Far Traveler 5E Background

We’ll be looking at the far traveler background 5e. It is very similar to many other backgrounds, namely outlander. I believe it is almost a carbon copy with some tweaks. Far traveler background can be found in sword coast adventurers’ guide. It is exactly what it claims it to be, if that makes any sense. Let’s have a closer look at the description. If you want to see all our dnd backgrounds, click this link.

When it comes down to it, the most important question is: Where are you from? This means that the most important decision in making this is deciding where you are from. You can see all of the locations in this article.

Did you know that far traveler 5e backgrounds have a wider range of features than other backgrounds? You should play with it with your DM if you have not tried this background with any other backgrounds. You will be more excited about it then the other players.

It’s all in our guide for sword coast adventurers. We will explain it to you. Check out this guide for the best advice.

Overview Of Far Traveler D&D 5E

According to the far traveler 5e, nearly all the people one may have encountered in either the sword coast of elsewhere in the north share one thing: They live their lives close to home.

Despite the fact that! You aren’t one of them.

Your homeland is far away and so you are from it.

You’ve only come here for your own personal reasons.

While you are certain that you will find some aspects of the land strange and discomfiting you also know you have to take into consideration some other things.

The same goes for you. You are the one of interest for everyone around you, good and bad, wherever you go.

  • Skills Proficiencies:Insight and Perception
  • Tools Proficiencies: Any one of the musical instruments or games you choose, most likely something that is native to your country
  • Languages Any one of the following
  • Far Traveler 5e Equipment: One set of clothes for travelers, one set of gaming or musical instruments, badly wrought maps of Faerun from your country that show where you’re at, small pieces of jewelry worth 10gp each in accordance with your home’s workmanship, and a bag containing 5gp

Suggested Characteristics

Far Traveler 5e Personality Traits

D6 Personality traits
1 My assumptions about personal space are different from the ones around me. I don’t mind invading other peoples space or responding to ignorance.
2 My ideas of what food is are my own, but I also find it fascinating to see how others eat.
3 My code of honour or sense of propriety is strong and I understand it better than others.
4 In ways I don’t know, I show affection and contempt.
5 My deities are honored by me using practices which are not permitted in this country.
6 My day begins or ends with little traditional rituals I’m unfamiliar with.


D6 Ideal
1 Open. The kind people I encounter along the way have taught me a lot. (Good)
2 Reserved. These strange new lands are unfamiliar to me so I’m cautious and respectful. (Lawful)
3 Adventure. It’s a faraway place, so everything seems strange and amazing! (Chaotic)
4 Cunning. Although I might not be able to understand their methods, they can also know my ways which could work in my favor. (Evil)
5 Inquisitive. Everything is new to me, but there’s always more. (Neutral)
6 Suspicious. It is important to be cautious, as I don’t know how I can tell friend from foe. (Any)


D6 Bond
1 As long as this token is from my homeland I am able to face any kind of adversity here.
2 I find comfort in the gods of my people far away from home.
3 My service to my fellow citizens is my greatest cause.
4 Freedom is the most important possession of mine. It is my most precious possession and I will never allow anyone to take it away from me.
5 This land is full of wonder and beauty.
6 Although I was forced to, it hurt my heart that I couldn’t leave my family. They will be back in my life one day.


D6 Flaw
1 Secretly, or not so secretly, I believe that my culture is superior to the one from this other country.
2 To avoid having to speak the language, I pretend I don’t understand it.
3 I am a sucker for new intoxicants, and all the other delights this land has to offer.
4 Because these people are so different to me, I won’t be tolerant of their actions or motivations.
5 The adherents to other gods are, in my opinion, deluded innocents or foolish fools.
6 The exotic beauty and culture of these people is what I love most.

Feature: What Are You Doing Here?

This d&d5e far-traveler could have been sent on an adventure for many reasons. The departure from his/her homeland may be voluntary or involuntary.

You are far from your home, so you will need to use the table below or choose from one of the options below.

D6 There are reasons
1 Emissary
2 Exile
3 Fugitive
4 Pilgrim
5 Sightseer
6 Wanderer

This section discusses possible homelands, and includes some suggestions for reasons that are most appropriate to each place.

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Feature: From Where Do You Come?

It is far more important to determine your home country before you can make a choice about creating your far-traveler background. To justify this background, we have listed some places that are sufficiently far from both the North and the Sword Coast.

  • Evermeet:
  1. The fabled islands of the Elven are far west from the Faerun and home to the Elves.
  2. It is often a more harsh place for them than they expected when they go on a vacation.
  3. However, evermeet is an option if you are an elf.
  4. Many of the people who emigrate to Faerun are exiles or forced out of their homes for violating elven laws.
  • Halruaa:
  1. The southern edge of the shining South was where this place is located. They were enclosed by mountains and the Halruaa magocracy.
  2. Most of these people have heard about the Halruaans’ strange skyships, but not all of them know the stories that even their smallest members can tell.
  3. The Halruaans travel to Faerun primarily for personal reasons. Their government is strict against any unauthorised involvement of other countries and other organisations.
  4. You might be exiled for breaking any of the Halruaa’s byzantine laws, or you could become a pilgrim to the shrines of magic gods.
  • Kara-Tur:
  1. The continent of Kara-Tur is actually far east of Faerun. It’s a place where people can live if their customs are not familiar to those on the sword coast.
  2. If you are from Kara-Tur for example, the Faerun will likely call you the Shou even though that’s not your real ethnicity. It is the general term they used to describe everyone who shares your heritage.
  3. Sometimes, the Kara-Tur folk have been taken to Faerun to serve as diplomats, or to establish trade relations with the wealthy merchant cartels.
  4. It is possible that you came here as part of a delegation, and decided to stay when the mission ended.
  • Mulhorand:
  1. Normalerweise, everything from the land to architecture and the god-kings to these lands was an heirloom to someone on the sword coast.
  2. Even though you may have experienced the same culture, it would still shock you if you traveled to northern Faerun from your desert home.
  3. Recent events in your country led to the abolishment of slavery. Also, traffic between the Mulhorands and in distant Faerun areas would increase.
  4. Mulhorand’s deserts, and the pyramids of the past are left behind by people who want to see a different kind of life.
  5. You might be in the north to see the oddities of the wetlands, or because you have made enemies within the desert communities around your home.
  • Sossal:
  1. According to this article, while few people have ever heard of your country, many have questions about it after meeting you.
  2. The sossal’s humans are actually made from snow. This is evident by their white hair and alabaster skin.
  3. These sossal places have been found far north of the east and are bounded by the infinite ice of the north through hundreds of miles of great Glaciers and the largest ice sea.
  4. Yes! Without any convincing reasons, no one from your country would attempt to cross these colossal obstacles.
  5. However, it is important to be afraid of something really terrible.
  • Zakhara:
  1. As the old saying goes, do go among the Faerun knowing of it.
  2. In fact, to reach the Zakhara go south. Continue south. Even though you have traveled a long way from where you were born, it is still a very long journey.
  3. Although it wasn’t unusual for Zakharans to visit the southern extremities of Faerun for trade purposes, few would venture so far as you did.
  4. You might travel to discover the beauty of the world outside your home country, but you may also be on a pilgrimage to understand the Gods that others worship so you can better love your deities.
  • The Underdark
  1. Your home is physically closer to the sword coast that any of the other places discussed, but it’s also far less natural.
  2. One of the underdark settlements is where you hail, with its own peculiar customs and laws.
  3. If you are a resident of any of these great subterranean settlements or cities, you will most likely be a member the race that occupied it. However, you may also have grown up there after you were captured as a child.
  4. Imagine that you are the underdark native. You might then have arrived at the surface as an emissary for your people, or to avoid being accused of criminal behavior, regardless of whether it was warranted.
  5. However, even if you are not from this area and your reasons for moving to another place may have something to do with helping get out of a bad situation.

Feature: Keep Your Eyes On Me

The 5e far-flung traveler in the d&d background list has an accent and mannerisms. They also have figures of speech. Your appearance would be a mark that you are foreign. These curious looks and these glances are directed at you no matter what you do. However, you will gain the friendliness of the scholar and the other interested people in the distant lands.

You could have been parleying this particular attention to the accessibility for people as well as for places you may not otherwise be able to access, for yourself and your travel companions.

For the sake of naming a few, the noble lords and scholars and the merchant princes might have been interested to hear about your distant homeland as well as the people.


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