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GBA Emulator For PC

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Do you recall yourself playing the Game Boy while you were a child? You would definitely even be enjoying playing Game Boy even after growing up.

In the new era of games and technologies, Game Boys secured its position in the market at a very early stage.

The Game Boys have a special set of games that are exclusively designed for the Game Boy devices. There are specially designed versions for these games and are also patented for the Game Boy series.

Game Boys have been an absolute craze among children, especially boys. They have a wide variety of games that include all kinds of genres like adventure, sports, action, crime, etc. Some of these games include themes of Car racing, Pokemon, Rampage, etc. 

However, many people can either not afford or due to any other reasons cannot buy a Game Boy for themselves.

But they surely want to enjoy playing these games and their own devices or PC. This is possible with the help of a special program called emulators.

To understand what an emulator is and how it can be used for playing Game Boy Advance games, continue reading this article, and you will get answers to some of your questions. Happy Gaming!

What Is A Game Boy Advance?

The Game Boy Advance is a Game Boy system that has a size of 32-bit. It’s the 5th part of the Game Boy Series. It is known to have its own set of games available to the users.

The size of the cartridges used for Game Boy Advance is about half the size of the cartridges being used for Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

The bottom part is equipped with an efficient power switch and volume control functions. The top part contains the game link port that is ideal for multiplayer games. The GBA was the first model in the Game Boy series that had an L and an R shoulder buttons.

The A and B buttons of the GameBoy are located on the right side. This design has been made keeping in mind the comfort level of the player’s hands while playing the system. The original Game Boy Advance lacked a built-in front-lit or backlit screen.

The screen is used only in the daylight. This issue of the nonlight issue was then fixed in the Game Boy Advance SP. The original Game Boy Advance operated with the help of 2 Double A batteries.

The technical specifications of the original Game Boy Advance are, as provided by Nintendo

Size: Approximately 6.2 inches x 5.69 inches x 0.97 inches.

Weight: Approximately 140 grams.

Screen: 2.9 inches reflective thin-film transistor color LCD.

Power: 2 AA batteries.

Battery life: The average battery life is approximately 15 hours while playing GBA games.

CPU: 16.8 MHz 32-bit ARM7TDMI with embedded memory.

Memory: 32 kilobyte + 96 kilobyte VRAM (internal to the CPU), 256 kilobyte WRAM (external to the CPU).

Resolution: 240 x 160 pixels.

Color support: 15-bit RGB, capable of displaying 512 simultaneous colors in “character mode” and 32,768 simultaneous colors in “bitmap mode”.

What Is An Emulator For The Gameboy Advance?

Some applications are specially developed for Gameboy. But these applications cannot be accessed on a PC. So, to solve this problem, there are programs designed available these days. These programs are known as emulators. The prime reason for developing an emulator is that it is a program where it can run a different system.

There are emulators made for Game Boy Advance’s system, which help run this program. The main benefit of using an emulator is that instead of buying a Game Boy Advance device, the user can play the games of Game Boy Advance on their PC systems, mobiles, or other devices.

How To Download An GBA Emulator For PC?

This step is very easy to do. It is very easy to download an emulator. The user can easily find the process on websites available on the internet. They can access the most popular emulators available.

They also refer to a list of the most recommended and popular emulators for GameBoy Advance on the internet so that they can get reviews and rankings for each emulator, and choose the best for them.

How To Use A GBA Emulator For PC ?

Not just the downloading, but the process of installing these emulators is also very simple. Once an emulator is downloaded on the PC, you need to just click on it and allow it to install. It will be installed in a short while, easily.

Another requirement is to have a ROM for the game that you want to play. This ROM is similar to the digital version of the Game Boy Advance software game that you want to play. In simpler terms, you need to have both – the emulator for GameBoy Advance and a ROM for the game that you want to play, installed on your PC or device.

Even after installing it, it is quite easy to use the emulator for GameBoy Advance because all the options and instructions are available to use it.

You only need to click on the Run ROM tab and begin playing the game. You can also set up the controls as per your requirements and customize and adjust the other options.

Why Is It Good To Use An Emulator For Gameboy Advance?

Most of the emulators for Game Boy Advance available are very easy to use. Even if your PC or device is not too advanced, you can use an emulator to play the game smoothly.

While using emulators, there is also an option available to use cheats and codes. This can give additional benefits to the users while playing the games.

Many emulators are available free of cost. So, the users can play many games without any worry about the monetary value. 

If you are worried that emulators are available for only Windows PC, then you can be at a relief because these emulation programs can be used on Android, Windows, or iOS devices.

How To Play Game Boy Advance Games On Pc?

A GBA Emulator For PC works exactly like how a Game Boy Advance works. But, an Android or iOS emulator works a little differently. These emulators are designed in a way that replicates how an Android or iOS system works. However, it is important to note that emulators are those systems that are used for mobile devices.

The users can only use the apps and games which are designed for that specific system that the emulator is designed for. For instance, the emulators for Android can only be helpful to use applications and devices supporting Android systems.

How To Download GBA Emulator For PC?

Just like the emulators for GameBoy Advance are easily available, you can find the other emulators quite easily. Most of these emulators also are free and can be downloaded simply. However, it may take a little more time to install these emulators. It is so because these emulators require a bigger memory and storage, and more processing power.

How To Use GBA Emulator For PC?

When the installation of the emulator is completed, you would be asked to register in the application with an email address. The email address can or cannot be the same email address with which you had registered for your actual mobile devices.

However, make sure that the email address that you submit is the one that is currently active. This is to ensure that you do not miss out on important notifications and updates, and your privacy and security to are maintained through the security alerts. 

Once the registration process has been completed, you can simply search for different apps and games that you would like to download using your emulator. After finding it, just launch the app or game on your device. And yes, that is it. You can now play the game or use the application for as long as you want, without any hindrances.

How Can You Play Games Of Game Boy Advance On These Emulators?

For doing so, all you need to do is download those apps on your Android or iOS devices from your emulator, which works quite similar to the emulators of Game Boy Advance.

More or less, you just need to download the app that facilitates you to play these games on your device. You can even use the same ROMs that you would use on any Game Boy Advance emulator for PC.

Along with the game you have downloaded, launch the emulator too, after downloading it. That is all that you will have to do to be able to play the game.

Why It Is Good To Use GBA Emulators For PC ?

These days, mobile phones have become indispensable. This has intrigued the trend for mobile gaming.

Using an emulator on their mobiles would mean that people can now play their favorite Game Boy Advance games on their Android or iOS emulators as well as play their favorite varying mobile game applications.

You can even access mobile games with the help of emulators. The emulators also permit using cheat codes and other programs that one can use.

Conclusion For GBA Emulator For PC

We hope this helps you understand how you can easily play Game Boy Advance games on your PC. It is very simple and also free of cost.

You can browse it for yourself and understand how emulators can be of help to you, not only to play games of Gameboy Advance on your PC but also other applications and other software on your PC and other devices.

It can be of great help when you are wanting to use different sorts of applications on different systems and devices. It can turn out to be a savior for you.

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