Fey Touched (UA) DnD 5E Feat

Howdy adventurers! welcome to my spellbook and thanks a lot for looking on the 71st episode of of our feats sequence. At present we’re going to be going over one other one of many newer feats additions to 5e, we’re going over dnd 5e fey touched feat. Which is present in tasha’s cauldron of all the pieces. Earlier than we dive into its description nevertheless if you need to take a look at the complete web page with all dnd 5e feats included please do try the given hyperlink. In any case lets dive proper in to this fey touched 5e.


Proper off the hap you acquire a +1 to both your intelligence knowledge or charisma.

Your publicity to a Feywild’s magic has been modified you and even granting you the given advantages under:

  • It enhance your Intelligence, Knowledge, or Charisma rating by 1, to a most of 20.
  • Nonetheless you can even be taught the Misty Step spell and in addition one 1st-level spell of your alternative. Although the 1st-level spell ought to be from the Divination or else Enchantment faculty of magic. Nonetheless you’ll be able to simply forged all of those spells with out even have to expending a spell slot. However when you do forged both of those spells on this frequent approach, you cannot even forged that individual spell on this approach once more until till you full an extended relaxation. Largely you can even forged these spells through the use of spell slots that you’ve of the suitable degree. The spells’ spellcasting means is the power enhanced by this feat.

Actually total straight ahead and easy nevertheless to offer a good quantity of utility and customization as properly. Now lets transfer on to its walkthrough.


Fairly merely put you acquire a +1 to intelligence knowledge or charisma. Seemingly you’re gonna be selecting your spellcasting means modifier as thats prone to be your eye stat of your caster. In case you’re not a caster, charisma might be your greatest as it’s arguably probably the most helpful out of the three, nevertheless does come all the way down to how your character is about up and like form of a vibe going for.

Along with that after per lengthy relaxation you’ll be able to forged both  mistystep or a primary degree spell of your alternative so long as the divination or enchancement and you are able to do so with out utilizing the spellslot. You possibly can’t forged it along with the as soon as per lengthy relaxation nevertheless that might require you to make use of spell lists and accomplish that.

Misty step is sort of arguably probably the greatest little degree spells within the sport…not less than as as far as to say it has ton of utility to it. More often than not is used for escaping hazard conditions nevertheless if you happen to really feel the chance precent itself, you can even use it to place your self into extremely advantageous positions.

For instance attaining sure vantage factors which might be prone to attain by others and when it comes to the primary degree of your alternative each the divination and enchantment faculties provided ton of choice. Nonetheless i personally discover a extra in favor to the enchantment choices when it comes to customizable and total utilization. Now lets go to my private ideas


I discover them total actually in favor of fay touched. I feel it affords a large amount of customization and actually any spellcasters stands towards fairly a bit out of this. Having misty step as utility spell is tremendous useful each inside and out of doors of fight and particularly these earlier ranges nonetheless little bit squishy . It may actually save your life….along with that accessing a divination or enchantment spell that isn’t in your spell checklist is definitely be helpful as properly.


That being mentioned let me know what spells you’re prone to take from fey touched. In addition to any ideas, questions, feedback or issues you could have concerning it. As at all times guys hope you could have a beautiful day and naturally completely satisfied adventuring.

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