Healer DnD 5E Feat

Howdy adventurers of all styles and sizes. Welcome to my dnd world and thanks a lot for studying in to the twenty third episode of our feat collection. Are you in a celebration proper now the place nobody is enjoying cleric or divine a sorcerer or something like that you just received no heels. If that seems like your occasion then i might extremely advocate taking this feat a minimum of one among you bought. Actually it’ll save you numerous. At this time we’re gonna be having a look at healer dnd 5e feat. This feat is discovered within the good outdated trusty gamers handbook.

Earlier than check out the outline and break it down let me simply let you know what feats are and learn how to use them. So feats are what you get in case you determine to not go to your skill rating enchancment and they’re basically additional skills, options and abilities you can provide your character to make them a little bit bit extra custom-made and have them praise your play fashion a little bit bit extra. that being stated you get them each 4 ranges or so some courses get them a little bit bit extra often however each 4 ranges is a typically accepted rule of thumb. With that out of the way in which let’s check out the outline for healer.


Firstly there are not any stipulations for this feat and that’s extremely essential as a result of it has saved many events from being TP Kade. Let me write the outline.

In fact being Healer DnD 5E Feat you’re a succesful doctor, that are permitting you to fix wounds shortly and likewise acquire your allies again within the battle. You may acquire the beneath talked about advantages:

  • Everytime you use the healer’s package for stabilize the dying creature and that creature additionally regains 1 hit level.
  • Like an motion, you possibly can simply spend one use of the healer’s package to be are inclined to a creature and likewise restore 1d6+4 hit factors to it, plus an extra hit factors that are equal to the creature’s most variety of Hit Cube. Additionally the creature can’t regain the hit factors from this feat once more till it finishes the brief or lengthy relaxation.

Very cool stuff lots to unpack there although. That being stated let’s check out the walkthrough and let’s actually break that down.


So, firstly if you stabilize all of the heelers package you give them one hit level again. Which suggests they will hypothetically get again into the fray. Some DMs permit this some don’t. I’ve performed video games DMing both or i discover it personally doesn’t make an enormous distinction.

I imply i may see a form of upsetting motion economic system just a bit bit however for essentially the most half i don’t assume it’s that unhealthy. However if you wish to use a full motion and use one use of the healers package you possibly can add one d6 plus 4 along with the utmost of their quantity hit cube in well being factors. Now as you may think a later that that is for the rationale this feels so good by the way in which.

Due to that, it truly enables you to scale it up with ranges which is tremendous useful not quite a lot of ft scale with ranges and once they do it’s form of minimal. I suppose it is a little bit minimal as nicely. However you understand no matter.

Now the second sentence in that second physique there. A creature can’t regain hit factors from his feat till finishers are brief or lengthy relaxation. Now there’s two methods to interpret this. The way in which i personally interpret it’s you possibly can actually solely profit from this options as soon as a day form of an every character can.

Nevertheless there may be an argument to be made that as a result of actual wording. It says hit factors as in plural and the primary half if you stabilize a dying creature it good points one hit level is singular and due to that it form of implies that you need to use the stabilize equals one hit level a part of the ft a number of occasions inside the span of a date.

Actually fascinating stuff. With all that damaged down let’s check out my private throughs.


As i discussed earlier on and that is excellent for these events who wouldn’t have a chosen healer however discover himself getting taken down fairly a bit. It’s an important form of approach to lengthen encounters and enhance the survivability of your group as an entire with out essentially  taking a degree dip.

So, i believe its fairly nicely balanced in that regard, i do know why it’s there. When it comes to who advantages from a most, truthfully i don’t assume anybody specific class is a greater benefit over one other’s. I imply could also be fighters might need a little bit little bit of a bonus or simply due to motion surge however exterior of that it actually depends upon occasion composition greater than anything.

Wrap Up

That being stated in case you guys have any different makes use of, any play kinds or any builds you’d wish to check out please put them down within the feedback beneath. I really like studying them and i do know everybody else checking this text does as nicely. With that being stated guys, have an important day and as at all times glad adventuring.

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