FABRIC 100 Craig Richards, Terry Francis & Keith Reilly

Written by on November 20, 2018

Since its inauguration in 2001, the fabric mix series has provided a physical realisation of the club’s mission to support underground culture, documenting crucial developments in style and genre with an extensive list of artists. As a dependable stamp of quality, the invitation to participate in the series marks a career peak for many. Providing a reflection of the scene in London and beyond, a hundred unique entries detail the progression of electronic music in multiple directions over seventeen fruitful years.

fabric’s co-founder Keith Reilly opened fabric nightclub 1999 with simple requirements – good sound and space to dance. Craig Richards and Terry Francis came on board early on and remain as fabric’s longstanding Saturday night residents. Both internationally respected DJs, they are known for their unique mixing styles and encyclopaedic music collections cultivated over many years of peak time sets in room 1.

Wrapping up the series in its current format, fabric 100 is a triple disc package drawing on almost two decades of parties at the club. Distinct in style the three artists invited for this instalment are fused by their devotion to the electronic music scene. Craig Richards, also the name behind the inaugural fabric 01 mix, delivers an electro-infused trip that traces its way through little-known tracks from his contemporaries. Terry’s contribution, many years on from his fabric 02 compilation, nods to all 3 rooms at the club – the main dancefloor, techno room 2 and the experimental room 3. The third volume sees founder Keith leading the historical series to its century with upbeat moving soulful house.
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