Gate Urchin 5E Background

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All the site visitors into and in addition out of a Metropolis of Commerce passes by means of a Hillsfar Gate, it’s even making it the best place for a destitute for gathering to panhandle, busk, gossip, and decide pockets. Nonetheless, you’d grew up on the completely different streets in a shadow of that nice metal edifice, any means these homes each Pink Plumes and Guild Mages. Nonetheless, you might have moved on and naturally you do nonetheless have completely different associates amongst them, and that life has had a long-lasting affect on you.

  • Talent Proficiencies. Deception, Sleight of Hand
  • Software Proficiencies. Thieves’ instruments, one kind of musical instrument
  • Gear. A battered alms field, a musical instrument, a cast-off navy jacket, cap, or scarf, a set of frequent garments, a belt pouch, and 10 gp
  • Way of life. Poor
Function: Pink Plume and Mage Guild Contacts

You had made the variety of associates amongst to the Pink Plumes and in addition the Mage’s Guild each time you’ve lived at Hillsfar Gate. In fact they might bear in mind you very a lot fondly and even they enable you in a bit of methods each time they can. Any how one can invoke all of their help in and round Hillsfar to acquire the meals, in addition to a easy tools for a short lived use. Any how one can invoke it as a way to acquire the entry for the low-security areas of their garrisons, halls, and in addition the encampments.

Advised Traits

Persona Traits

d8 Persona Trait
1 I admire the straightforward issues in life: a tune, a heat meal, a sunny day. I do not want any extra.
2 My issues are at all times attributable to others. I am by no means responsible.
3 I’m afraid I might wind up again on the streets any day.
4 I get together with everybody.
5 I see folks as marks for a con and have issue feeling true empathy for them.
6 I’ve an actual aptitude for matchmaking. I can discover anybody a partner!
7 I believe cash is the true measure of appreciation and affection. Every little thing else is speak or an act.
8 I do not like having lots of stuff, just some easy issues I would like. I do not like being tied down and have a tendency to depart issues behind after I do not want them anymore.


d6 Splendid
1 Loyal: I by no means rat out any of my associates, even when the Pink Plumes or the Rogues’ Guild ask. (Lawful)
2 Adventurous: I do not like doing the identical factor every single day. I crave selection. (Chaotic)
3 Robust: Solely the sturdy survive. I respect those that are sturdy and highly effective. (Any)
4 Witty: Brains are higher than brawn. I depend on my wits and respect others who do the identical. (Any)
5 Trustworthy: Others can do what they need, however I will not lie or steal, even to feed my household. (Good)
6 Ungrateful: Those that give solely do it to make themselves really feel higher. I steal from them. (Evil)


d6 Bond
1 The Joydancers of Lliira gave me my instrument after I actually wanted meals. I hate them for that.
2 Busking has taught me to like music above all else.
3 The Rogues’ Guild spared me after I did a job with out reducing them in. I owe them an excellent debt.
4 I do know folks hate the Pink Plumes, however a few of them have been actually good to me. I assist Pink Plumes each time I can, and I respect them. They’re simply doing what they need to do to get by on this world.
5 I might be rich some day. My descendants will dwell in consolation and magnificence.
6 I understand how laborious life on the streets is. I do every thing I can for many who have lower than me.


d6 Flaw
1 Although I now not dwell on the Gate, I’m nonetheless at all times involved about the place I’ll get my subsequent meal.
2 Years of thieving have develop into behavior. I typically steal from strangers with out occupied with it.
3 I’m ashamed of my origins. I fake I’m higher-born and concern others will discover out the reality.
4 I believe individuals who grew up in homes are smooth, spoiled, and ungrateful. I ceaselessly inform them so.
5 I’m nonetheless very uncomfortable sporting good garments, sleeping in a heat mattress, and consuming positive meals.
6 I don’t belief anybody who has not had a tough life.

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