Haunted One Background 5E

Right now We’re going to going to be having a look on the haunted one dnd 5e background. Which is basically fascinating not simply due to the outline or due to the function however for a few different causes. Firstly it’s the one background added within the curse of strahd adventurer. For those who haven’t checked out our dnd backgrounds full checklist but would you prefer to then please click on on the hyperlink.

So odds are should you’re only a participant and also you don’t DM you’re doubtless not going to know this can be a factor. It’s cool and it’s a cult favourite in some sense lots of people like utilizing it. One other factor that makes it somewhat distinctive and completely different from each different background. We’ve lined is one thing in its mechanics it sort of set a precedent for a closely debated level within the dnd group. some dm’s rule use this explicit background to make a sure ruling. We’ll sort of speak about it after we focus on the mechanics. Nevertheless when this was launched it was it led to some actually fascinating conversations. I don’t need to say there was a variety of controversy surrounding it as a result of it actually wasn’t the background’s fairly easy to know. Let’s dive into its description.


In dnd backgrounds you’re haunted by one thing which is so horrible which even you cannot dare to talk with/of it. In fact you may need tried to bury it and run away from it to no avail. So no matter this factor is that haunts you cannot be slain by a sword or banished with a spell. Like a shadow it would come to you on the precise wall moreover you, additionally a bloodcurdling nightmare, a reminiscence which is refuse to die, or perhaps a demonic whisper at the hours of darkness.

Really the burden has been taken its toll, isolating you from the general public and in addition making you question your sanity. However it’s essential to be certain to seek out a great way to beat it earlier than you destroyed by it.

  • Talent Proficiencies: Select two of Arcana, Investigation, Faith, or Survival
  • Instrument Proficiencies: None
  • Languages: Select one unique language (Abyssal, Celestial, Deep Speech, Draconic, Infernal, Primordial, Sylvan, or Undercommon)
  • Tools: Monster hunter’s pack, one trinket of particular significance

Characteristic: Harrowing Occasion

Really, your life was like a tragedy earlier than you grew to become an adventurer resembling your path in life had outlined by a darkish second, one fateful determination, or one tragedy. Principally, at current you do really feel a darkness is threatening to devour you, and naturally you may have concern there could also be no hope of escape. You’ll be able to choose a harrowing occasion which haunts you, or you possibly can roll one on the under talked about harrowing occasion desk.

D10 Harrowing Occasion
1 A monster that slaughtered dozens of harmless folks spared your life, and also you don’t know why.
2 You had been born underneath a darkish star. You’ll be able to really feel it watching you, coldly and distantly. Generally it beckons you in the dark.
3 An apparition that has haunted your loved ones for generations now haunts you. You don’t know what it needs, and it gained’t depart you alone.
4 Your loved ones has a historical past of training the darkish arts. You dabbled as soon as and felt one thing horrible clutch at your soul, whereupon you fled in terror.
5 An oni took your sibling one chilly, darkish evening, and also you had been unable to cease it.
6 You had been cursed with lycanthropy and later cured. You at the moment are haunted by the innocents you slaughtered.
7 A hag kidnapped and raised you. You escaped, however the hag nonetheless has a magical maintain over you and fills your thoughts with evil ideas.
8 You opened an eldritch tome and noticed issues unfit for a sane thoughts. You burned the e-book, however its phrases and pictures are burned into your psyche.
9 A fiend possessed you as a toddler. You had been locked away however escaped. The fiend remains to be inside you, however now you attempt to preserve it locked away.
10 You probably did horrible issues to avenge the homicide of somebody you really liked. You grew to become a monster, and it haunts your waking desires.

Recommended Traits

Generally you would possibly must reside with the phobia these are hang-out you that’s why you’ve learnt to reside with them. In fact you’re a survivor, from those that might be very a lot protecting of those that carry mild into your darkened life.

Character Traits

D8 Character Trait
1 I do not run from evil. Evil runs from me.
2 I prefer to learn and memorize poetry. It retains me calm and brings me fleeting moments of happiness.
3 I spend cash freely and reside life to the fullest, realizing that tomorrow I’d die.
4 I reside for the fun of the hunt.
5 I don’t discuss concerning the factor that torments me. I’d somewhat not burden others with my curse.
6 I count on hazard round each nook.
7 I refuse to grow to be a sufferer, and I can’t enable others to be victimized.
8 I put no belief in divine beings.

Very best

D6 Very best
1 Selflessness. I attempt to assist these in want, it doesn’t matter what the private value. (Good)
2 Dedication. I’ll cease the spirits that hang-out me or die attempting. (Any)
3 Better Good. I kill monsters to make the world a safer place, and to exorcise my very own demons. (Good)
4 Freedom. I’ve a darkish calling that places me above the legislation. (Chaotic)
5 Logic. I prefer to know my enemy’s capabilities and weaknesses earlier than dashing into battle. (Lawful)
6 Destruction. I’m a monster that destroys different monsters, and the rest that will get in my means. (Evil)


D6 Bond
1 I preserve my ideas and discoveries in a journal. My journal is my legacy.
2 I might sacrifice my life and my soul to guard the harmless.
3 My torment drove away the individual I like. I attempt to win again the love I’ve misplaced.
4 A horrible guilt consumes me. I hope that I can discover redemption by way of my actions.
5 There’s evil in me, I can really feel it. It mustn’t ever be let loose.
6 I’ve a toddler to guard. I need to make the world a safer place for them.


D6 Haunted One
1 I’ve sure rituals that I need to observe on daily basis. I can by no means break them.
2 I assume the worst in folks.
3 I really feel no compassion for the lifeless. They’re the fortunate ones.
4 I’ve an habit.
5 I’m a purveyor of doom and gloom who lives in a world with out hope.
6 I discuss to spirits that nobody else can see.

Characteristic: Coronary heart of Darkness

These whoever look straight into your eyes in a position to see which you had faces unimaginable horror and which you aren’t stranger to the darkness. Despite the fact that they may have concern you and the commoners would lengthen you every courtesy and in addition do their utmost that can assist you. However until till you’ve proven your self for being a hazard to them, they may take up their arms to battle alongside you, ought to you end up going through an enemy alone?

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