Faction Agent 5E Background

From this text we’re going to be going over a really a lot a clean slate of a background i suppose in the event you’d want to name it that. In any case we’re going over a faction agent background 5e. This explicit background was launched within the sword coast adventurers information and though lots of people nonetheless love the sword coast adventurers information. It’s sort of been overshadowed by way of backgrounds by lots of the guild masters information to ravnica stuff though it’s as much as your Dungeon Grasp whether or not or not that may be a e-book you utilize. Now the faction agent as an entire is actually nice in case you have a really particular character idea in thoughts and your dungeon grasp is both very strict to the foundations or in the event you’re taking part in an adventures league. In any case let’s offer you a fast announcement about our fundamental dnd backgrounds you could examine by way of this hyperlink. Now let’s dive proper into its description right here.


Really, many sort of organizations are being energetic within the north and in addition throughout to the face of Faerûn that aren’t sure by the strictures of geography. Al although as per this d&d 5e faction agent these factions may pursue their agendas with out of concerning their for the political boundaries, even their members those that function from anyplace the group deems vital.

Principally, these group of make use of listeners, rumormongers, smugglers, sellswords, cache-holders (i.e., the individuals those that guard caches of wealth or magic to be used by the faction’s operatives), haven keepers, and message drop minders, to call a number of of them. Usually, on the core of each faction such are those that don’t merely fulfill a small operate for that particular group, however after all those that function its arms, head, and coronary heart.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Perception and one Intelligence, Knowledge, or Charisma ability of your alternative, as applicable to your faction
  • Software Proficiencies: None
  • Languages: Two of your alternative
  • Tools: Badge or emblem of your faction, a duplicate of a seminal faction textual content (or a code-book for a covert faction), a set of frequent garments, and a pouch containing 15 gp

Most likely, like a prelude on your adventuring profession (and in addition within the preparation for it), you at all times have served being an agent of a particular faction in Faerûn. You may also have operated overtly or else secretly, which is relying upon the faction and in addition on it objectives, additionally how these objectives have been mesh with your personal. For turning into an adventurer cannot essentially to be required you for relinquish the membership in your faction (although you may select to take action) and in addition it is likely to be improve your standing within the faction.

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Prompt Traits Of D&D Faction Agent

You can too use the tables of acolyte background for the prompt traits of d&d faction agent, like the premise on your traits and in addition for the motivations, which can be modifying the entries each time it applicable to fit your identification. (For instance, think about the phrases “religion” and “faction” to be interchangeable.)

Faction agent 5e character traits

D8 Persona Trait
1 I idolize a specific hero of my religion, and continually confer with that individual’s deeds and instance.
2 I can discover frequent floor between the fiercest enemies, empathizing with them and at all times working towards peace.
3 I see omens in each occasion and motion. The gods attempt to communicate to us, we simply have to hear.
4 Nothing can shake my optimistic perspective.
5 I quote (or misquote) sacred texts and proverbs in virtually each state of affairs.
6 I’m tolerant (or illiberal) of different faiths and respect (or condemn) the worship of different gods.
7 I’ve loved superb meals, drink, and excessive society amongst my temple’s elite. Tough residing grates on me.
8 I’ve spent so lengthy within the temple that I’ve little sensible expertise coping with individuals within the exterior world.


D6 Excellent
1 Custom: The traditional traditions of worship and sacrifice should be preserved and upheld. (Lawful)
2 Charity: I at all times attempt to assist these in want, it doesn’t matter what the non-public price. (Good)
3 Change: We should assist carry in regards to the modifications the gods are continually working on the earth. (Chaotic)
4 Energy: I hope to someday rise to the highest of my religion’s spiritual hierarchy. (Lawful)
5 Religion: I belief that my deity will information my actions. I’ve religion that if I work arduous, issues will go nicely. (Lawful)
6 Aspiration: I search to show myself worthy of my god’s favor by matching my actions towards his or her teachings. (Any)


D6 Bond
1 I might die to recuperate an historic relic of my religion that was misplaced way back.
2 I’ll sometime get revenge on the corrupt temple hierarchy who branded me a heretic.
3 I owe my life to the priest who took me in when my mother and father died.
4 Every part I do is for the frequent individuals.
5 I’ll do something to guard the temple the place I served.
6 I search to protect a sacred textual content that my enemies think about heretical and search to destroy.


D6 Flaw
1 I choose others harshly, and myself much more severely.
2 I put an excessive amount of belief in those that wield energy inside my temple’s hierarchy.
3 My piety generally leads me to blindly belief people who profess religion in my god.
4 I’m rigid in my considering.
5 I’m suspicious of strangers and anticipate the worst of them.
6 As soon as I decide a objective, I develop into obsessive about it to the detriment of the whole lot else in my life.

Really, your bond may additionally be related to another members of your faction, or perhaps a location or after all an object which is most vital to your faction. Additionally, the perfect which you tried hardly for is probably consistent with the tenets and in addition the ideas of your faction, nevertheless it is likely to be extra private within the nature.

Function: Factions of the Sword Coast

Within the faction agent background dnd 5e the shortage of a giant, centralized governments these are within the north and even together with the sword coast is prone to straight be a chargeable for the proliferation of the key societies and in addition the conspiracies in such lands.

Suppose, in case your background is like an agent for the sake of one of many major factions of the north and in addition to the sword coast, we’ve got talked about among the prospects similar to The Harpers, The Order of the Gauntlet, The Emerald Enclave, The Lords’ Alliance, The Zhentarim. We’ve got defined all of them beneath.

  • The Zhentarim:

It its latest years, this Zhentarim characteristic has develop into appeared extra on this world at giant measurement, just like the group works for carry enhancing its status among the many most of the frequent individuals. Really, this faction agent in d&d 5e can draw its workers and in addition the associates from lots of its walks of life, additionally setting them for the precise duties which may serve the objectives of a black community however they aren’t essentially felony within the nature. Although its brokers of the black community should be work regularly in a secret, and in addition they usually proficient within the Deception. They do search to be help from the wizards, mercenaries, retailers and in addition the priesthoods allied with the Zhentarim.

  • The Lords’ Alliance:

On a specific stage, the brokers of the lords’ which Alliance are the representatives of some cities and even for the opposite governments which represent the alliance. However after all like a faction with some pursuits and in addition the considerations which transcend the native politics and geography, really, the Alliance has its private cadre of people those that work on behalf of the organizations, wider agenda. The Alliance agenda can required to be a educated within the historical past, and even it will possibly at all times depend on the help of the governments that are one of many elements of Alliance, in moreover different leaders and the teams who can uphold the Alliance’s beliefs.

  • The Emerald Enclave:

Really, sustaining some stability in a pure order and in addition for combating to its forces which has threaten that stability is nearly the twofold objective of a Emerald Enclave. Those that may serve the faction are the masters of survival and residing off the land. They’re regularly proficient within the nature and in addition it in a position to search some assist from the woodsmen, hunters, rangers, barbarian tribes, druid circles, and clergymen who revere the gods of nature.

  • The Order of the Gauntlet:

Usually, it is without doubt one of the latest energy teams within the Faerûn, additionally the order of a Gauntlet has an agenda which is analogous to such of the Harpers. Additionally, this characteristic’s strategies are way more totally different, although: the bearers of the gauntlet are the holy warriors on the righteous quest for a crush evil and even promote the justice, and even they don’t disguise in shadows. These order brokers are are usually the proficient in a faith, and in addition they regularly want to help from the enforcement of legislation in a pleasant option to the order’s beliefs and in addition the clergy of the order’s patron gods.

  • The Harpers:

It has been based greater than a millennium in the past, it has disbanded and in addition reorganized for a lot of occasions, these Harpers can be remained so highly effective and behind the scenes company which is acts to the wart evil and promote equity through its information, neither from its brute drive.

Really, these brokers can regularly proficient of their investigation, and in addition enabling them to be adopted on the snooping and in addition spying. In addition they oftenly search help from the opposite Harpers, sympathetic bards and innkeepers, rangers, and in addition the clergy of gods which can be aligned with the Harpers’ beliefs.

Function: Protected Haven

Really, this faction agent 5e background has protected haven characteristic, so being a faction agent, you at all times have an entry to the key community of their supporters and in addition the operatives those that in a position to present assistance on all your adventures. You do know a bunch of secret indicators and passwords that you need to use for figuring out these kinds of operatives, those that in a position to offer you an entry to a hidden protected home, free room and board, or help to find some info. Usually, these brokers is not going to threat their lives for you or else the danger that revealing about their true identities.

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