Flames Of Phlegethos DnD 5E Feat

Whats up adventurers of all sizes and shapes. Welcome to my weblog put up and thanks a lot for testing into the twentieth episode of our feat sequence. At this time we’re going to be having a look at one of many coolest feats. Arms-down present in 5e d&d when i learn this i couldn’t imagine that is actual. I’ve by no means truly actually performed tieflings that a lot why was z that is fairly good. At this time we’re gonna be having a look at dnd 5e feat flames of phlegethos. It’s discovered within the xanathar’s information to every little thing handbook and let me let you know that is aimed toward a really specific type of participant and i’ll get that in ideas part of this text. That being mentioned let’s check out the outline. So we truly know what we’re speaking about.


I type of alluded to it earlier. However there’s a prerequisite for this and that’s you’ve received to be a tiefling or a feral tiefling. Basically, in case you’re not a full tiefling no benefit to this. By any means simply skip proper over it. Take into consideration your poor life selections however you don’t get entry to it.

The outline nevertheless reads as adopted:

As per this dnd 5e feat you’ll be able to be taught to name on the hellfire to do serving your instructions. With this dnd flames of phlegethos feat you may achieve the beneath talked about benefits:

  • With this dnd 5e feat you may improve your Intelligence or charisma rating by 1, virtually as much as the utmost of 20.
  • Everytime you roll a fireplace injury for a spell that you simply forged and in addition you may reroll any any roll of 1 on a fireplace injury cube, however in fact it is best to use the brand new roll, although whether it is one other 1.
  • everytime you make to forged a spell which offers with the fireplace injury and you’ll trigger the flames to wreathe you until till an finish of your subsequent flip. Truly, right here the flames don’t hurt you or else your possessions, and in addition they’d shed brilliant gentle out to the 30 ft and in addition dim gentle for a further 30 ft. Nonetheless whereas the flames re current, and any sort of creature inside a distance of 5 ft of you which of them hits you with the melee assault takes 1d4 hearth injury.

Is that not the good the feat you’ve ever heard up till this level for positive. It’s gotta be in my view it’s palms down. Man that is superb. Okay that being mentioned let’s check out the walkthrough so we are able to type of get a greater image of what we’re speaking about.


So, the plus one intelligence/charisma that’s fairly self explanatory. I’d actually go together with no matter nearer or with no matter one was extra more likely to bump up your charisma modifier in the event that they’re each on the identical level, i’m simply put it no matter one you employ extra usually in case you’re a wizard intelligence for about everybody else, charisma is gonna be the one you’re wanting it to be in.

Al proper! the second a part of this spell is flippin superb. So cause why i feel that is so good so that you get to re-roll as soon as. Why that is so is as a result of it actually outshines one other feat in a number of methods. After all i’m speaking about magic adept or elemental adept quite now which we lined in a earlier episode. However we rolling injury die is vastly superior to growing the minimal roll particularly in elemental adept case through which its solely a rise of 1.

So this can be a a lot stronger to select for the upper injury potential. If that is sensible the mathematics checks out however very cool. Now let’s get into the third proponent and positively the good thematically.

You get drenched in flames. I feel that’s loopy good, cause being you get the benefit of brilliant gentle and dim gentle which isn’t of giant consequence to you as a result of your tiefling so odds are you get darkish imaginative and prescient nevertheless it’ll actually useful your social gathering and that i’ll actually make it easier to draw aggro as effectively.

The plus are within the 1d4 injury to melee assaults can be tremendous nice that’s basically thorns. Proper nevertheless it’s hearth injury and must you roll a one on that 1d4 which you’ll you understand a few quarter of the time. You get to reroll it. How cool is that i feel that’s extremely neat.

Hopefully that explains a bit of bit higher. Now for my private ideas in case you haven’t guessed already.


I really like this 100%. I feel thematically it’s a really cool very fascinating actually performs out effectively for lots of courses and it could actually constructed it to a personality’s backstory and fold in to make them a much more fascinating character within the eyes of the world that they’re working in.

By way of who advantages most from it and why they profit? I gotta give this one, you understand relying on the play fashion, i gotta give this one to both yeah such a toss-up truly. So the paladin for positive would profit from this lots, merely due to the power to attract aggro from it and paladin’s contained via most issues. So it’s not an enormous subject.

The apparent alternative can be the eldritch knight. As a result of they will actually mix it with inexperienced flame blade and the inexperienced flame blade nonetheless counts to get that fireplace impact. Very very cool stuff there. By way of who else you understand, it type of relies upon in case you’re enjoying a hex blade warlock this is able to be excellent for that.

I’m not too positive how it could work for an in depth male erode. I’m assuming it could nonetheless work fantastic however they’d need to be arcane trickster in an effort to actually make the most of the entire third proponent of being drenched in flames so. I don’t fairly understand how effectively that will work i suppose go is taking magic provoke to again it up. However it’s type of a protracted construct technique.

In any case rambling apart when you have any loopy concepts for Flames of Phlegethos please let me know down within the remark part as effectively when you have any cool tales involving it i’ve by no means performed a personality with this, i’ve by no means performed with a personality who’s you who use this and that i’ve by no means the tip anybody who’s used is so.

Your tales are very very useful for us proper now and everybody else loves studying them as effectively so in case you wouldn’t thoughts doing that for us i actually do admire it. Thanks a lot guys, thanks for studying in have an amazing day and as all the time blissful casting and adventuring.

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