into a +2 weapon that offers 2d4 of the desired injury kind and at 7 and above it’s a +3 weapon and offers 3d4 injury of the desired kind. The varsity is Transmutation and injury kind is variable. Al although if you wish to get technical it’s acid, chilly, hearth, lightning and thunder you choose considered one of them. Now let’s take a fast take a look at the complete description right here and break this spell down just a little bit additional.

The fundamental weapon spell was a third degree spell which provides your weapon +1 to hit and likewise +1d4 elemental injury, plus further +1/+1d4 per an extra 2SL . In any other case the spells are largely equivalent.

Overview Of Elemental Weapon 5e Spell

Really, one of many non magical weapons which you’ve touched would change into a magic weapon 5e. As per this dnd 5e Elemental Weapon Spell you must selected one of many following injury varieties equivalent to: acid, chilly, hearth, lightning, or else the thunder.

Usually, for the particular length, the 5e weapon has +1 bonus to assault rolls and likewise offers an additional 1d4 injury of a selected kind at any time when it hits.

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At Greater Ranges:

You possibly can solid this Elemental Weapon 5e Spell however everytime you solid this dnd 5e spell by utilizing the spell slot of fifth or sixth degree and likewise the bonus to assault rolls will increase to +2 and likewise the extra injury would improve to 2d4.

So everytime you use a spell slot of seventh degree or greater than the seventh degree, the bonus do improve to +3 and naturally the additional injury would improve to 3d4.

Very cool stuff, i like this spell a lot from a thematic angle and in the event you’re in a marketing campaign the place there isn’t an entire lot of magical weapons kicking round, it is a smart way of nonetheless with the ability to reap among the advantages. Simply need to make sure that i’m very clear that bonus is simply to assault rolls it does nothing for injury roles so it’s not a real plus one, a real plus two or a real plus three weapon simply need to make that abundantly clear. That being mentioned let’s take a fast take a look at some various makes use of right here.

D&D 5E Elemental Weapon Spell Attributes

Stage 3
College transmutation
Casting Time 1 Motion
Vary Contact
Parts V, S
Length Focus, as much as 1 hour
Various Makes use of

So, one of many cooler makes use of for this spell specifically is utilizing it to do folks. This may be completed simply by way of pretending the blade or weapon is innately magical when it actually isn’t. So for an occasion you stroll into a store maintain, you’re like hey this sword has the cool means to principally deal a fireplace injury how a lot will you pay me for it and faux as if the merchandise itself enchanted and as these it isn’t a spell impact.

I’d can be very cautious about doing this in a very magical world and that i’d even be very cautious about doing this too typically as your DM will not be actually gonna prefer it that a lot. The explanation you need to do that in a magically saturated world by the way in which as a result of it makes logical sense {that a} shopkeeper would have precautions in place to confirm whether or not or not an merchandise and really is magical or not. So use it upon your discretion.

Now the way in which lots of people are sadly gonna use this spell and that i don’t like this nevertheless it’s certain to occur is you give it to another person. Usually you give it to the particular person with probably the most assaults simply because motion financial system. So typically it would make sense for the paladin to have it however as a rule you’re giving it to the fighter.

I can’t stress sufficient how a lot i actually hate utilizing the spell on this approach, it’s sort of a type of issues the place guidelines as written, after all you are able to do it there’s nothing that claims you must use the sword clearly.

That being mentioned it’s a actual thematic letdown in my view in the event you burn this usually not higher-tier spell slot simply to offer it to another person. One other smart way to make use of this spell is to make use of it towards enemies that are weak to numerous issues.

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