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All magic casters, all sizes and shapes! We are glad you stopped by my spellbook to see the 34th episode in our first-level spell series. We’ll be looking at the best and most useful spells from the players handbook today. We’re going to be looking at 5e Faerie Fire Spell. This spell can be used by bards, druids, and artificers. It is also found in the player handbook. This spell is great for characters that want to support their allies or just have fun on the battlefield. This is truly an amazing game. Let’s get past all the hype and let’s look into the details.

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Mechanical Engineering

  • Casting time: 1 action
  • Range 60ft (20ft).
  • Time: 1 Minute (concentration).
  • Components: Verbal
  • School: Vocation

Cast time is your standard one-action, it covers a distance of 60 feet, forms a cube 20ft in diameter, and lasts one minute. This is a concentration spell, meaning that if you do take damage, you must make a constitution review and if you fail, you will be unable to cast the spell. You can’t combine this spell with any other concentration spell. It’s super cool that the components can be spoken of. You just need to say an incantation, and then the school will be invoked.

At a glance, the effect is: Each object within a cube 20 feet in diameter glows in any color you choose. The same glowing effect can be used to make creatures in the vicinity perform a dex save, or emit dim light up to 10 feet. An attack against an affected creature/object has advantage. Invisibility does not have any benefit. We’ll take a closer look at this description to make sure we understand what we are talking about.


Each object within the 20 foot cube was highlighted in the appropriate colors depending on your preference. If the faeriefire 5e spell has been cast, any creature found in that area is also highlighted in light. The affected creatures and objects would both be illuminated with dim light for a specified time.

Check out the nondetection magic 5e

If the attacker is able to see the affected creature/object, any attack roll against them has an advantage. Also, the invisible cannot be used as an advantage.

It’s amazing stuff. It might also be worthwhile to note that this spell can prove quite overwhelming. I would suggest that you discuss the object definitions with your DM beforehand, as otherwise it will just be a lot of light. That’s it. We’ll take a closer look at other uses.

Other uses

Before we go into the details of how to use it, I want to mention that this spell has been controversial. The only thing i have ever played with this spell and how i understand it is magic paintball paint. Everyone gets a dose of magic paintball paint within a cube 20 feet in diameter. Even after they’ve left, it remains on their skin.

I have heard this argument before and here online that some DMs believe that only those who are within the 20-foot cube will be affected. It’s not something I have done again.

I would argue that it should only be when the creature is within 20 feet of the cube. If that happens, then i would suggest that another creature who walks in the 20-foot range will also be affected. Let’s look at possible alternatives.

  1. The obvious is to deal with invisibility. This is some really good information.
  2. It could be used to locate a fast enemy, or at the least to make it more difficult. It could be used to help the enemy druid turn into an animal, then run.
  3. It can be used to locate hidden items such as keys or, at the other end of this spectrum, you could cast it on yourself and reap the dimming light benefits. This would work well if they are looking to attract a plant or just want a bit of light.

Attributes Of 5E Faerie Fire

Casting time 1 Action
Classes Bard, Druid
Components V
Concentration Yes
Time Maximum 1 Minute
Niveau 1
Nom Faerie Fire
The Range 60 feet
Schools Invocation
Target Every object within a cube 20 feet in diameter must be found within the range


Okay! That’s all I can think of. You can suggest other uses for this spell, or create your very own stories and/or anything related to it. Please leave your thoughts below. It’s an excellent choice, regardless of what class you are in. It would be an excellent choice for magic initiators as well. I wish you all a wonderful day, and happy casting.


Basically, faerie fire outlines creatures and objects with light to make them easier to see and hit. While this might seem like a free advantage on an attack roll and nothing more, there are a few other tricks that this spell allows its caster to do.

Faerie Fire not only grants advantage, but is also negates benefits from the invisible condition. That means that the disadvantage from attacking an invisible creature is negated, and also advantage is granted.15-Jun-2021

Faerie Fire not only grants advantage, but is also negates benefits from the invisible condition. That means that the disadvantage from attacking an invisible creature is negated, and also advantage is granted.15-Jun-2021

For this reason, features such as Drow Magic’s darkness or faerie fire cannot be cast using spell slots; these spells are not known/learned or prepared despite being cast-able: You know the dancing lights cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the faerie fire spell once per day.06-Jul-2017

Rank Effect
—- ——
2 2%
3 3%


We are looking at spells from the players handbook, Faerie Fire is a 1st level spell. It is used by bards, druids, and artificers. This is a concentration spell that lasts one minute. Each object in the area lit with faerie fire glows in the appropriate

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