GoodNotes for PC (2022) – Download for Mac and Windows

GoodNotes for PC

In this guide, we’ll show you how to download GoodNotes for PC – Windows PC, and Mac.


GoodNotes is a platform that allows you to create handwritten documents with the ability to write and draw on digital paper.

It serves as a safe haven for all your documents, creates a single place to keep them from being lost or destroyed, and allows you to organize your notes and documents as you see fit.

GoodNotes lets you jot down ideas on the go, create photo illustrations, and store notes and documents in the cloud. Using OCR technology, GoodNotes lets you search for any documentation file, including handwritten or penciled notes, PDF documents, typed text, outlines, and folder names.

You can also add images, perfect shapes, and rearrange/expand pages to go beyond paper and most digital notes. With GoodNotes, you have the ability to choose different paper sizes and sheets to customize each recording or print template.

It also offers a document view that allows you to sort files by date or alphabetically, with each item arranged in a grid or in a single file/column and containing the file name, the date it was last opened, a cover design, and a section for your favorite files.

GoodNotes offers more amazing features for macOS and Windows, which we will cover in this article.

Features of GoodNotes

Exceptional drag-and-drop support

GoodNotes lets you drag and drop anything on your Windows PC and Mac into GoodNotes to edit and change your imported notes, documents, or PDF files.

You can drag file screens, photos, and other documents into the GoodNotes library and create new documents from the dragged items.

GoodNotes gives you maximum flexibility by allowing you to easily switch between horizontal and vertical angles and move from one page to the next for quick responses. You can also select the default scroll direction and change this setting as desired.

This function allows you to access foreign files. You can easily import and open PDF files and text into GoodNotes on your system, edit them, insert text, forms and images, and even save them to your cloud.

In the GoodNotes document tab, you can select a paper template from the large screen menu and choose a cover from the multiple template selection.

You can also change your paper and cover selection by simply pressing the default preview button at the top left of the screen. The Document tab allows you to search for different document formats, e.g. typed text, handwritten notes, PDF text, outlines, documents, folder names, etc.

With the pen tool in GoodNotes, you can create documents by writing with your finger or a pen. You can also use a fountain pen, brush pen, and ballpoint to erase mistakes with the Eraser tool and highlight important notes.

You can share GoodNotes documents via email and upload them to cloud storage without having to flip through pages and pages of files to share. You can also export files by running the export command and selecting the device or location to which you want to export the files.

You can import multiple files into your GoodNotes library in several ways, but the most condescending option is to click New and import files. You can import PDF files, documents, PowerPoint, and Word files.

Other tools, for example, B. the shape tools, allow you to draw geometric shapes and lines perfectly. There is a lasso tool that allows you to change the shape and size of selected objects.

You can insert images from your photo library and take pictures with your camera to insert them into the page. With the text tool, you can tap anywhere on the page and switch to the keyboard to type instead of using your fingers or stylus.

With these great features and more, GoodNotes gives you the best experience in writing and creating, editing, and saving documents.

GoodNotes for Mac

If you want to use GoodNotes seamlessly and without interruption on your Mac device, the Mac app is the perfect way to do it. Avec GoodNotes sur votre Mac, vous avez accès à des informations/fichiers importants sur votre appareil.

Y compris vos ordinateurs portables, documents, textes/fichiers PDF et autres. Vous pouvez facilement ouvrir la vue des vignettes dans GoodNotes et faire glisser des fichiers PDF, des images ou d’autres fichiers de votre bureau et d’autres emplacements vers votre appareil Mac avec facilité.

Vous pouvez également déplacer des fichiers volumineux sur votre Mac et les placer sur une seule page dans GoodNotes, ce qui rend vos documents ou votre travail plus organisés et catégorisés.

Ils ont d’autres fonctionnalités étonnantes, notamment l’exportation et le partage de fichiers de GoodNotes sur votre Mac vers une autre application ou un autre appareil, l’ouverture de plusieurs fenêtres GoodNotes, et toutes les autres fonctionnalités que GoodNotes a en réserve pour vous.

Télécharger GoodNotes

NomGoodNotes 5
A version of the application 
Application size 
Supported versionmacOS 10.15 or higher.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Last updateApril 2021
Download the fileMac



GoodNotes for Windows

GoodNotes is not currently available on Windows devices, although the developers are working on a Windows version that will allow Windows users to run GoodNotes seamlessly on their devices. However, GoodNotes works well on Mac and iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get a discount on the new GoodNotes in the Mac version?

Existing customers do not receive a discount on the GoodNotes for the Mac version. This information was released in an official statement from the developer.

  • Can I connect multiple Mac and iOS devices at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you are signed in to the same iCloud accounts on these devices, you can do this.

  • Do I need to buy the Mac application separately if I already have it on one of my devices?

No. You can download the app for free on your other devices with previous purchases.


Enjoy a better writing experience with more exclusive features when using GoodNotes on your Mac and other GoodNotes-enabled devices. With the upcoming arrival of GoodNotes on Windows, Windows users will also be able to enjoy the great features that the platform offers.

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