Heavy Armor Master DnD 5E Feat

Good day magic casters of all sizes and shapes. Welcome to the dndtopics.com/feats collection and thanks a lot for clicked on to the twenty fifth episode of our feat collection. Right this moment we’re going to be looking at dnd 5e heavy armor grasp feat. Which is ideal you thanks on the market in addition to a shocking different class that i’ll get into later. Heavy armor grasp is discovered within the participant’s handbook and is without doubt one of the extra generally picked feats on the market. You will notice why immediately right here. With all of that out of the best way let’s take a fast take a look at the outline.


At the beginning it may be value noting that there’s a prerequisite to this feat and that’s that you must be proficient with heavy armor. Some lessons get it mechanically in the event you don’t there’s a strategy to get it by means of feats or by means of one degree dip consumption the forge cleric. That being mentioned the feat reads as adopted.

Prerequisite: Proficiency with heavy armor

You in a position to make use of your armor for deflect strikes which might be kill others. You may often acquire the under talked about advantages:

  • You may improve your energy rating by 1, to the utmost of 20.
  • Throughout you’re carrying the heavy armor, bludgeoning, piercing and likewise slashing harm which you may take from the non magical weapons has been decreased by 3.

Very cool stuff! let’s undergo a fast walkthrough and break this down a bit bit extra.


At the beginning that +12 energy is a reasonably self-explanatory. On the subject of the harm discount by three it’s fairly good. In all honesty one thing value noting is it doesn’t say it must be by means of weapon assaults. That means in the event you spring a lure that offers any of those damages. Then you might be additionally get that +3 harm discount. Which is a really cool stuff and tremendous efficient. With that temporary walkthrough out of the best way let me get to my private ideas on this.


You recognize, i feel this is without doubt one of the finest feats to choose early on. What i imply by that’s at first of most campaigns. You’re not gonna run into an entire lot of magical weapons. So the non magical part actually isn’t annoying, additionally in case you are one thing that has entry to a manner of enabling harm discount already by means of resistances. Then this all however makes you primarily immortal.

So who advantages from this most the apparent alternative can be fighter. What i imply by that’s they already get some fairly respectable AC they will already use heavy armor. So it’s not likely an enormous stretch to choose it. I really feel just like the eldritch knight may truly acquire absolutely the most from this by way of fighters simply because they might combo this with a elaborate little cantrip often known as blade ward. Which might get them resistance to those damages plus the three harm discount after the actual fact would make it fairly unimaginable.

When it comes to one other class that i hear a little or no individuals speaking about who would profit enormously from this is able to the truth is be the cast cleric. They get entry to the heavy armor as a part of their feat or as a part of their class options. Along with that they’ve a whole lot of focus spells. So these three harm discount would enormously assist with that.

Alternatively, in the event you needed to spend your two feats on heavy armor proficiency in addition to heavy armor grasp, then you may successfully use it nice with a hex blade, warlock construct primarily turning you right into a pseudo eldritch knight.

I believe these have been most likely the very best lessons for it. In case you can consider any others or every other nice builds or cool tales involving heavy armor grasp, i’d actually like to listen to down within the feedback beneath in addition to your private ideas on it. With that being mentioned thanks a lot for studying at the moment guys and as all the time glad adventuring.

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